inlet manifold

  1. J

    Inlet manifold flaps stuck shut P200600

    Hey folks, Had loss of power and the engine light come on a few weeks ago on my T6 150. Plugged it in to my diagnostics machine and pulled up P200600 "inlet manifold damper for air current flow control stuck closed ". It's intermittent and will sometimes run for days without a light on, other...
  2. G

    intake manifold jamming & all in warranty issues.

    Hi, 2019 T6 150 DSG Highline. Purchased as pre reg & professionally converted to camper. On the road from late Nov 2020 with 300 delivery miles only ( registered Aug 2019). Not used as day van and only done 13500 miles to date. in June 2021 after engine management light on ( orange coil) with...
  3. Therealredford

    Everythings going wrong! EGR pipes and sticking inlet manfold flap valves link?

    Hi all, first time poster but quickly getting used to garage bills and reading this forum! So I bought my 2016 T6 a few months ago. I discovered the rear egr pipe was split so replaced it. I then started to get an eml with the P2006 intake manifold runner control stuck closed bank 1A code. I...
  4. Pete bee

    Engine fault code P2006

    2016 DSG 150. Glow light flashing so put on a basic code reader and have the following. P2006 intake manifold runner control stuck closed bank 1A. Is this the EGR problem ? or another big job to fix ? Any info would help me before I take to the local independent. OK done some goggling and...
  5. V

    Intake Manifold Issue

    So our 18 plate edition had the engine management lamp (the spiral symbol) come on yesterday and the van went into limp mode. We stopped the van and started again and the lamp went off but the van still didn't feel quite right (it was definitely not in limp mode just not 100%). We called VW...
  6. G

    Sticking Inlet Manifold

    hi all, im new here .. I've had my t6 for just over a year now , its done 33,000 miles ,most of my journeys are 150 miles each way, for a month now in the outward journey the flashing coil light comes on at about 20 miles and it drops into limp mode , pull in switch off ,key out , set off again...
  7. MrTesco

    Help Vans Broken Itself!!!!

    2016 150 manual: Was driving fine and all of a sudden glowplug light flashing and Loss of power, cannot rev above 2300 rpm. Turned it off for 5 mins and seems to of cleared. Before I turned it off I plugged in carista and pulled these up?? Now waiting for VW Assist/ AA
  8. Para J

    Glow Plug Warning Light 2

    So the nice man from VW assist came to see Sandy this morning. His computer and Sandy had a chat and it seems Sandy needs a new inlet manifold. Not bad for just 18,000 miles. Going in Monday. Anyone had this problem.
  9. Chris J

    EGR Blanking

    I've just seen and ad for a egr blanking plate which simply fits between the egr valve and the exhaust , claims are better fuel consumption increased performance and smoother acceleration, tho it states that none of this is guaranteed . Worth a punt ? only a few quid , any thoughts ?