euro 5

  1. P

    Anyone tried to register their EU5 Transporter as ULEZ compatible?

    Yes , and I failed too lol , evern after fitting a petrol conversion that was from a ulze complaint vechical too ,
  2. CJW

    EUR5 MFSW Retrofit Guide - Oct 2023 Update

    ***Follow this guide at your own risk*** Just mind-dumping after collecting a whole load of research which will leave my feeble brain if I don't write it down: This applies to a very niche application, which is retrofitting MFSW to a EUR5 T6 (one of the earliest ones). It does not cover cruise...
  3. CJW

    Please help with T6 EUR 5 airbag loom question

    Good afternoon fine folk I’m retrofitting a non-CCS MFSW to a EUR5 T6. Im not being lazy - I’ve read every post on here about MFSW retrofits. None deal with my exact situation. What’s different about my situation is two things: I won’t have CCS on the wheel, instead phase 2 of this will be...
  4. CJW

    Opinions invited on CCS Retrofit

    Hello lovely T6 Forum people Please would you throw your ten penneth in to this decision please? I have a EUR5 Startline T6 without cruise control or MFSW and the MFD has the trip feature. I’ve always planned on doing the retrofit. I’ve read the hundreds of pages on all threads and understand...
  5. sipep

    Sold (AutoTrader) 2016 102PS Eu5 T28 Highline SWB Kombi Conversion. £23k

    Just got my new van, but still have autotrader alerts. This is a fab deal for someone
  6. J

    ULEZ: Euro6 or wait for Euro7

    I've got a t6.1 coming but I've already got a euro 6 t6 coming I keep thinking I'm wasting my money on a new van if in a year or so euro 6 becomes the equivalent of a 5 now . I'm pretty close to the proposed ulez expansion and don't want to waste money when I could just keep what I've got...
  7. Glenn Board

    Correct battery for T6 140BHP 4Motion?

    Hi, I can only alike my van does not have the correct battery fitted because it goes flat after 4 or 5 days - if regularly used it's not a problem, but if left it is! So I would just like to buy the same battery that it was originally supplied with so I do not have to do any coding. The van...
  8. P

    Is my van ULEZ / Clean Air compatible?

    Hi everyone, I am after a bit of advice, I have aT6 Highline euro6 registered September 2015. But on the tfl site it showers it is not compliment with the ulez. How can I prove the vechile is a Euro 6. Thanks
  9. Dazza76

    Sold 2016 T28 140PS Highline, poptop, 47k. £35500 NO VAT

    VW T6 transporter Highline T28 TDI BMT, 140Bhp 2016 (NO VAT) 47500 miles 2 owners (previous owner is a friend of mine) Full VW specialist service history. Genuine VW cambelt kit, water pump and aux belt fitted at 39819 miles. This is an immaculate and stunning VW T6 in reflex silver and...
  10. P

    Sold 2015 SWB 140PS remapped T6 camper conversion. £40750 (optional extras).

    2015 T6 SWB 4 BERTH Full service history Mileage 50.700 6 Speed Manual Euro 5 140 Remapped to 180BHP Air con fully serviced Heated windscreen & wing mirrors Cruise control Reverse sensors Alarm tow away protection Blue tooth phone connectivity Traction control Cornering fog lights AUSTOP pop up...
  11. Steve1978

    Has anyone done an EGR delete on a Eu5?

    Curious to know if anyone has actually done this on their T6? Mine is the euro5 model. I’m tempted to do it as my light is on. Looking for people that have done it and what are their thoughts? Thanks
  12. B

    Sold 2015 t6 kombi highline, dsg, 4motion - £25k

    2015 t6 kombi, highline, sportline T30 180hp engine, euro5 engine so no adblue (has latest rev of egr cooler, uses no oil or water) Dsg with 4motion Twin sliding doors 93800 miles Full service history (not vw since my ownership) just serviced including dsg and haldex Mot until 30th January 2023...
  13. S

    Euro 5 - 6 speed vs Euro 6 - 5 speed

    Hi all Looking to buy a T6 but just need clarification on the 5 speed & 6 speed gearboxes. Is 5th gear on the 5 speed box about the same final gear ratio as 6th n the 6 speed. Do not want the van to be over revving during motorway miles. Any advice appreciated.
  14. W

    Carista Battery Registration with older T6

    Just for information more than anything...My early T6 (a Euro 5) but start stop built 11/15, uses a CAN protocol that is too old for Carista's battery registration (as of Jan 22). Carista do plan on supporting this feature, but are not able to supply a date for the go live
  15. AussieMick

    Do Eu5’s ReGen?

    I have read many posts about regens but have a question. Do euro 5 engines do regens. The reason I ask is I have a 2016 euro 5 140bhp and have owned it from new. Have now done over 76000km and as far as I can tell it has never done a regen. 99% of my journeys are fairly long so engine always...
  16. Phillykenny

    Euro 5 to Euro 6 conversion

    It looks like im going to get stung with the greater manchester clean air zone as my T6 is classified as N1,which is going to cost me £9 a day,gutted. Does anyone know of euro 5 to euro 6 conversions,whos doing them and prices etc?? Is it worth doing or is it worth just getting shut of my...
  17. Buzznitro

    For Sale 2016 T30 140PS Camper. £35500

    Hi everyone, we have decided to sell our "Home Sweet Home" campervan. The is a 2016 VW Transporter Trendline, 140PS diesel, Euro 5 BlueMotion, 6 speed manual, T30 in reflex silver, with 89000 miles. There have been no engine modifications. MOT valid until July 22. It has been used as a daily...
  18. Ollieavfc

    Sold 2016 T32 Kombi DSG 180PS. £27k

    Hi Guys, Having to sell my T6 due to changing jobs and need a car to make the commute in. Also advertising on Autotrader/eBay. 2016 VW TRANSPORTER FACTORY KOMBI SWB T6 T32 180 BiTDI HIGHLINE SPORTLINE KIT, METALLIC DARK BLUE, 7 SPEED DSG, 84500 MILES (WILL GO UP AS I USE IT DAILY), 2 KEYS...
  19. Mick Robson

    For Sale 2016 T6 factory Kombi manual LWB lowered price !!

    Well the time has come to let the van go, as i go to London a lot i need to get a ULEZ compliant van, so obviously this van is not compliant so does not take AD BLUE. 2016 done 82,000 miles, i have it serviced every year and has had the following done to it this year. Full service in July...
  20. Gavandi

    Sold 2016 LWB T30 140PS Highline Camper. £44,500 ONO

    About to put our lovely 2016 T30 LWB 140 up for sale. I’ve owned from new Metallic Starlight Blue - excellent condition 39433K FSH/VW main dealer. Recent MOT Going onto VW/Audi forecourt tomorrow courtesy of a friend. It’s a Rear Pop Top full width SCA bed. Rear Kitchen layout with Tailgate so...