1. W

    Fiamma carry bike barn door opinions

    Hi Does anyone have any useful experience of the Fiamma bike rack designed for barn doors? Does it damage the door at all or leave marks? I don’t think I can justify the outlay currently for a tow bar plus bike carrier and the the Fiamma appears to be the only other option. Thanks
  2. Barley53

    Fiamma vs light strip

    Hi all, I've stuck an led light to the underside of the reimo multirail and wired it to the leisure battery, really useful mod and doesn't interfere with the kador channel so all good, but I'm thinking of getting a Fiamma or similar wind-out attached and I'm not sure if the light fixture would...
  3. S

    Fiamma awning fitted incorrectly??

    Hi all, I had a Fiamma F45S fitted earlier in the week however when i look at the brackets there is no Sikaflex (or anything else) between the bracket and the bodywork. The instructions ask for sikaflex 252 so I assume this is a necessity and SHOULD be there?
  4. Y

    Awning installer in Essex?

    Hi all, New to the world of campervans and just got myself a T6.1 camper. Want a Fiamma F45s fitting and struggling to find anyone in the Essex area who can do it. Contacted a couple of companies but they have not got back to me, seem very busy so probably a low priority job for them. Any...
  5. M

    Help! Fiamma Pro 4 bike install

    I have purchased a Fiamma Pro bike rack with the 2 extra bike fittings. It came without instructions For the extra bike fitting and I cannot for the life of me work out how to Attach them. Any help gravely received as I’m going away tomorrow. Thanks
  6. octaneJ

    Fiamma Transporter bike carrier

    I’m looking for bike carrier for caravelle. Can anyone rate the Fiamma Transporter 2/4 bike version?
  7. M

    Fiamma pro bike rack - 4 bikes??

    Has anyone managed 4 bikes on the Fiamma Pro? I’m considering this or the Atera Linea Or maybe the Thule? Apologies for repeating the thread.
  8. I

    Fiamma Bike Rack Deep Black 4 bikes?

    Hi All, Another Bike Rack Thread! I'm looking to put a bike rack on my T6 tailgate. I've had a look at the Fiamma Bike Rack (link below). They have a kit for 2 bikes that you can then upgrade to take 4 by adding rails etc. Does anyone know how easy it is to get 4 bikes on there? It looks...
  9. L

    Fiamma awning installed wrong??

    I've just picked up my van from having a Fiamma awning installed and when I got it home to check it out, the installation looks wrong to me. 1) No sikaflex used 2) The bracket that has been RIVNUTTED!!! onto the van is in the wrong position and should sit in the top of the multi-rail, not...
  10. Chris Joyce

    Fiamma Distributor

    Afternoon. does anyone know of the main distributor for fiamma in the uk?
  11. I

    Which option to attach a Drive-away Awning — C-rail or Fiamma awning rail?

    Looking for some advice - I’ve got a dual slider van with a Fiamma F40 awning on the driver side and I’ve just bought a Kela V drive-away awning. I’m wondering if it would be better to attach a c-rail to the passenger side of the van and use that to attach the Kela V or if it would be better to...
  12. T28dov

    Reimo Rail And Fiamma Canopy

    Apologies if this has already been asked. I’ve had a reimo rail fitted and coupled with a Vango airbeam, I’m pretty happy! However, is it possible to simply fit a fiamma canopy to the rail or is there extra fitting required? I’m thinking for 1 nighters it’d be easier to have the fiamma but for...
  13. Pete C

    Sold Fiamma Bike Rack For T5 Or T6 With Barn Doors - 2 Bikes

    We have had this for about 18 months, and it has seen good service in that time, mainly just carrying my bike. For sale now, as we need something that can carry more weight (E-bike for the wife), so are moving to a towbar mounted solution. It is rated at 35kg. In good condition and comes with...
  14. moomin-j

    For Sale Fiamma Awning Crank Handle

    For sale, brand new and never used Fiamma, standard awning crank handle, approx length is 123cm. Supplied new with my awning, but I decided to buy a shorter version. Looking for £20.00 Available for collection from Busfest next wknd or collection from WF5 9TQ Wakefield, Mon - Fri office hours...
  15. Camperwanny

    Fiamma Awning

    I'm looking for somewhere/someone that can supply and fit a fiamma F45s awning to my T6 Redline in the Andover/Hampshire area? Anybody know of anyone? Thanks in advance.....
  16. M

    Fiamma Awning With Roof Rails

    HI All! Im really struggling to find out if this is even possible... Basically I have a 2018 T6 SWB, with factory fit Roof rails at the moment (the ones that run from front to back, not across the width) I would like to install a Fiamma F45s awning, but obviously the fitting holes on the...
  17. drew_greenday

    Fiamma Bracket Issues

    just got back from offshore and opened up the Fiamma. The brackets are squint, one more so than the other. Before I phone up the supplier and ask for a replacement, are they like this for the curvature of the van? Or are they just standard Italian quality.
  18. Kfant1

    Awning Rail Help!

    Hi. Was just wondering if I get a reimo awning rail fitted to the side of the van, can we attach a Fiamma to it at a later date? We want it for a drive away awning initially but wouldn’t Mind a wind out awning further down the line. Is that possible or would I need to remove the rail and...
  19. Olly T6

    Fiamma f40...

    come on guys let's see your f40's?
  20. Jimbobadini

    Fiamma Canopy F45 or F35?

    Hi guys, looking to add a little extra cover to the side of my T6. Im not really intrested in a full on drive away tent but may come in useful in the future when my little girl grows up. Im currently pondering a Fiamma Canopy F45 or F35 (whats the difference??) or a multi rail and a canopy./...