1. R8N XX

    Multi spline bolts

    So replacing the front wheel bearing on the bus what size is the gearbox end multi spline bolts 11 or 12. thanks.
  2. A

    gearbox - trouble changing into 2nd when cold

    I have trouble changing into 2nd gear but fine when engine is warmed up, any ideas ?
  3. M

    T5 Wont shift into 5th or reverse -

    Guys Me mates T5 is no longer going into 5th or reverse - before I start making a mess - any more experienced suggestions?
  4. U

    VW suggest a new gearbox

    My 150 van was booked in for a problematic door lock. When I arrived they asked if there was anything else wrong with the van. I mentioned second gear can be a little crunchy at times and thought nothing more about it. I came to collect the van, and was told it needs a new gearbox...
  5. A

    Juddering In 5th

    Hi, new here, recently bought a t6, 2016 74k miles. I have noticed that when accelerating in 5th from low revs I get almost like a judder. For instance coming out of a 50mph average zone then accelerating. Hasn’t don’t it in any other gear. I have read a few similar things on here and a lot of...
  6. C

    Clutch Release Clunk

    Hi It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes I’m feeling a bit of a clunk when I release the clutch to go up to 2nd gear. anyone else had this? I’m slightly worried it could be drive shaft, but weird that it only happens occasionally. It’s a 102 with 32000 on the clock
  7. R

    Juddering In 5th And 6th

    Hi I wonder if anyone can confirm my suspicions please. My lightly driven 2015 T6 has an occasional issue whereby it 'judders' particularly in 5th gear and occasionally in 6th. This occurs when under very gentle acceleration as it goes up the gears. If I'm driving a little more aggressively...
  8. D

    Stuck In 5th Gear!

    Hi guys, newbie here. I have a 65 plate T28 SWB 102,Manual 5 speed... I have a little issue that needs addressing! Driving home from work yesterday on the motorway and I started to slow down so as you do, I start changing down gears. However, I'm unable to! its literally getting stuck in 5th...
  9. S

    Dsg 3rd To 2nd Getting Worse

    I have started to notice the change down from 3rd to 2nd is getting much jerkier. Its a 16 plate 140 Kombi with 84k on the clock, and has just had the 80k service which included a gearbox oil change. From new there would be the occasional "blip" when changing down, and I put this down to the...
  10. W

    T6 Reverse Issue

    Anyone encountered an issue out the van into reverse? Seems to be more of an issue when cold. Thanks
  11. Tomboy

    5sp Gearbox Whine?

    Hi all, I’ve just brought a 66 plate 102bhp t6 van. Absolutely love it, apart from a whine that starts once I engage 5th gear? Dip the clutch or change down to 4th and the noise disappears? Anyone else encountered this problem? Not sure if this is a normal noise or gearbox/clutch/bearing fault...
  12. M

    Gearbox Rattle

    Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem I have recently had with my van, its only got 20,000 miles on the clock. So, I heard a rattle at low speed in 1-3 gear, you could only really hear it when driving through built up areas where the noise had something to bounce off. Took it into VW...
  13. A

    Notchy 2nd gear

    Hi all I am after some advise from anyone with a manual 6 speed gear box on their t6. I have a euro 5, 140, 16 plate. I have had this from new. Coming from a smaller vw caddy van I have found that going from 1st to 2nd gear can feel a bit notchy on my T6. I have already mentioned it to...
  14. Super Dog

    Gearbox replacement 5 speed to 6 speed

    Has anyone swapped a five speed gearbox with a six speed?