fog lights

  1. K

    Front fog light removal

    Does any one know if there are issues with the front fog lamp removal from the bumper ? I am upgrading the front headlights led drl etc tomorrow and it needs the front bumper off etc, at the same time I’m going to upgrade my front fog lights to led and just trying to preempt any problems thanks...
  2. dubber36

    Is there such a thing as a foglight delete panel for a Highline bumper?

    As per the title really. I want to remove the front fog lights completely, so need something to fill the hole. I'm pretty sure that all painted bumpers came with fog lights.
  3. D

    T6.1 startline Retrofit front fogs

    Looking for some advice please. I have a T6.1 startline and want to fit factory fit front front lights. Has anyone done this and can offer advice? Is there a wiring kit with switch available for the 6.1 or can I use a T6 kit? I’ll buy the fog lights from VW Thanks
  4. K

    Individual fog lights don't turn on when I'm cornering

    Hi, should an individual fog light automatically turn on when the headlights are on and I'm turning a corner? I'm sure that mine used to, but don't seem to be doing it at the moment.
  5. F2JON

    T6-t6.1 Fog light wiring

    Is there anyone out there who can or knows anyone that can wire up my t6.1 front foglights? I’ve just had a t6.1 facelift on my 2016 t6, my original van didn’t have fog lights at all, I bought my facelift from travelinlite who assured me everything was supplied to fit the fog lights including...
  6. Gus_T6_Bus

    T.6 Fog Lights Not Working

    Hi, I've not had the van long, but I noticed the fogs were set to come on as DRLs. The other day I noticed they both weren’t coming on at all - and tried to manually turn them on (having never done it before - had to work out how) but nothing. When I pull the light dial 1 click out the dial...
  7. T

    O/S fog light not working with THQ LED tail lamps

    Hi, Just bought rear LED lights from transporter hq, fitted them everything works fine apart from the passenger side rear fog light, could this be a fuse or would a fuse gone knock both fogs out or are they faulty,I did notice a blue wire not plugged into anything, help appreciated Thanks
  8. S

    Can anyone help me with what this is please? Inside the little removable cover in the front near side wheel arch [Resolved]

    I had a bump and it broke away and was leaking water. It’s booked in to get fixed, but I need to go on a decent drive and just want to make sure it’s not important. It’s not leaking any more and there are no lights on the dash. Cheers.
  9. Z

    Converting fog light to reverse light

    Is that possible to convert the fog light (which i never use) in a reverse light? i would like to have two reverse lights, one each side. Thanks
  10. Lutty

    T6 front spot light kit

    Hi All, Looking to purchase a front spot light kit as in attached picture for a T6. Any help on sorcing kit appreciated Thanks Dave
  11. Mr blue

    Another day another problem

    So today I notice that the passenger side front fog light is half full of water ??? Any ideas
  12. Jlo

    T6.1 Fog Lamps, standard, white or yellow?

    OK, so I'm having an internal dilemma; I've got a few options available to me but struggling to decide what way to go. I'm hoping wine is going to help decide for me but your opinions would be appreciated! 1. Standard Bulbs - They work fine but I find the halogen colour a bit off. Personal...
  13. bootsam

    Fog light coming on with brake.

    Wifey just noticed that the front offside fog light comes on with the footbrake. Which seems a bit arse about face. Anyone seen this before?
  14. DarrenTT

    T6.1 led front driving/fog lights

    Hi all, tried a search for led driving bulbs but only found suitable for t6 and older. I hate the yellow driving lights as I’ve got the led headlights. Does anyone know of a direct suitable replacement that will not give me bulb errors? Tia
  15. K

    T6.1 Aftermarket Fog retrofit?

    Hello I am a new member. I have ordered a new California Coast but it hasn’t got foglights. I could have ordered it as an option but it is too late. Can anyone please tell me if I can fit aftermarket fogs on a 6.1. Thanks
  16. McFlude

    Reversing light bulbs dilemma [Resolved]

    I only have a reversing light showing on the nearside on my 2017 Kombi. I assumed that the bulb was blown on the offside so removed the unit to inspect and then trotted off to my local parts supplier. They checked the computer and offered me a standard bulb like those fitted to many cars in the...
  17. N

    T6.1 LED Fog light bulbs throwing up error

    Hi all. Had my T6.1 since summer and decided to swap the bulbs whilst I wait for an aftermarket drl headlight to come out. Swapped the fogs for these:
  18. Wrenners

    Vanstyle fog light wiring

    I’m in the process of retro fitting some fog lights to my T6 and just after a bit of advice on the wiring connections for the titled. As usual it didn’t have any info with it. I didn’t really want all that on off when cornering malarkey so went for the kit that is relay based with the auto...
  19. T

    front fog lights not working [Resolved]

    Can somebody suggest why my 2018 Highline front foglights have packed up. They have been retrofitted with cheap LED type with resistor but no longer work. I fitted Osram H11 LED but did not work and then checked there was no 12v at lamp. Anyone got any ideas? Is there a fuse blown, and if there...
  20. E

    What does this switch possition do?

    OK so that light symbol at 8 oclock - does it do anything? i cant actually get the switch to that position. all i have is side and heads plus pull for fog, which does seem normal but whats that symbol mean??