1. D

    Notchy first gear - 2019 5-speed gearbox

    I have a 2019 woth a 5 speed gearbox. I have a kind of notchy first gear. From standstill going in to first and taking of the clutch position seems much more like balancing on a knives edge (exaggerated) then when going from any other gear to the next. No slipping pr any other problems. Any...
  2. Magpie1832

    Gearbox backlash

    Hi guys. When driving past walls and I let of the accelerator and back on I get click or clunk. If I'm going slow in wrong gear I ratlles like hell. I've checked driveshafts. I've had them off and it seems there is a fair bit of gearbox backlash on the diff. How much is excessive on a t6. I...
  3. N

    Noise when changing gears

    Hello, My transporter t6 5spd manual 84kw makes this weird gurgling noise when changing gears. It has new dualmass flywheel and clutch fitted at vw dealer. Its coming under my feet and i can hear it in cabin. What could it be? Youtube link Up
  4. Jon

    Oil leak !

    I have noticed a few drips of oil on the floor where I normally park. Looked under neath to see a bit of a mess. It's oil I would say and quite clean oil at that. Took the under pan off to investigate and this is what I have found. I would normally take it straight to my local vw indy who do...
  5. bencoleman1988

    Clunky Gear Change

    Hi All I'm getting a clunk going into first gear, and most of the time gear changing is a bit jumpy when going up through the gears. All the gears select seemingly perfectly, clutch point is perfect and no slipping. No DMF rattle or strange noises. One this I've noticed just recently - if I'm...
  6. T

    T6 suffering the same drive shaft issues as the T5?

    As per heading. Do we know if the T6's are experiencing the same issue with the drive shaft spline wear. My T6 103Kw DSG is showing some backlash that I can not explain. All rubber mountings on engine and gearbox have been replace OEM VW. It is a lot better, but not what I would consider to...
  7. Lorna

    DSG engine labouring juddering in D7

    I have a 2017 T32 204 DSG 4motion that’s now done just over 100k miles. Had new cam belt and water pump at about 99k in May this year and all was fine. Just recently engine has been labouring and sounding a bit rough in D7 in lower revs and I have to press accelerator to get it to drop down a...
  8. R8N XX

    Multi spline bolts

    So replacing the front wheel bearing on the bus what size is the gearbox end multi spline bolts 11 or 12. thanks.
  9. A

    gearbox - trouble changing into 2nd when cold

    I have trouble changing into 2nd gear but fine when engine is warmed up, any ideas ?
  10. Ricardo T

    ADVICE REQUIRED...inconsistent reverse crunch! Under Warranty.

    Think I posted this ongoing problem last summer (but cant find it lol) when I first discovered that sometimes when I select reverse there would be a slight 'crunch' and the van would jolt ever so slightly.. 2016 lwb 5spd T32 102, 37k mls. Under warranty. On a visit to BMVS in the summer I asked...
  11. M

    T5 Wont shift into 5th or reverse -

    Guys Me mates T5 is no longer going into 5th or reverse - before I start making a mess - any more experienced suggestions?
  12. Jaz

    [Resolved] Reverse lights not working.

    Can someone please advise me, my reverse lights have suddenly stopped working. The bulbs are all fine. I can’t seem to locate the fuse location on any of the downloadable documents, could someone point me in the right direction please? Also, if it isn’t the fuse. Does anyone have an idea what...
  13. Unimog

    VW suggest a new gearbox

    My 150 van was booked in for a problematic door lock. When I arrived they asked if there was anything else wrong with the van. I mentioned second gear can be a little crunchy at times and thought nothing more about it. I came to collect the van, and was told it needs a new gearbox...
  14. C

    Clutch Release Clunk

    Hi It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes I’m feeling a bit of a clunk when I release the clutch to go up to 2nd gear. anyone else had this? I’m slightly worried it could be drive shaft, but weird that it only happens occasionally. It’s a 102 with 32000 on the clock
  15. D

    Juddering in upper gears

    any one fixed the issue with T6 highline 102 juddering doing about 30mph in 3rd 4th gear I’d just come back from a 30mile journey up the A1 so had a good run. Vans done 4K I’ve done 2k since I’ve had it
  16. D

    Stuck In 5th Gear!

    Hi guys, newbie here. I have a 65 plate T28 SWB 102,Manual 5 speed... I have a little issue that needs addressing! Driving home from work yesterday on the motorway and I started to slow down so as you do, I start changing down gears. However, I'm unable to! its literally getting stuck in 5th...
  17. S

    Dsg 3rd To 2nd Getting Worse

    I have started to notice the change down from 3rd to 2nd is getting much jerkier. Its a 16 plate 140 Kombi with 84k on the clock, and has just had the 80k service which included a gearbox oil change. From new there would be the occasional "blip" when changing down, and I put this down to the...
  18. W

    T6 Reverse Issue - gearbox?

    Anyone encountered an issue out the van into reverse? Seems to be more of an issue when cold. Thanks
  19. Tomboy

    5sp Gearbox Whine?

    Hi all, I’ve just brought a 66 plate 102bhp t6 van. Absolutely love it, apart from a whine that starts once I engage 5th gear? Dip the clutch or change down to 4th and the noise disappears? Anyone else encountered this problem? Not sure if this is a normal noise or gearbox/clutch/bearing fault...
  20. M

    Gearbox Rattle

    Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem I have recently had with my van, its only got 20,000 miles on the clock. So, I heard a rattle at low speed in 1-3 gear, you could only really hear it when driving through built up areas where the noise had something to bounce off. Took it into VW...