hub mod

  1. t6blo

    Rear Adjuster Delete - STX Coilovers

    Anyone deleted their rear adjuster for an extra 20mm-ish rear drop? THQ appear to sell these but no idea which one (if any) would work with the STX coilover kit on my T30 Kombi? Thanks in advance...
  2. Deaks

    Front Suspension Top Mount Mod

    I’m thinking ahead a little and might find this mod beneficial in the next phase of work. Looking at the pictures online, the mod looks like it’s just a reduction of the outer diameter.... the question is what should the machined down diameter be? I have access to a lathe, so doing the work is...
  3. M

    Need The Front Slightly Lower, Hub Mod?

    Hi folks. I have 40mm springs on my van. I am really happy with the back but the front is slightly higher than I'd like. I hate reverse rake. What are my options except buying coilovers or buying a set of 60mm springs and using the fronts only? My mate with a T5 mentioned the hub mod but I...
  4. Lunty

    Top Mounts/hub Mod

    after some help,currently all the way down on b14s but want more lows,can anyone recommend a garage to do the hub mod and machined top mounts? Also how much does it roughly cost? Wigan area but willing to travel thanks
  5. marmite monster

    Anyone Else Been Disappointed With B14's Ride Height ?

    Bit disappointed my b14s won't go that low, I don't think it even looks lowered sometimes lol They seem about the same as h&r 50mm springs on the back full wound down and the fronts won't tuck a 18" wheel and tyre. I'm running full kombi interior in a t28 chassis Ride quality is obviously...
  6. Keaney

    Team Air

    Inspired by another post let’s have a neb of those on air. Pics and setup would be good for those looking to get involved Abpsuspension Accuair Elevel 5 gallon underslung tank 2 x viair 444c underneath HR Arbs Polyflex rear adjustable bushes RTA Design dash mount
  7. Simon228

    Drop Links. When And Why To Use Longer.

    Hi Has anybody changed there drop links for longer ones when fitting coilovers or air ? My coilovers are adjusted as low as possible but still need another 10mm or so to level it out with the rear. I didn’t know if changing these would have an affect on ride height.
  8. andythom188

    Question For You All ,which Ride Height Looks Better

    2 pics one with 50mm eibach the other with 400kg in the back compressing the springs, which ride height looks better higher or lower one? It's got me thinking seing it lower than usual :rofl:
  9. RedDragonAus

    Stance+ Coilover Review

    I just received my Stance+ coilovers today in Australia (took 10 days) and I’m happy with the build quality and finish for the price. I’m used to high end and custom suspension on my track cars and the anodizing, paint and welds looks pretty good. Will post more pics when installed but here are...