h4 bulbs

  1. G

    Sold T6 H4 Headlights (Pair) £40

    Pair of T6 H4 headlights. Removed from 2018 Highline van. In full working order with all bulbs included - Osram Night Breaker 200. Sold as a pair only. £40 ono. Collection preferred. East Ayrshire, 20 miles south of Glasgow. Message me if you're interested.
  2. Stupot67

    H4 bulb seating

    Hopefully is a quick answer -is this correct seating for H4 headlight bulb? It feels like the groove should be dead centre at the bottom in line with the guard arm but they look like are at an angle? Both are same. Thanks.
  3. Drhoge

    For Sale Morimoto 2 Stroke 2.0 LED bulbs.

    H4 replacement. Brand new - unused. Comes with anti flicker units. Bought these with the intention of getting a cheap set of H4 headlights from eBay and trying these in them as a project, but never quite got round to it. £100 posted.
  4. A

    H4 bulb replacement. Help!

    Hi all, I am in the process of changing the H4 bulbs in my 2016 T6. I have searched the forum to see if someone has posted something in the past but couldn’t find anything. I have removed the metal clip and the plastic covering. I have removed the plug from the back of the bulb. I have...
  5. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to retrofit LED projectors to T6 H4 headlights on a VW Transporter

    Thanks to @Robert and others on this thread: https://www.t6forum.com/threads/bi-xenon-or-led-projector-retrofit.8335/post-318502 Fitting retrofit LED mini-projectors to H4's is now completely doable, and very good value for the light output: (H4 LED mini-projector on the left, H4 halogen...
  6. Sackmycook

    H4 - Oem v Osram Night Breaker comparison

    Before... After.... Really pleased with the improvement...
  7. Ashjoli

    H4 Headlight bulb Upgrade - Osram Ultra

    I've just replaced my headlights with new osram ultra bright h4 bulbs which seem great by the way. However the little metal clip arm that holds the main bulb in has nothing to clip onto, it looks like the bit it hooks onto has snapped off the body when I unclipped it. The protective cover is...
  8. B

    H4 headlamps with LED bulbs

    Since I am from South Africa lets park the legal discussion and also say I only use my T6 off road. I fitted LED bubs and the made a massive improvement when driving at night. The beam pattern is however a bit "scattered". Can anyone explain to me the purpose of the "cover"/"deflector" over the...
  9. tifflepops

    H4 LED DRL Lamp upgrade

    I went all off piste got cocky and ordered some led lamps off eBay without asking you lot which ones I should buy and surprise surprise they are wrong don't light up and lamp out on dash. Anyone got a link to a set that will work. I hat the orange colour of the standard one. Thanks in advance...
  10. vdubdoodle

    Led Bulb With Built In Fan?

    Morning All, Myself like many others are looking to upgrade the terrible standard headlights. I have come across these LED bulbs on Ebay and am wondering if anyone else had tried them yet? For VW T6 H4 Headlight Bulbs Super Led Bulbs Brand New 5055920573788 | eBay
  11. Lukavell

    Potential New Purchase Ramblings...

    Hi all, It's been a while but I'm back on the forum again now... I've been looking at trading in my Caravelle, currently waiting for a Part Ex quote. I'm thinking about a Highline Kombi base van for a stealth swamper camper build and I'm currently spending far too much time on the...
  12. Noddy996

    H4 Headlamp - Changing DRL Bulbs

    When changing the DRL bulbs, the Handbook simply says to turn the bulb holder anti-clockwise and pull it out to change the bulb. Easy I thought, I’ll nip out and do it now before it gets dark. However, it does not look quite that simple, as the wires attached to the back of the bulb holder do...
  13. Buggirl

    H4 Headlamp Bulb Upgrade

    I really want to upgrade my headlight bulbs. Going to do this when she goes in for her check up.