1. S

    Fiamma bike rack and Thule backup box 900

    I have a Thule backup box on a tow bar but it obviously fouls the tailgate from opening. I would like to attach it to my Fiamma bike rack but unsure what brackets are needed. Has anyone done this and got any advice for me?
  2. Gillyg46

    For Sale Fiamma black T5/T6 bike carrier - Make me an offer!

    For sale black Fiamma VW T5/T6 carry bike in black Full operational Some signs of weathering and sections of rust on brackets (if I were keeping I’d rub down and hammerite but next owner can do this if they wish) I regularly spray and clean with GT85 so all marks are superficial. Grab a...
  3. GruB

    Genuine Fiamma accessories vendor

    I have a F45s awning and I’ve been contemplating getting a privacy awning attachment. I’ve read several posts that found them very good. Is there a recognised forum site to buy Fiamma accessories such as this?
  4. peter1987t

    The Big Bike Carrier Topic - Hoping to build a FAQ and list of Racks

    Hi Everyone! I was looking for information about how to carry bikes with me on my T6, ofcourse I started with the Search function and there is A LOT of information in all the different topics. I am dutch, therefor apologies for the grammar which might be incorrect. Feel free to point it out...
  5. D

    Fiamma 2 bike carrier compatible cargo boxes

    Hi - just looking for recommendations for a compatible cargo box to fit the Fiamma 2 bike rack currently fitted on a T6 transporter with barn doors. Fiamma have their own but really expensive for what is a moulded plastic box. Thanks
  6. Merryman

    For Sale Fiamma 3 Tailgate Bike-rack

    FIAMMA 3 cycle folding full length bike rack for a T5, obviously used but in good nick for £50. I upgraded the gas struts re the extra weight, if you want to swap yours for these heavy duty, that would be grand. Too heavy for a 75 year old codger. :think smile bounce: Collect from NR95AT...
  7. A

    Fiamma Wind Out Canopy + PopTop

    We want to buy and have fitted a Fiamma Wind Out canopy to our T6.1 LWB van. We have had a pop top fitted. What, apart from the canopy, do we need to be able to have it fitted? TIA
  8. N

    Fiamma Awning in use on T6 - question about front cab door

    Hi there so we went for our little mini outing this afternoon , all went well in the main , pop up roof popped up and down well , fridge issue sorted , awning went up fine , legs fully extended etc , but one question please to any fellow fiamma awning owners - is it usual and normal for the...
  9. alt

    Fiamma barn door bike rack query

    I fitted a Fiamma 2 bike rack to my barn door van over the weekend and wanted to check with others if the fitment is ok. No issues with lopsidedness like I've seen, however the bottom bracket bolts are currently too long meaning the caps don't fit securely. Not the end of the world but it's...
  10. Chrisaky82

    Sold Fiamma Level Up Ramps Jumbo - never used

    Fiamma Level Up Ramps Jumbo size Never used, come in storage / carry bag. Text from website; Larger version of the standard Level Up The level up ramps will help keep your motorhome nice and level on uneven ground Ridged surface to grip to the vehicle tyres Lightweight and made of...
  11. R

    Fiamma bike carrier - barn-door to tailgate fitment!

    Hi All, has anyone ever tried to fit a barn door fiamma bike carrier to tailgate? Reason I ask is I have a t5 atm with barn doors but a t6.1 on order wondering if the barn door will work as a temporary solution on the t6.1 when it finally arrives?
  12. moomin-j

    For Sale Fiamma Awning Crank Handle

    Great for small folk with short arms on a T6 or a standard bloke with average arms on a Crafter - for sale, brand new and never used Fiamma, standard awning crank handle, approx length is 123cm. Supplied new with my F45S awning, but I decided to buy a shorter version as I am an average bloke...
  13. MrD

    Fiamma F45 v F35 material

    Does anybody conclusively know whether the F45 material is the same as the F35 , I have read in 1 item description the F35 is water resistant in light rain . Also while I am asking I keep seeing "left hand drive " versions does it actually make a difference if used with UK spec adapters?
  14. D

    Famina barn door cycle rack

    I have installed (with some difficulty) a Fiamma barn door bike rack and it is lop sided and the bottom right hand side bracket is coming away from the door. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong? Many thanks in advance!
  15. T

    Bumper Protector - Barn Doors with Fiamma Carry Bike?

    Hi all Does anyone have a bumper protector on a barn door T6 with a Fiamma Carry Bike fitted? The gap/clearance between the bottom of the bottom bracket and the top of the bumper is 3mm. I presume most bumper protectors are thicker than that - does anyone know of a thinner one (preferably...
  16. P

    Which Awning??

    Hi all, I bought a new T6 about a month ago and am so loving it. Had our first trip out in it (sleeping) over the weekend and went to Durness in northern Scotland and then a couple of nights at Applecross. (The later was awesome!!) I'm now after an awning and wondered what advice people can...
  17. nuggetwillow

    Sold Fiamma Bike carrier, black

    Used once was £380 will accept £280
  18. G

    Sold Fiamma room for T6, BARGAIN 3 metre superb spotless condition. Goes on 45 rail

    Hi Please note the room is not pegged out just left loose to show what it looks like, when pegged out properly it looks really nice. Over a £1000 on line, I also have a single piece bought for £200, this is meant just for the front of the wind out when you don’t want anything else up, has its...
  19. paul stevenson

    Fiamma carry-bike for barn-door

    When fitting a faimma bike rack to a van with barn doors, what is the ideal measurement from the edge of the door to the right hand clamp, thanks
  20. Nigel J

    Fiamma Awning fitting with a poptop

    I would like to fit a Fiamma canopy to our T6, the problem is we have a Austop popup roof fitted and it looks like the roof will fail the bracket when lowered. Has anybody fitted these brackets to a T6 with a Austop? ps. the brackets i am looking at air the ones that bolt in to the gu