heated rear window

  1. F

    Heated Rear Window retrofit

    Hi. I have a t6 DROPSIDE single cab with a heated rear window fitted. These vans were only fitted with a plain rear window so I guess that was smashed and the only one they could find was one with a heater. I have a dash switch I’ve purchased for a t6 rear heater, but can anyone tell me what I’m...
  2. S

    Heated Rear Window not working, no power

    Hi there. My rear window doesn't heat up on my 2016 VW T6 Transporter Kombi. The light on the button comes on when I press it. We've tested the points on the window and it's not measuring any volts. There is resistance either way so the window itself isn't faulty. So it's either a wiring...
  3. HoopDub

    T6 factory tailgate owners, can i ask a favour

    I need a vin number for a t6 2018 would be ideal. Has to be a tailgate van, preferably with rear window heaters and wiper. I know this may sound dodgy, but its not :) im using VW Erwin system to download wiring diagrams and repair manuals. Currently doing it for my van, using my vin number...
  4. P

    Retrofit heater rear window and wiper

    Hi all, Apologies if this has already been covered but I have searched the forum and cannot find the information I am looking for. I am about to convert a 2013 T5 from barn doors to tailgate. The tailgate is from a sportline and has a heated window and wiper I would like to use. I understand...
  5. VR46

    Rear demister partially working - help!

    I've searched the other threads but can't find anything relevant to my issue, so here goes: We have a 2017 102 Transporter with tailgate. The heated rear window only clears the top third of the window and always has since we got it. I've tried to ignore the issue but can't any longer with winter...
  6. DuncanB

    00975 but I haven't got one!

    Happy New Year :waving: I've been messing with my new Carista OBD reader (as recommended by this very forum :thumbsup:) and I have a fault code! "00975 - Heated Rear Window (Z1)" but I don't have a rear window in my T6 :oops: I do however have a rear heated window button, which in the interest...
  7. prog99

    Rear demister repair

    As above, mine has had something scrape a small gap in a couple of the lines thus it doesn’t quite clear the whole screen. Anyone had any luck with those kits or is it new screen time? thanks.
  8. M

    Tailgate replacement: adding wiper + HRW

    Hi there just joined on here not the best at all this but here goes, I have a T6 panel van that's been hit in the tailgate and I would like to change it to glass and add a wiper and heated glass could someone tell me the cost off this please or point me in the right direction I have the tailgate...
  9. A

    Adding Heated Rear Window

    Hi, i have just had a heated rear screen fitted. To my tailgate. Have any of you guys got part numbers of any relays and switches or anything that i will need, any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  10. Pauly

    T6 Heated Rear Window Wiring Diagram 2018

    Heated Rear Glass Circuit Diagram Covers tailgates and barn door variants VIP Membership is required to download this document
  11. JasonW

    Rear heated screen timeout

    Is there a way of increasing the timeout of the rear heated screen...? It seems to timeout and switch itself off before its had chance to demist fully...
  12. Tsixty

    Heated mirrors/rear demister Carista

    Just for information/observation. I used Carista to enable the heated mirrors to come on when the heated rear screen is turned on. This worked. What I wasn't expecting was that if you do that the mirror heating position on the mirror knob no longer works. I was hoping that changing the setting...
  13. LambethBoy

    Fitting VW Heated Pads To Seat

    Afternoon guys, I should be getting my hands on a single passenger seat soon but unfortunately it doesn’t have the heated fitment inside it. While my current double seats are heated. Is there any way to attach the mat from the double seat to The singleseat? Yes I know it’s probably bigger but I...
  14. Base1388

    Tailgate Window Tinting

    Im after getting my OEM rear window tinted limo black Any recomendations please ? Where not to go ! What not to do ? Im considering Tint R in Nottingham Many Thanks Romany....
  15. Littleblackflash

    Coding HVAC for new heated rear window

    After fitting a tailgate with a window to my PV, I've set about getting the heated rear window to work. The HVAC controls need to change to one with the switch for the heated rear screen so I've brought one off a Golf on Ebay for £10. It only took a few minutes to fit and all the AC functions...
  16. A

    Dodgy Demister

    I've been out of action for a while and the van has gone undriven for over 2 months and so I decided to take it for a short drive this morning. Everything seems fine (it was left on trickle charge and regularly checked by a member of the family) apart from a problem with the demister. When I...
  17. DaveyB

    Heated Mirrors and VCDS

    Following on from a number of threads over the past week relating to heated mirrors, and how they are on a separate switch (on the mirror control stalk). I have had mine hooked up to VCDS today and was playing whilst getting an oil service. There is a code in VCDS that enables "mirror heating on...