folding mirrors

  1. czmate1999

    Mirrors not folding...

    Quick one. Just had cause to use the van and went to give the key fob a long press to fold the mirrors in and they are not moving... any ideas? did have a power drain issue which meant the battery went flat a few times... many suggestions appreciated! CZ
  2. J

    Power fold mirrors - change speed setting AONOP

    Does any one know if its possible to change the power fold mirrors on a T6.1 so that they will fold at any speed and not just when travelling under 40kmh
  3. A

    Un-Folding mirrors!

    I always fold up the electric mirrors on my 2018 T6 when I park it outside the house. A couple of times, after a few days of not using it, the mirrors have gone back down on both sides. It's been raining a lot here recently so I wondered if there was something that either happens so that they...
  4. BeePee

    Folding mirrors no longer folding with key press

    OK, what have I done and how do I undo it ? I installed my new R with paddles MFSW last night, battery disconnected and all went well, works awesome. However, I had to reprogramme the electric tailgate and windows to close automatically. I noticed today the mirrors now don't fold with the...
  5. bootsam

    Nearside mirror sticky sometimes.

    I've noticed recently that my nearside mirror doesnt return to position. This isnt always the case and it just takes another twist of the knob to make it return. However its something I may need to look at fixing. Before I examine it at the weekend, has anyone else experienced this and what are...
  6. T

    How do I fold my mirrors in?

    Good Day All I took delivery of my wonderful 2018 T6 trendline plus this afternoon and I was incredibly excited until I approached my garage door. Is there a way the side mirrors can fold in on the Trendline plus? I have searched the internet and cannot find a way. (We have an owners manual on...
  7. thebueso

    mirrors too wide for my garage

    Hello everyone. I have a width problem with my van, it not fit into my garage. The mirrors are the problem, the way that they fold it's not enought to come across my garage door. I'm thinking about the posibility of exchange my original exteriors mirrors by anotherone not OEM that fold more...
  8. huw169

    Are folding mirrors worth the 795+vat dealer cost?

    They don’t look like they fold in that much to me. More of a swivel up. Do those of you that have them rate them? And do those that don’t have them want them? Thanks
  9. L

    Electric folding mirrors

    Hi good morning Im new to this site and after some technical help . I've fitted the travelin lite genuine electric folding mirror kit to my t6 2015 highline kombi and have got to the final connection stage. My issue is connecting the positive 'on' connection as the wiring info states a thick...
  10. G

    Wing mirror help

    Quite a while ago I fitted the Audi led wing mirrors indicators to my T6 but in the process of doing the drivers side I got a bit too rough with it and ended up doing something which had now made it not fold up. when I got a bit rough with it was when I was pulling the cables through into the...
  11. catfood12

    [Guide] Fitting door mirror repair mounting

    Following on from this incident; Then this thread; I bought a couple of the brackets from the 'Bay... Fitting requires full mirror removal and dismantling. My temporary fix holding up well...
  12. Jonnyash

    Folding Mirrors

    A bit of a random one , I’ve noticed my folding mirrors randomly decided to unfold during the middle of the night ! Thought I was going mad until I checked on the cameras , has anyone else experienced such wizardry ?
  13. J

    Powerfold Mirrors Not As They Should Be.

    Guys, If anyone can shed some light, as I can't sleep right now. Went ahead and purchased the full power fold mirror kit from Travelin Lite. Originally, lock and unlock on the remote, folded and unfolded the mirrors. Albeit on the passenger side I had to swap a wire over on the connector as...
  14. P

    Folding Mirrors On Comfort Close (again)

    Evening All, I have a hopefully slightly different question relating to enabling mirror fold on lock. I have a T5.1 Highline but have used T6 window modules (7E0 959 801 R & 7E0 959 802 Q). They were manufactured October 2018 - If I'm right, this is well into when VW enabled fold on lock on...
  15. T

    Faults Following Retro Fit Folding Mirrors

    Hi electrickery wizards, following the initial rapture of the folding mirrors by a *specialist* the pleasure dissipated as the internal switching now only works sporadically, maybe coincidentally the barn doors only unlock with a second push and now the sliding door has started the same...
  16. M

    Wind Deflectors For Folding Mirrors

    Hi all, Can someone tell me which (if any) front wind deflectors are suitable for vans with folding mirrors? I've searched the forum and read a lot of posts but can't find the answer. I like the Heko ones but the sale listing for them says they are not suitable for folding mirrors? Thanks in...
  17. P

    Folding Mirror Retro Fit Kit

    Evening, Does anyone know if a Folding mirror retro fit kit exists? One that I can fit into my existing mirrors. Cheers Phil
  18. andy58

    Wing Mirrors

    can i make my wing fold in without pushing them
  19. Skyliner33

    Mirrors Stopped Folding On Fob After Battery Disconnect

    Yesterday I disconnected the battery. After this my mirrors will no longer fold with a long press off the key fob. They will still fold using the door control. Can disconnecting the battery reset the changes I did in vcds? It’s puzzling me and have not had time to check yet. Thanks.
  20. W

    T6 Wing Mirror Noise - Is It A Cause For Concern

    My first post in these forums, so hello to all. I bought a conversion a few months ago, not the best experience so far as it looks like the quality control is lacking a little. My main concern at the moment is that when folding the wing mirrors in and out the driver side one is making a noise...