folding mirrors

  1. A

    Sold Power Folding Mirror Window Motors 7E0959801L & 7E0959802L

    7E0959801L & 7E0959802L - tested and working fold on lock with a long press. These are no longer available from VW. Will fit T5.1 & T6. £250 ono
  2. Pedro20001

    Adding powerfold mirrors to a t6.1 startline

    Hi all, has anyone added powerfold mirrors to a startline non powerfold t6.1? Looking to upgrade and wondered if this has been done before. Thanks in advance
  3. K

    Retrofit Folding-Mirrors - not working

    Hello all, i am french so i'm sorry if my english is not very good... I have à T6 and i want install mirror folding electrical. I have buy the mirror and install. But They no work Maybe need make a setup in VCDS? But i dont have Many Modul... i add à picture Thanks all for your help
  4. 109LWB

    Interior door lock buttons and folding mirror switch wont work.

    As title, just realised the lock/unlock buttons on the driver door panel do nothing. Also the mirrors won't fold when pressing the switch, but the mirrors do adjust and the windows work fine. Not sure about the heated mirrors, haven't been able to test them yet. I downloaded the fusebox...
  5. B

    T5.1 Retrofit power-fold mirrors

    What is required to install power fold mirrors to a vehicle? I’ve got a donor vehicle that currently has power folds and mine doesn’t. Is it a relatively straight forward swap or not? Thanks
  6. S

    Folding mirror not flush - is it something simple?

    Hi all, I’ve had a look around the forum and suspect I have a bent drivers side mirror bracket/pivot/mount but wondered if anyone who’s stripped their wing mirror down would know if there is anything within the mirror assembly that might prevent the mirror sitting flush against the trim piece on...
  7. Yackers777

    Remote folding mirrors

    Hi Just bought t6 caravelle it has the folding mirror function on the switch but they don’t fold when I keep my finger on lock button on key fob like my old t6 , is this something that has to be programmed? Thanks in advance Paul
  8. L

    BCM Amarok for folding mirror retrofit.

    Good evening guys, I have a doubt, I wanted to see if you could help me, I have an Amarok 2014 with manual transmission, originally it did not come with the folding mirrors, but I wanted to retrofit the car and ended up buying the rear view mirrors and the button command, I made all the...
  9. M

    Wing Mirror - Lane Visibility Issue

    I recently had to replace my entire drivers side wing mirror. (Replaced with genuine VW Parts) It's manual fold with electrical adjustment. I have adjusted the mirror fully over to the right and i am still looking at the side of the van. When I was on the motorway I couldn't see the lane next...
  10. M

    Traveling-lite power mirror control box issue?

    Hi, I’ve installed power fold mirrors using the Traveling-lite module. Does anyone know why it needs soo many extra relays to function when compared to the simple solution you can get for £20 on eBay? BTW looks like one of those cheaper solutions is incorporated into the travelin lite option.
  11. Savgav1

    Power fold mirror issue

    Hi guys. Can anyone help with this. My lefthand door mirror doesn't always fold on request. If put switch back to retract, tap mirror then put switch to un fold it will work. Guessing the motor sticking. Can the motor be brought seperate or is this whole mirror
  12. S

    Sold Brand new T6 manual folding RH mirror complete unit

    This is a brand new unused T6 manual folding mirror for the drivers side. Heated and electric adjustment. The mirror cap is the standard black plastic fitted to entry level models but can be easily changed. I got it from a VW converter who took it off a brand new van. It was for my T6 which is...
  13. czmate1999

    Folding mirrors occasionally unfolding

    Quick question, When I lock my van I give the remote a long press to fold the mirrors. Recently I have noticed that occasionally when I go back to the van the mirrors are down. Any ideas? Cheers CZ.
  14. AndyAK66

    T6.1 Folding mirrors on locking

    Picked up my new 6.1 yesterday, dead chuffed to be behind the wheel again, I've selected mirrors to auto fold when locking but it wont, am i missing something, also in the manual it says i can dip the passenger side mirror when reversing, cant get that to work, can anyone help please
  15. J

    T6.1 Highline - Power folding mirrors as standard?

    Can anyone clarify if these are a standard fitment on this model? Not listed as an option on the configurator, so I'm assuming they are. (And key operated, as per the T6.)
  16. Dripster

    Is my wing mirror salvageable?

    Had mine taken out by a truck. Folding motor and adjustment motors seems to work fine but obviously wiring for heating element and mounting for mirror has been trashed. Anyone done a DIY fix for this? Imagine VW will just say the whole unit needs replacing.
  17. C

    How to fold just one electric wing mirror

    Hello, the title says it alI guess ... does anyone know how to fold just one side's electric folding wing mirror? Would love to know before tackling the narrow Loch Lomond road again where we lost a wing mirror last year. We were following a T5 with the driver's side mirror folded thinking...
  18. veearrsix

    Folding mirror doesn't stop trying to fold

    The nearside power folding mirror on my t5.1 is misbehaving. When folding, the offside one folds neatly and stops as it should, but the nearside one folds and doesn't stop, the motor keeps going and clicks. I have dismantled the mirror and tested the motor on its own, and the issue appears to be...
  19. F

    T6 power fold mirror bracket bent

    Hi . I’ve managed to catch and bend my wing mirror today and it’s bent all the metal section where the power fold is. The wing mirror casing managed to survive. Can this part be purchased independently?? It’s just the section that screw to the van and hold the mirror mount on the power fold is...
  20. czmate1999

    Mirrors not folding...

    Quick one. Just had cause to use the van and went to give the key fob a long press to fold the mirrors in and they are not moving... any ideas? did have a power drain issue which meant the battery went flat a few times... many suggestions appreciated! CZ