folding mirrors

  1. J

    Disable headlights and wing mirrors automatically coming on when unlocking a T6

    Hello, my headlights always come on when I unlock the vehicle. I find this not good when trying to stealth camp. Is it possible to disable this somehow? Also I would like to prevent the wing mirrors auto folding in and out when locking and unlocking. Could anyone help?
  2. T

    T5 Powerfold to T6 Powerfold Mirrors

    Just incase anyones interested T6 powerfold mirrors are a straight swap for 2009 caravelle T5 powerfold mirrors. You have to swap over the purple and Lt Blue wires. Everything works perfectly. I did leave all the extra cables for the DAB FM Sat Nav ariels as i may use them in the future. I...
  3. E

    T6.1 Door Mirror Operation after battery disconnect.

    Bit of an odd question, but how do the door mirrors behave on a T6.1 when the main battery is disconnected and reconnected? I have to fold my mirrors in, via the door switch, in order to park it in my garage. Soon I’m going to be disconnecting my starter battery while I do some work on it in the...
  4. C

    Folding mirrors not working after battery replacement [Resolved]

    My van starter battery started to die and wasn't holding it's charge then it went flat. I charged it up so as to start the engine. I bought a new replacement battery which I fitted - so far no problems. I then found that when I locked the van first click, then on second click and hold on the fob...
  5. S

    T6.1 Passenger window fault / folding mirror fault / manual emergency call fault

    Anyone have any idea please T6.1 Symptoms…. Passenger window fails to operate on either switch. If you leave drivers door window open and try to lock with remote the doors lock but the drivers window fails to shut. Also mirrors fail to spin up on lock. Also msg on startup on touchscreen...
  6. J

    Child lock fault, front windows not opening and mirrors stuck in position

    Hi, New to T6.1 kombi ownership (2nd hand) and a problem has arisen! I’m getting an electronic child lock fault come up on the dash, as well as front windows not being able to open. Neither switches on either side are working to open window. As I if left mirrors rotated up, they are also not...
  7. Radar1968

    Folding Mirror Issue - Specific Question(s)

    Hello All, I'm very new to owning a T6 Campervan (T28 Highline SWB) and am learning everyday thanks to help from this forum and its members. I need your help and advice now before I go and spend unnecessarily. I have read several articles regarding my issue already and tried several things...
  8. D

    Folding mirrors don’t fold when locking

    Hi there, just got myself a 2021 T6.1 yesterday, the folding mirrors don’t fold in when locking the car. Looked at manual, says to enable in the infotainment system, I did that and it’s enabled to fold on locking? Any ideas please?
  9. L

    Folding mirror retrofit help

    Hi, I have a 66 ref T6. It’s an ex RAC van and came with power folding mirrors with the switch on the drivers door. I’ve just been through the coding for auto folding on lock using Vcds, but it hasn’t worked. I’ve tried it a few times but they don’t fold on locking. It’s done something as now...
  10. Bondyt6

    Genuine folding mirrors

    Hi all I have a T6 with heated electric mirrors, does anybody know what genuine parts are required to convert these to power folding, I know the switch on door card needs added, and I'm guess new bases with motors+control modules etc? If anybody had the part numbers would be great. Thanks Phil
  11. A

    Sold Power Folding Mirror Window Motors 7E0959801L & 7E0959802L

    7E0959801L & 7E0959802L - tested and working fold on lock with a long press. These are no longer available from VW. Will fit T5.1 & T6. £250 ono
  12. Iany1954

    66 plate auto folding mirror conversion

    I’m thinking of converting my van to have auto folding mirrors. They presently fold on the drivers door switch only. I’m familiar with the possible options for achieving this but need confirmation of the MY number. I think (being 66 registered 26/9/2016) it’s MY17 and requires hardware. Can...
  13. Pedro20001

    Adding powerfold mirrors to a t6.1 startline

    Hi all, has anyone added powerfold mirrors to a startline non powerfold t6.1? Looking to upgrade and wondered if this has been done before. Thanks in advance
  14. K

    Retrofit Folding-Mirrors - not working

    Hello all, i am french so i'm sorry if my english is not very good... I have à T6 and i want install mirror folding electrical. I have buy the mirror and install. But They no work Maybe need make a setup in VCDS? But i dont have Many Modul... i add à picture Thanks all for your help
  15. 109LWB

    Interior door lock buttons and folding mirror switch wont work.

    So I noticed that the lock and unlock buttons on the driver door don’t work, neither do the mirror fold or heated mirrors even with front screen on. Mirror adjustment does work and windows work fine with one touch up and down. I’ve reset the battery and reset the windows. All plugs are...
  16. B

    T5.1 Retrofit power-fold mirrors

    What is required to install power fold mirrors to a vehicle? I’ve got a donor vehicle that currently has power folds and mine doesn’t. Is it a relatively straight forward swap or not? Thanks
  17. stupot

    Folding mirror not flush - is it something simple?

    Hi all, I’ve had a look around the forum and suspect I have a bent drivers side mirror bracket/pivot/mount but wondered if anyone who’s stripped their wing mirror down would know if there is anything within the mirror assembly that might prevent the mirror sitting flush against the trim piece on...
  18. Yackers777

    Remote folding mirrors

    Hi Just bought t6 caravelle it has the folding mirror function on the switch but they don’t fold when I keep my finger on lock button on key fob like my old t6 , is this something that has to be programmed? Thanks in advance Paul
  19. L

    BCM Amarok for folding mirror retrofit.

    Good evening guys, I have a doubt, I wanted to see if you could help me, I have an Amarok 2014 with manual transmission, originally it did not come with the folding mirrors, but I wanted to retrofit the car and ended up buying the rear view mirrors and the button command, I made all the...
  20. M

    Wing Mirror - Lane Visibility Issue

    I recently had to replace my entire drivers side wing mirror. (Replaced with genuine VW Parts) It's manual fold with electrical adjustment. I have adjusted the mirror fully over to the right and i am still looking at the side of the van. When I was on the motorway I couldn't see the lane next...