1. F

    Advice on filling in holes on roof

    Hi, We've recently bought an ex RAC T6 and are slowly starting to convert it. We are doing some of the labour intensive work, like stripping it out and applying insulation, while a local company does some of the more skilled work. With it being an ex RAC van there are several holes in the roof...
  2. P

    part number - roof grommet

    Hi all, Was wondering if any had a part no. Or know where I can get the grommet shown in the pic. Its at the back of the van on the roof line behind the barn door. Thanks Sorry meant to put its the one thay is missing.
  3. EcosseExile

    Side Bar Removal

    This may go against the grain, but I am removing the side bars from my van. Does anyone have the rubber grommets hanging around (in exchange beer tokens), or a place where I could buy them? Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Martin.
  4. dennismo

    Tailgate Wiring Loom Popped Out

    Hi there... my tailgate wiring loom has popped out at both ends: Could someone possibly take a photo of theirs at each end so I can see how it's meant to sit? Trying to work out if the whole of the wider piece sits inside the hole (but concerned that will allow water in). Not sure how long...
  5. col661

    Where To Break Through The Engine Bulkhead

    Hi all. I'm about to embark on a split charge system hosting a CTEK under the drivers seat with a 110amp battery. Is there a common breakthrough area under the bonnet to get the main live charging cable through the bulkhead to run under the carpet (highline) to present under the drivers seat?
  6. N

    Grommets For Solar Cable

    What grommets are you guys using for solar cable? I running the usual 2 x 4mm cables through the pop top.