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Hi All,

So this is bit of a long post so bare with it, however it might help others in my position! (Review is at the bottom)

How it all started

I purchased a T6 Kobi at the start of the year with 16 highline wheels fitted. The van sat like a monster truck, understandable as it is a van at the end of the day. I decided to get it fitted with genuine VW lowering springs when I purchased it for 2 reasons. 1st so it got rid of the mental arch gap & 2nd so I wouldn't panic going in and out of car parks.

The genuine VW springs for those who aren't aware are 30mm eibach springs, they're not bad however it made the ride on 16" wheels very harsh. I stuck with it for a while but knew I wanted a change. 1st change was to get some 20" wheels to help fill the arches. I will be honest and this will surprise a lot of you. The 20" wheels on 30mm lowering springs were far more comfortable that the 16" wheels! like, night and day. I am running a 275/40/20 wheel and tyre combo and its lovely! Possibly because they are not commercial tyres.

So 20" Wheels on 30mm springs. Well it was comfortable and looks a lot better however it wasn't without its disadvantages. 1st was the increase ride hight, the van now sat higher than 2M which is still ok for most car parks however some round by me are less than 2M and the local car wash is definitely less. Also the genuine lowering springs still account for the possibility of weight in the back. By that I mean the rear sat much higher than the front which was emphasised by the 20" wheels and detracted from the look.


1) H&R 40mm Springs Only
2) H&R 50mm Springs Only
3) H&R Springs & Koni Shocks
4) Bilstein B14's
5) Van Slams
6) Stance +

Why the stance? Well 1st why not the others?

1&2) H&R Springs, either the 40mm or 50mm... Both would lower the van however running on standard shocks at such a reduced height would probably compromise the ride, as the shocks are not deigned to run that low all the time. I would have to pay around another £200 for the sake of 10mm and reduce comfort.

3) H&R And Koni combo, I almost pulled the trigger on this set up! I get the ride height I want and assured ride quality with one of the best shocks in the business. The downside is the cost, its almost £1000 which for springs and shocks with no adjustment was a lot of cash. I just couldn't do it.

4) Bilstein's... So this is the one where I will no doubt get the biggest amount of comments :whistle: but bare with me. It's not down to affordability, it's more down to the fact I think there are other things out there. I know Bilstein fans will defend them to the death. It's just for £1200 they didn't wow me. I will leave it there as I don't want it to spark a massive page debate. This review is for the Stance+ it's only my opinion and I am no professional racing driver or suspension Guru.

5) The van slams. Short and sweat really, heard good things, heard bad things. As with any products try them for your self. Quality looked good, enough adjustment however again for the price the Stance+ was worth a look.

New Suspension Time & Review

After much forum reading, debating and beer it was time to order a set. I had a 10% voucher on fleebay so I took the plunge and managed to pick a brand new set up for £250! Come on, £250 for coilovers? Really?

So they arrived the following day I might add, initial impressions.... For £250 its ridiculous. The quality is fantastic, seriously, these equal the van slams, Tein, BC... The list goes on.

Fitting, well... It wasn't a big job ( I am fortunate enough to have access to a 4 post car ramp) even if I didn't have a ramp this is still very easy to do on the floor. All you need is a set of spring compressors and basic tools really. The only thing I would say is that it would have been nice to have some instructions. Its not the end of the world, they are a fairly easy to fit item but I would have thought there would have been something.

They do provide a C spanner but only the 1? o_O So it's worth having another one to hand for the adjuster and locking ring. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures during the install as I was pushed for time but 1 thing I did learn is everyone who says you need more adjustment, must leave it parked up as an ornament :confused: I have mine about half way down on the front and same on the rear and the ride quality is spot on, as is the height. The front is a tad lower than the rear so it doesn't bounce but overall its pretty equal. The drop has now taken the total height of the van down to 192cm to the top of the spoiler which is the highest point. That's sitting on 20" wheels as well.

I would recommend doing this over a weekend and keep making adjustments as you go. After the initial set up my wheels would kiss the inner arch over bumps and fast roads. An increase in just 10mm has completely stopped that and it has a wicked stance!

Over all ride quality is on par with most everything else? Not too hard, not crashy at all and a dramatic decrease in body roll which adds to the comfort. Height is so much nicer and there is still plenty of adjustment. They were easy to fit and arrived very quick. They also come with a 2 year warranty! Honestly, even if these were £500+ I would still pay it. I can't really think of anything bad, not just "Not bad for the money" they are genuinely really good quality coil overs. You don't flinch going over bumps, the road holding is dramatically improved, it's feels like a car. I'm not going to pretend its a Rolls Royce but is certainly no less comfortable than what I had before, and for a Van it is more than acceptable! I would say it is on par with a basic golf?

One thing I have noticed is it is slightly noisier due to the stiffness as with ALL coilovers, but I am taking only a slight increase in road noise which is normal. We are certainly not shouting at each other :laugh:

Just wanted to be as honest as possible! Anyone thinking about getting a set, buy them. You won't regret it. I will add photo's later for everyone.


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Nice review, Steve.
What’s your measurements from
centre wheel to arch?


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Great to read as I'm still on the fence.

For me it's between the Koni&Springs, B14's and the Stance+ for my T28 panel van/day van.

