1. M

    Camper Conversion weight - just under 3.2T!

    See all the folk saying ye don't need a T32 and that a T28 is perfectly fine, even with a conversion! We put ours onto a weighbridge yesterday on our way home from a week away. Gross weight came in at 3,180! We've got a LWB with a full conversion by Exploria (Reimo roof and VW Cali bed), and...
  2. W

    Choice Of T6 For Conversion

    I’ve found a lovely T6 Transporter I’m looking to buy with a view to converting to a full camper. It’s a T28 so I wanted to check some opinion on the unladen weights. I figure that the unladen weight of a Cali Ocean is 2,518 stated with 90% fuel load and a 75kg driver. That weight would...
  3. Jamie2.0

    Down Rating A T32 To T30

    I'm asking on behalf of a colleague who has just bought a T32 to convert. As we all know limited selection of wheels etc. We got to discussing down plating which I'm sure I read briefly on here somewhere. Had a look on the following, which looks straight forward enough: - Specialist tests for...
  4. Pau1GTI

    Weigh Bridge Tomorrow! Eeek

    Big day for Bryan our camper tomorrow. He's due to be weighed and I'm slightly nervious with him being a T28 and a fully loaded camper. I over looked this at the start as always thought it would be more than enough. No roof just yet so all should be fine for now but hoping with only two of us...
  5. kn0bby

    Downplating - Anyone Done It?

    Would ideally like to downplate my T30 to a T26 or lower. This is for towing reasons. I only need to tow a 925kg gross weight trailer. My license restricts me to 3500kgs total gross. Any experience anyone?
  6. Phil_G

    SV Tech For Downplating / Uprating Van GVW

    Out of curiosity I took my Hillside Birchover to the local weighbridge fully loaded with camping gear, some grub, two bikes on the rack and with my average-build lad as a passenger. The van is only an 84ps T26 and whilst the individual axle weights were well under limits, at 2520kg the overall...