fog lights

  1. N

    T6.1 LED Fog light bulbs throwing up error

    Hi all. Had my T6.1 since summer and decided to swap the bulbs whilst I wait for an aftermarket drl headlight to come out. Swapped the fogs for these:
  2. W

    Vanstyle fog light wiring

    I’m in the process of retro fitting some fog lights to my T6 and just after a bit of advice on the wiring connections for the titled. As usual it didn’t have any info with it. I didn’t really want all that on off when cornering malarkey so went for the kit that is relay based with the auto...
  3. T

    front fog lights not working

    Can somebody suggest why my 2018 Highline front foglights have packed up. They have been retrofitted with cheap LED type with resistor but no longer work. I fitted Osram H11 LED but did not work and then checked there was no 12v at lamp. Anyone got any ideas? Is there a fuse blown, and if there...
  4. E

    What does this switch possition do?

    OK so that light symbol at 8 oclock - does it do anything? i cant actually get the switch to that position. all i have is side and heads plus pull for fog, which does seem normal but whats that symbol mean??
  5. otaket34

    Front foglight don't work

    Hello everybody ! First please excuse my English, I am French and use the auto translator Google :unsure: Unable to operate my front fog lights in my VW T6, despite several tests and controls. - All fuses are OK - All bulbs are OK - If I remove a bulb from the front fog lights, I have the...
  6. Adam_T6

    H4 to H7 conversion - DRL's not working

    Hello all, I've fitted H7 to my panel van that left the factory with H4's. Everything works as it should except the DRL's. Coded BYTE 22, BIT 2 = 0 (low beam forced off while high beam on). I've tested the bulb - it works. I've powered the bulb when in the headlight - it works. The only other...
  7. Vkerr

    Part No - fog light door

    Anyone know the part number for the fog light access cover, mines fallen out.
  8. C

    Startline To Highline Front End With Extras

    Has any one went from a starline front end and upgraded it to a highline one with front spoiler?.. I've found the kit I want, bumper primed, lower grille with drl, upper grille, front end spoiler, and also buying fog lights as an extra. Just unsure if am best to get fog lights fitted and drl...
  9. Inthezone

    Led Fog Lights - sorted

    Just fitted the LED spot light bulbs and resisters from travelinlite - so much better they now match the LED headlights and absolutely no error reported - so a happy chap!! T6 / T6.1 LED Fog Light Bulbs & Resistors
  10. SAF1981

    Removing Leaking Fog Light?

    Hello I have found my drivers side fog light is full of condensation and water. The passanger side is fine. The problem I'm having is finding out how to actually remove it to inspect it. I can't find a site that has T6 specific instructions. Does anyone know a site or instructions on how to...
  11. E

    Fog-lights on Ali Express

    Just browsing and came across these T6 foglights. on AE they seem to come with loom etc and a switch, was thinking fitting more for esthetic purposes. quite a few T6 parts on there. US $12.32 14% OFF|Car Light For VW T6 Transporter for Multivan Caravelle T7 2015 2018 Car Styling Front Bumper...
  12. W

    Oem Front Fog Question

    Hi All, quick one. My N/S fog light is loose and only appears held in by one fixing on the left hand side of the light. What fixing holds it in? From the diagram it looks like a simple posi grub screw; anything else? A spring clip to screw into?
  13. Eddie Sutherland

    [Guide] T6.1 Tailgate LED Taillamps - Heres What I Did

    So i seen one of the guys on one of my FB groups had installed the new T6.1 tailgate LED rear lights and though yes i want those. So here is what you need and how i installed them. Tools required: Screw drivers and trim removal tool Pin removing tool or two very small precision screwdrivers...
  14. Barley53

    Replacement Switchback Fogs Installed

    Hi all, just for info. I installed this pair of switchback fog lights into my 19 T6 about a month ago; LED H11 Switchback Fog Unit I like to swap my fogs over to a proper yellow, however I've got aftermarket LED headlights installed on the T6 and although the new bulbs are super-bright, I'm...
  15. David Deere

    Adding Spotlights To T6 With Factory Fit Leds

    Just a note for anyone else trying to work out which wire you need to splice into, to get spotlights working on a T6 that has factory fit LEDs, it's the thin white/black one and not the thicker white/black one on pin 8. There is another post here that said pin 6 was the low beam and pin 8 was...
  16. Barley53

    Cornering Fog Lights Issue

    Hi, does anyone know if there's a separate fuse for the cornering aspect of the fog lights? Although the fogs themselves are working fine on demand (standard fit H11's on a my19 T6) they no longer light up when turning or when activating the indicator at any speed. I'm buggered if I can work...
  17. R

    Rear Fog Light Not Working.

    Hi chaps, this is on my 5.1 not a t6 but should be the same. Van has failed mot on no rear fog either at the van or the trailer socket. It has a westfalia towbar loom just fitted and I cant help but think it's related to this. Everything else works fine but I also do not get the rear fog...
  18. fezza68

    Condensation In Fog Light

    Just noticed I've got a fogged up os fog light. How do i get rid and stop it happening again?.:mad:
  19. Steve H

    I've Found An 'ole..

    Just here.. Is it important..? It offends me so I'm inclined to stick a rubber grommet in there if it ain't..
  20. LambethBoy

    Missing Fog Light Wheel Arch Cover

    Hi guys, just noticed that this plastic cover is missing.. did a search but can’t seem to find any! Does anyone know where to purchase or part number please? Tia :thumbsup: