1. DarrenTT

    T6.1 Drivers external door handle issue

    Hi all, first serious frost this morning a d unable to open drivers side door with external door handle. Able to access via passenger side and open from inside. Waited till this afternoon for vehicle to fully defrost and door handle still doesn’t open door. Van booked in at dealer on Friday. Has...
  2. Vdubster

    Sliding-door handle - seems a bit "slack"

    Side door door handle - seems a bit "slack" is it possible to to tighten up the handle at all? or do would i need to replace it? It seems like some one has pulled it overly hard a few times and the mechanism just seems a bit slack/lose like u would expect on a 10 year old van and not 2...
  3. Milarepa

    Front Door Handles Sticking

    Hello all, Our new T6 has just been returned from the converter to have some after sales work done. I noticed straight away that after unlocking the van, the handles don’t open the doors straight away..you have to yank on them a second or even third time. This wasn’t like this before. The...
  4. S

    Interior Handle Screw Size

    Hi all, The internal handle (spring one above passenger door) has come loose. Looks like it's the metal bodywork the screw attaches too. Anyone else had this problem / overcome it? Can I put a slightly bigger diameter screw it a) will it fit through he handle and b) anyone scone the...
  5. Shredder

    External Door Handle Colour Coding

    To avoid those not so nice 'clip on' door handle covers used to change external door handle colour, I would like to have all the external handles painted or dipped Do both drivers doors, both passenger doors and the tailgate handle come off nicely to go away and be coloured?? (Kombi)
  6. K

    Door handle pulls too far..

    any ideas? It pulls all way out and clicks and comes further again, doesn't stick out it goes back in as normal. Drivers door. Thanks