fog lights

  1. The Ham

    rear fog light cable id on T6

    Can somebody help me id which cable is the rear fogs. drilled a hole in the top left rear corner to pass a cable through and nicked the edge of the loom up there, now my rear fogs don't come on with the switch, but they do flash with the indicators.Also get bulb out warning when I switch on...
  2. Gilly1974

    Retrofit Fog/cornering lights to Startline - advice.

    Hi, iv read the great posts about fitting and coding etc. Couple things I’m not sure about that someone may be able to help with, iv contacted a knowledgable member on hear and currently waiting reply bug thought I’d pop a post up. I’m wanting to fit these to my startline t6, 1) can I buy the...
  3. Epic-Rob

    Fog lights

    OK so that light symbol at 8 oclock - does it do anything? i cant actually get the switch to that position. all i have is side and heads plus pull for fog, which does seem normal but whats that symbol mean??
  4. LambethBoy

    Wanted Fog light units

    As above thank you
  5. Arrow

    Front fog warning after LED install

    Hello! Happy new year Folks. Installed LED fog lights, said they are the non fault ones suitable for the T6.1. the right side is fine however the left one keeps popping up a Left fog light failure alarm. Works fine but the warning is a pain in the arse. Any idea how to resolve, I've tried 2...
  6. T

    Rear fog lights not operating [Resolved]

    My 2017 T30 lwb has just failed its MOT on inoperative rear fog lights, the bulbs are ok I've tested them,obviously no supply, the switch doesn't light up and the Icon on the dash doesn't light. I have downloaded the fuse card from the Forum but am unable to find a specific fuse for the fog...
  7. C

    VW T6.1 front fog lights retrofit

    Hello, On my VW T6.1 from 03/2021, I just retrofitted the front fog lighs + coding. Unfortunately it doesn't work, and I'm getting crazy as I do not find the root cause. Now I'm questionning : - on which fuse are the fog lights connected ? No VW fuse diagram available :-( - I connected the...
  8. M

    T6.1 single rear fog-light

    Having picked up my new T6.1 only yesterday it was only natural for me to check out things today. What I did notice was that the T6.1 Highline looks to only a rear foglight on the offside? Either that or the nearside lamp has already blown! Does it just have the one? If so, how easy to fit a...
  9. K

    t6.1 Fog light unit crack

    I have had my t6.1 since this summer and both of my fog light units are cracked from stones already, has anyone else had this problem and is it worth going VW directly for the replacement units or source them myself ?
  10. Mupp3tt

    Fog Lights illuminating on their own

    So I'm having an issue with my fog lights, and completely separate from each other. Like most I leave my lights on "auto" (fog lights off) jump in and out of the van and never really worry. Recently when you turn on the ignition, and start the engine, ONE of the two fog lights will also turn...
  11. K

    Front fog light removal

    Does any one know if there are issues with the front fog lamp removal from the bumper ? I am upgrading the front headlights led drl etc tomorrow and it needs the front bumper off etc, at the same time I’m going to upgrade my front fog lights to led and just trying to preempt any problems thanks...
  12. dubber36

    Is there such a thing as a foglight delete panel for a Highline bumper?

    As per the title really. I want to remove the front fog lights completely, so need something to fill the hole. I'm pretty sure that all painted bumpers came with fog lights.
  13. D

    T6.1 startline Retrofit front fogs

    Looking for some advice please. I have a T6.1 startline and want to fit factory fit front front lights. Has anyone done this and can offer advice? Is there a wiring kit with switch available for the 6.1 or can I use a T6 kit? I’ll buy the fog lights from VW Thanks
  14. Barley53

    Individual fog lights don't turn on when I'm cornering

    Hi, does anyone know if there's a separate fuse for the cornering aspect of the fog lights? Although the fogs themselves are working fine on demand (standard fit H11's on a my19 T6) they no longer light up when turning or when activating the indicator at any speed. I'm buggered if I can work...
  15. F2JON

    T6-t6.1 Fog light wiring

    Is there anyone out there who can or knows anyone that can wire up my t6.1 front foglights? I’ve just had a t6.1 facelift on my 2016 t6, my original van didn’t have fog lights at all, I bought my facelift from travelinlite who assured me everything was supplied to fit the fog lights including...
  16. T

    O/S fog light not working with THQ LED tail lamps

    Hi, Just bought rear LED lights from transporter hq, fitted them everything works fine apart from the passenger side rear fog light, could this be a fuse or would a fuse gone knock both fogs out or are they faulty,I did notice a blue wire not plugged into anything, help appreciated Thanks
  17. S

    Can anyone help me with what this is please? Inside the little removable cover in the front near side wheel arch [Resolved]

    I had a bump and it broke away and was leaking water. It’s booked in to get fixed, but I need to go on a decent drive and just want to make sure it’s not important. It’s not leaking any more and there are no lights on the dash. Cheers.
  18. T

    Fogs as DRLs

    Hi. Can anyone tell me please if I can set my fogs to be DRLs using Carista? I have read it can be done with VCDS but I don’t have access to that. Thank you.
  19. Lutty

    T6 front spot light kit

    Hi All, Looking to purchase a front spot light kit as in attached picture for a T6. Any help on sorcing kit appreciated Thanks Dave
  20. Mr blue

    Another day another problem

    So today I notice that the passenger side front fog light is half full of water ??? Any ideas