B14's £1100 (some places include fitting at this price) - I've driven the a B14 set-up for a thousand miles around Europe and I must admit I thought the ride was very good, planted and stable. But, I've been setting motorcycle suspension up for many years and my coil-over concern is the "one spring rate suits all" approach. How can one spring rate suit so many different weight vans? Unless your van weight is in the sweet spot there has to be a sacrifice and I've seen pictures of over compressed springs (B14&Stance) adding to my concern.

Koni&Springs £850 - The Koni & specific springs setup really appeals to me from a technical/tuned point of view, and I'm sure will potentially create the best ride, however the cost could be just a little high for me as tweaking the height means new springs each time. The only reason I'm hesitant on this is I'm not 100% sure how much I need lower the van...

Stance+ £280 - It seems like an amazing kit for the money. I'm sure the B14s with their price tag should have it beat quality and ride wise and it won't be specifically sprung like the Koni setup but at that price... surely it might be worth a punt.

Would be great to see some pics of the van side-on and what the measurements are.


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Have you tried the SoLows made by Bilstein? I had them fitted a few months back at Transporter HQ and I can’t fault them one bit!
Yes there expensive but I’ve learnt over years of modifying vehicles that cheap is not always reliable and I’m a firm believer of buy cheap buy twice.


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Have you tried the SoLows made by Bilstein? I had them fitted a few months back at Transporter HQ and I can’t fault them one bit!
Yes there expensive but I’ve learnt over years of modifying vehicles that cheap is not always reliable and I’m a firm believer of buy cheap buy twice.
Yeah they look superb and when you get to the £1400 mark it opens even more doors in the world of suspension. For me and my use this is too much to be spending on van suspension. Personally and probably for others it's mostly about losing the wallowing stock suspension whilst dropping the van to a more attractive height at a reasonable cost, which is how arrived at my choice of three.

Stevecole: What was the van you put the stance on?


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I've taken the plunge and travelling up to CRS Performance this week to have the FSD Koni & H&R kit fitted.

We can compare notes.
CRS are brilliant. I've had a few emails pinging backwards and forwards and all they've recommend makes so much sense, hence their setup being on my list. I've taken the plunge out of curiousity as much as anything else. For my needs it may be suitable, if not I'll sell the Stance on eBay and most probably join you with a Koni setup.

Comparing setups side by would be a great post on here. My friend has the full B14 setup, you'll have the Koni and I'll have the Stance.


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I’m also booked for Koni shocks to be fitted at CRS . I can’t wait !
I have a feeling you guys will be over the moon with the results.

Judging by Stevecoles original post I'm also really looking forward to fitting the Stance. Not sure I'll be able to completely guage the results until I've got my new wheels on as well... Another difficult choice I've not made yet.


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Great post and great timing, I was just about to start a thread on stance+

I have fitted coilovers before on other cars, but I am interested to know what tools you used on the van, more so the size of spanners, torx etc - is the hub nut a standard nut? Also is compressing the spring really needed to get the strut out? can it not be taken out easily or does the hub not go low enough for it to drop out?


Edit: P.S where did you get them for 250? I am seeing 279 everywhere :(
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Steve said he had a 10% discount code for ebay which dropped the Stance to £250. I bought mine from Venom motorsport for £279 delivered. I asked them a few tech questions via email and they've were very helpful.

Mine should arrive tomorrow so I'll get some open box photos uploaded to here.

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Don’t you like the H and R springs Jason

Hi Andy
I have had the -40 mm h&r springs on my van for over 2 years now and have been fine
But I’d like to go lower now , I didn’t at first, so these stance coil overs look like they can do the job and for a bargain price


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A nice clear detailed review @SteveCole
I opted for the Bilstein set-up myself, but that was simply because the alternative at the time of my install in 2017 had slightly more inconsistent reviews, where as the B14 never seemed to have any reliability issues. Plus as a work vehicle that has now covered 70k on the B14s, carries heavy weight all the time and is driven enthusiastically, they are still performing as good as the day they were installed 2 years ago.
The main reason I never went down the 'Air' route was purely because I was constantly reading about issues with bags and pipes and general reliability problems. This for me was too much money, and a constant worry that I might jump in my van at 4am to shoot off to a job, and it be stuck on the floor. Couple that with a diary that is full of work, and no where to move customers to if anything went wrong, and air was ruled out a long time ago. (though I do love the concept)

Would I go for the B14s on my next T6? Well the simple answer is no. Not for any other reason than i'd now opt for the Solow set-up. They are running the same brilliant Bilstein shocks, but with the extra room to go lower, or at least sit at my height without being on the max settings.

Things hopefully look like they've moved on quality wise, and at the prices you've paid, i'd of certainly looked at the Stance coilovers, and others. So I totally get why you and others might go for this option and I genuinely hope that 70,000 miles in, they are still performing like new. This might in time force the higher end shocks down in price because I agree, the difference between Bilstein and the others is quite considerable, but one cannot help but think there is a reason for this. Only time and distance will tell :thumbsup:

Next on your list should be uprated anti roll bars and I speak through experience, get yours to a Hunter dealer, and get it 4 wheel aligned. There is a brilliant place near you in Hinkley that many of us have used, and they know the VW Transporter very well.

Welcome to the forum.
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Andyf i would suggest that if you like the look of the van with H&R springs you just need to buy matching KONI sport shocks and the van will be perfect , ride really well handle great and most importantly COMFORTABLE
Swapping for a entry level coil over will be a step back in my humble opinion