h7 bulbs

  1. A

    Headlight beam pattern issue? Rainbow effect with THQ DRL projecter headlights, is this normal?

    Hi, I've never had this type of headlight before and I just wanted to check if the beams look ok. I've had these off Ebay (used - I think they are THQ v3) and I've installed Osram night breaker H1 and H7 bulbs. Thanks all.
  2. Benh76

    For Sale H7 night breaker bulbs brand new in box

    4 x H7 Nightbreaker bulbs bought to fit in T6 but never got round to it before changing to T6.1 with LEDs. £30 plus postage ?
  3. dandan88

    the h1 bulbs and h7

    guys can someone just help me a bit about to but the h7 and h1 bulbs for my the lights-isnt the h1 for when you have your full beams on etc when the bluebell comes up on the dash which obv dazzles oncoming vehicles? but some people code these headlights to have the projector one and the full...
  4. L

    Which headlights do I have?

    Hi, I’ve seen the led bulb upgrades listed for oem t6 headlights. Stating canbus error free! Anyone upgraded their bulbs to led and which ones did you get? I’ve done the front fog upgrade and rear lights. Want the led for stock headlights mow Tia
  5. C

    Sold Transporter HQ LED Canbus H7 Bulbs New Unopened

    Transporter Hq H7 Canbus LEDs Un opened, brand new. £68 from THQ Can do them for £50 posted
  6. T

    H7 Headlamp - changing H7 bulb

    Hi, apologies for another thread on H7 dipped headlight bulb replacement, but I'm having a bit of a numpty moment. I can get the electrical connector off but how do I then get the bulb out? Do I have to remove or unclip anything else or is it just a case of twisting the bulb to remove it...
  7. W

    Difference between H11 vs H4 and H7 as a dipped beam

    tried searching but couldn't find answer, i noticed the light wasn't that great on the previous lights i sent back. i did learn they used a H11 bulb in a projector for the dipped beam. My question is, compared to H4 or H7, is there a difference in power or throw with the h11 as a dipped beam vs...
  8. stupot

    Before I blow myself up… LED to halogen wiring

    Hi all I want to remove the LED main beam bulbs and switch to halogen, in my Travelin-lite headlights. There’s a red and black wire (see pics) going to the LED and it’s little canbus block thingy (you can tell I know my stuff). Is it as simple as unplugging those 2 spade connectors and attaching...
  9. C

    H7 bulbs in to H4 lamps - straight swap?

    Hello. I have standard headlights and I assume these are h4s? Will a set of h7 bulbs from hellfrauds pip straight in and give ‘better’ results?
  10. P

    Sold T6.1 Headlights. £400 posted

    VW T6.1 Transporter Kombi Van headlight units, c/w H7 bulbs. In Excellent condition. Replaced the units after 8000 miles with the HQ Transporter LED lights. Our bosses own vehicle. Postage included in price - mainland UK only Collection also available from Bradfield, West Berkshire RG7...
  11. Barley53

    Sold THQ H7 LED bulbs

    A set of Transporter HQ led H7 bulbs, box opened but the bulbs have never been used. According to the THQ website, they will only fit THQ headlight units (all versions). THQ are currently selling these for £65, I'll post them to the UK for £45 or collect from Royston, Hertfordshire for £40.
  12. T

    Removing Connecter from THQ bulb. Help Needed.

    Should be an easy one I hope. I'm trying to remove the original THQ bulb (lamp) and replace with Night breakers. Fallen at the first hurdle! How do I remove the gold connecter without ruining the connection. I assumed it would just slide off but I'd pretty stubborn and dont want to wreck the...
  13. bluezie

    T6.1 H7 & H15 Bulb Upgrades

    Has anyone upgraded to the Osram Nightbreaker +200% H7's, and the Osram Cool Blue Intense H15's? How do the colour temperatures compare, do the look ok? I was hoping there would be some +200% Nightbreakers in H15, but it would appear the Osram cool blue is the only upgrade available.......
  14. F2JON

    How should t6.1 headlights work?

    Ok this may be a daft question but how to the standard t6.1 headlights work, Tonight I’ve changed my bulbs h7 and h15 drl bulb, I’ve just been out for a drive but when I put my high beam on it kills the main beam?? It just leaves the drl on , I've also noticed that the drl stay on with the main...
  15. S

    T6.1 Headlight types

    I have a 2020 shuttle and have asked the dealer I bought it from, and one other but they cannot tell me, I have tried euro car parts online and it comes up with, "sorry no bulbs found"it was the same with fuse positions why can't VW give an accurate print out of a vehicles spec, I hope to travel...
  16. andy greenwood

    H7 Halogen Bulb Upgrade

    I've read a few threads on this but can't seem to find an answer, what are the best bulb upgrades for the H7 units ? (non LED though) am i correct in thinking that the LED's are not road legal ?
  17. Andysmee

    For Sale LED Projector parts for H7 upgrade

    pair of led projectors and a pair of led hi-beams that I was going to fit in some H7s but I utterly failed to open them with heat. They owe me this: 2.5‘’ Bi LED Projector Lens Angel Eyes Halo Rings Car LED Headlight Retrofit Kit15/01/2021 £127.19 Car LED High Beam Projector Lens Demon Devil...
  18. LT2019

    Sold H7 lights

  19. Lord Mfwic

    What bulb do i need for a H7 DRL.

    Hi, 1 of my DRL bulbs has blown so need to buy a replacement. Does anyone know the bulb code or what type? Will it be the same code for LED bulbs as I may want to change both? TIA
  20. Adam_T6

    For Sale LED DRL bulb - suits H7 headlight

    Suits H7 headlight - check the photo and compare if you’re unsure. Osram DRL LED, I ordered from two suppliers as one didn’t turn up and I’m impatient! £20 posted.