inlet manifold

  1. Pete bee

    Engine fault code P2006

    2016 DSG 150. Glow light flashing so put on a basic code reader and have the following. P2006 intake manifold runner control stuck closed bank 1A. Is this the EGR problem ? or another big job to fix ? Any info would help me before I take to the local independent. OK done some goggling and...
  2. G

    Sticking Inlet Manifold

    hi all, im new here .. I've had my t6 for just over a year now , its done 33,000 miles ,most of my journeys are 150 miles each way, for a month now in the outward journey the flashing coil light comes on at about 20 miles and it drops into limp mode , pull in switch off ,key out , set off again...
  3. MrTesco

    Help Vans Broken Itself!!!!

    2016 150 manual: Was driving fine and all of a sudden glowplug light flashing and Loss of power, cannot rev above 2300 rpm. Turned it off for 5 mins and seems to of cleared. Before I turned it off I plugged in carista and pulled these up?? Now waiting for VW Assist/ AA
  4. Para J

    Glow Plug Warning Light 2

    So the nice man from VW assist came to see Sandy this morning. His computer and Sandy had a chat and it seems Sandy needs a new inlet manifold. Not bad for just 18,000 miles. Going in Monday. Anyone had this problem.
  5. Chris J

    EGR Blanking

    I've just seen and ad for a egr blanking plate which simply fits between the egr valve and the exhaust , claims are better fuel consumption increased performance and smoother acceleration, tho it states that none of this is guaranteed . Worth a punt ? only a few quid , any thoughts ?