1. B

    T28 wheel load rating - how much to allow for camper conversion?

    I’ve got my eye on some wheels that are load rated at 815kg. This is on a t28 swb conversion. I know they would be ok for standard van but should I be adjusting for the conversion? If so does anyone have a ballpark on what a fairly standard conversion might add? Thanks
  2. Lumbo

    Weighing my camper with Reich CWC

    I thought I would share my experience with this bit of kit. I hope this is in the right section. I bought the Reich Caravan Weight Control 1000kg from campervanstuff.com a little while ago and finally got round to using it. It was £167. I felt like I wanted to know the weight of my van and had...
  3. JamieCkombiT6

    T30 or T32 - help to confirm model

    Since I bought my van I believed it was a T30 It was advertised as a T30 And the badge on the back is T30 On the dvla website mot checker it says axel weight is 3200kg and vehicle type N1 Any help would be great as planning to buy some Black Friday suspension/ wheel upgrades
  4. D

    Soooooo I thought I had a T32

    Any legal peeps on here? I bought my T6 Kombi Edition SWB T32...but apparently it's a T30 (hilarious). All over my purchase paperwork and service documation it states T32. I thought I'd bought a T32...I only found this out because I've put it up for sale on here and someone told me they didn't...
  5. M

    New VW owner and confused about ‘T’

    Hi all, I've just taken on a new VW transporter kombi. On the paperwork it says its t32 but when trying to get accessories, websites are only intrested in it being T5 or T6. Can anyone explain this to me please?
  6. M

    Camper van weight

    See all the folk saying ye don't need a T32 and that a T28 is perfectly fine, even with a conversion! We put ours onto a weighbridge yesterday on our way home from a week away. Gross weight came in at 3,180! We've got a LWB with a full conversion by Exploria (Reimo roof and VW Cali bed), and...
  7. R

    How to establish GVW

    Hi all. A friend of mine has just bought a t6.1 camper. He’s having coilovers fitted but as he doesn’t have to v5 yet l. Is there any way to find out if it’s a t28/30 or 32 TIA
  8. Andy Power

    Weight plate confusion

    Please could somebody explain what this means please - I’m trying to find out what the maximum weight of a caravan I can pull with my T6 4motion Kombi. Iv been told this is what I need to see to find out. Unfortunately it means nothing to me.... the Caravans i have been looking at vary between...
  9. markob

    Shuttle Lowering T30 Or T32

    Does anyone know if the shuttle is a T32 ?
  10. D

    Overloading A Van - T28, T30, T32 Question

    I get that a T28 can gave a gross weight of 2.8 tonnes, but is that simply the specified weight, or the legal weight? If I load it to 3 tonnes, am I breaking the law or just risking breaking my suspension? I currently have a T28 T5.1 (why are they both 'T' numbers??) and sometimes I'm sure...
  11. W

    Day-Van: T32 Or T30 ?

    Hi All, What's the best option out of T32 & T30 for a general day van ? Understand that the T32 has a higher load capacity but is it overkill for what I need as it will never be fully loaded. Would the ride be too harsh ? Regards
  12. Pau1GTI

    T28 As A Camper Weight Limit

    Big day for Bryan our camper tomorrow. He's due to be weighed and I'm slightly nervious with him being a T28 and a fully loaded camper. I over looked this at the start as always thought it would be more than enough. No roof just yet so all should be fine for now but hoping with only two of us...
  13. Y

    T6 Caravelle T30 Or T32??

    Not sure if anybody can clear this question up please? T6 Caravelle executive 204dsg It shows under the bonnet gross weight 3080 same as V5 but when I phone VW they tell me it's a t32 because it's got the larger suspension arms 55mm not 50mm on build sheet So is it a legal requirement to have...
  14. E

    New Conversion Project Load Question

    Hi All I am a total newb but I have my eye on a 102ps T28 SWB and wondered if this would be adequate for a conversion that has a full width rib bed, micro pod (sink/hob/fridge) and a pop top? It’s me, my missus and 2 year old too. I could make our border terrier walk.
  15. W

    Choice Of T6 For Conversion

    I’ve found a lovely T6 Transporter I’m looking to buy with a view to converting to a full camper. It’s a T28 so I wanted to check some opinion on the unladen weights. I figure that the unladen weight of a Cali Ocean is 2,518 stated with 90% fuel load and a 75kg driver. That weight would...
  16. Jamie2.0

    Down Rating A T32 To T30

    I'm asking on behalf of a colleague who has just bought a T32 to convert. As we all know limited selection of wheels etc. We got to discussing down plating which I'm sure I read briefly on here somewhere. Had a look on the following, which looks straight forward enough: - Specialist tests for...
  17. kn0bby

    Towing without B+E entitlement.

    Would ideally like to downplate my T30 to a T26 or lower. This is for towing reasons. I only need to tow a 925kg gross weight trailer. My license restricts me to 3500kgs total gross. Any experience anyone?
  18. Alan Walsh

    MOT: which class?

    So I talked to my neighbour in the pub tonight and the subject of MOT's came up for a reason way too long to go into now, however the long shot is if you have a T32 and it happens to be of a Kombi 4motion flavour then it can go through a class 4 mot because its classed as a multi purpose...
  19. P

    SV Tech For Downplating / Uprating Van GVW

    Out of curiosity I took my Hillside Birchover to the local weighbridge fully loaded with camping gear, some grub, two bikes on the rack and with my average-build lad as a passenger. The van is only an 84ps T26 and whilst the individual axle weights were well under limits, at 2520kg the overall...