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  1. C

    For Sale T6,2016,indium grey,13k,no adblue.

    New van arriving in August. Selling my 2016 T6 startline,102bhp,5 speed manual,barn doors, 1 former owner(family member),genuine 13k miles(will rise as in daily use) had it serviced at 9k when I got it last October,lovely indium grey metallic,unmarked davenport alloys with matching set of...
  2. BognorMotors

    REVO PRICE DROP Euro 5 2.0TDI Stage 1 Software

    Revo have announced that with immediate effect Euro 5 2.0TDI transporters including the early T6s, software is reduced by £50+VAT - NOW ONLY £349+VAT This isn't a sale, this is the ongoing price - No better time to get the best software available for your vehicle. Also T6.1 199 Software is...
  3. M

    For Sale 2016 T6 T32 Highline Kombi. £28,995

    Apologies for the copy & paste of the ebay ad. Boosting the signal in case anyone here is looking or knows someone that is. Discount available to forum members and finders fee if you bring me a buyer. This forum has been an invaluable source of information both before and during my ownership...
  4. andy greenwood

    Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro - hard wiring help

    hi I've purchased a Thinkware dash cam Q800 pro, can anyone please give me some advice on how to hard wire it into the fuse box ?
  5. AussieMick

    Foam blank underbody question

    Underneath the van below the passenger seat is a foam blank. I dont have an ad blue version so is this where the ad blue tank would go. The blank also supports the underbody plastic trim so is that the reason it's there. Thanks
  6. B

    Euro 5 questions

    Hi all, Looking to hopefully purchase a t6 soon, however run into some questions that im struggling to find answers for. Does anyone know why some EU5 vans dont get flagged up as needing to pay ULEZ in London? for example Used Vans | Birmingham, Liverpool, Preston & Wrexham | Swansway...
  7. Ads_Essex

    Sold Leather Steering Wheel MFSW Euro 5

    For sale is my leather multi-function steering wheel with piano black trim. The wheel is from a 2015 Euro 5 Highline van with 30k. In good, working, condition. £150? Postage should be around £12
  8. T

    815 mile range?...

    Evening all. I just filled up my LWB Euro 5 (140) Kombi and have the following on the MFD: Maybe that should be the next challenge! After a few weeks of traffic free commuting I have managed 740 miles from 77.3 litres with 15 miles range left although I expect that could have been more...
  9. Daniel2929

    MFSW Airbag loom help

    Hi people Hope everyone is safe and well Does anybody know what airbag loom i would need for a mfsw which has no cruise buttons on the left Any help would be much appreciated many thanks
  10. E

    Newbie - Looking At Buying A Kombi

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the transporters and I'm about to buy a van from a local garage. I'm hoping someone can explain to me the adblue situation on the Transporters. I have a 2016 touareg with adblue so I now how it works. I've took a T6 T30 kombi for a testdrive at the weekend, I had a good...
  11. bullracing

    Eu5 Or Eu6 Shuttle?

    So I am getting mixed messages. I have a 2016 Shuttle SE 150. It has adblue. There is zero mention of it being an EU6 anywhere. On the eurostandards website, it is classed as a 5B. Free Vehicle Emissions Checker So what do I have? Bit gutted to have adblue on a Euro5. Does it mean I can remove...
  12. K


    Hi All. 1st post for me so go gentle. Bought a MFSW came of a 68 plate high line to fit to my 67 plate start line. All controls work par the cruise had it retrofitted by local vw company yet there struggling with the cruise. The buttons on the cruise actually activate the horn also bought the...
  13. P

    Low Emissions Zones

    Hi, I’ve just bought a 2016 T6. It’s a 140, and Euro5. I love it and was hoping to keep it for many years. Sheffield council (and I believe others) have just announced that they’re going to be charging Euro5 vans to enter the city centre (I may be wrong, but I think £10/day has been...
  14. B

    T6 140 Euro 5 Or 150 Euro 6 Engine

    Hi all Probably a silly question but on a t6 dsg what is the best engine out of the 140 and 150 the newest one. as there is a big difference with the price I want reliability from coming from a Renault trafic.any help would be great.
  15. goldeneye243

    Looking At A T6 Today- What Do I Look For?

    I'm looking at a 2016 T6 highline kombi with tailgate today - 75k miles on the clock. Quite excited!! Are there any things that I need to look for particularly and any service items that I need to check? Thanks in advance :)
  16. D

    Euro5 180 And Haldex Service Intervals

    Hi newbie just about to purchase a Kombi Euro5 180 4motion. What are the service intervals for the timing belt and Haldex fluid change please?
  17. DubiousEngineering

    Video How To Install A Leisure Battery Under The Drivers Seat...

    I made this video because it needed a video! Sorry for the long explanation of smart alternators... but some of us need to know that stuff!! Give it time, the install happens eventually! - It was hard work finding a place in the bulkhead and routing the cables as i had to pull apart the dash...
  18. B

    Is It A T6 ?

    Hello again I’ve spotted a t5/t6 for sale it’s a 65 plate new shape but with the older engine euro 5. Is this classed as a t6 ? Thanks Bob
  19. P

    London Low Emission Zone / Ultra Low Emission Zone

    Hi everyone, I am after a bit of advice, I have aT6 Highline euro6 registered September 2015. But on the tfl site it showers it is not compliment with the ulez. How can I prove the vechile is a Euro 6. Thanks
  20. D

    180Ps - Advice To Avoid Or Not

    hi all new member here dyslexic so if my spelling is rubbish please excuse. im looking at a 180 bhp but have been told by some people ( and one custom cenre) to avoid as they can have problems. Is this true or was it early ones etc. looking at a 2016