1. A

    Repositioning electric modules under drivers seat.

    Hi guys, How do you remove the module in the picture. Cannot seem to see a screw or clip that will take it out. Has circuit board inside so want to make sure do correctly to position leisure battery.
  2. J

    Cbe pc 180 ds300 wiring Masse?

    Hello all, just wondering if anyone is able to confirm, what number 19 in the schematic for the ds300 is for as it say ‘Masse’ Is this for the negative terminal for the users ? For example if you were to connect a fridge would the live go to the user block and the negative for the Masse...
  3. IanW72

    Leisure battery fitting near Sheffield?

    Hi all. Just starting out on a day van/part time camper journey. Have built some prototypes of removable bed/bench set up for my T6 Shuttle. Looking at getting a leisure battery fitted and possibly a solar panel on the roof. I’m no electrician so hoping for any recommendations for someone local...
  4. Sackmycook

    New 12v socket has killed 2 USB adaptors [Resolved]

    Trying out all my newly installed (not by me) sockets today and one of the 12v seems faulty. Tried a plug in cigarette style usb adaptor with a small led light and it made a strange pop noise, no illumination. As this was a cheapo adaptor, tried a Tomtom spare and same thing happened. The other...
  5. S

    How I think I'm going to do it!

    After reading loads of amazingly informative threads on this forum, I thought I'd start my own thread. (Largely inspired by @Dellmassive 's really blooming useful and informative "How I done It!" thread.) Basically, I haven't "done it" and simply intend on "doing it"! I thought it would be...
  6. E

    T6 California Wipers and washer pump randomly come on

    Hello everyone, I was sitting on idle for about 15 minutes last week and suddenly the wipers did two sweeps of the screen. My Cali does have rain sensor but the stalk was set to the off poisition, I confirmed it by moving the stalk to the maximum setting and sure enough, the wipers went at...
  7. harriot

    DIY - Electrics any good how to guides?

    I've had a read through and a search for any similar topics, so I'm sorry if this really has been posted 100 times. This conversion will be for weekend use, the occasional week trip and maybe a festival or two. We need usb ports, lights - nothing too crazy like heating etc. So I'm thinking...
  8. T

    DSG query - Electrical implications and warranty - Help.. I hate asking for help. haha

    Hi, Hope alls swell(tering) for everyone :) (MY17 150TDBMT Exec Velle) I have been spending time at educating myself as to how a dsg works. Something i find a little vague in other parts of the WWW is to do with how the electrical system may impact the working of the gear slector/mechatronic...
  9. P

    Project 400k - T5.1 to T6.1 facelift

    Hi everyone! My first post as I need some of your expertise! Technically I own a T5.1 (don’t evict me!) but I am in the process of doing a T6.1 conversion and full respray of our 2014 LWB highline. I did read about body coded parts? But I really need some help with electrical stuff. Ideally I...
  10. Pauly

    T6.1 VW T6.1 Relay Locations 05/2019

    Relay Chart/Listing For All Relay Locations - In Engine Compartment, Adjacent Fuseholder SA In Dashboard, Integral To Fuseholder SC Under Left Seat, Integral To Fuseholder SH VIP Membership is required to download this document Below is a sample image of part of the document
  11. SAF1981

    Scotchlok Or Posi Taps Supplier?....

    Hello, has anyone know a supplier or have a supply of either scotchlok or Posi taps that I can use to wire in some led bumper reflectors into the tail lamp looms? I can't seem to find a local electrician or supplier that has the scotchlok with the female seals.
  12. czmate1999

    Solar Feed To Vehicle Battery

    Hi All, Question - Could I take a male to male cigar lead and plug from the 12v leisure system to the dash and keep the vehicle battery topped up or would this not work? Cheers Cz.
  13. OllieGBR

    Battery Under Drivers Seat Or Rear Of Lwb?

    I'm trying to understand the pros/ cons of fitting the leisure battery and associated paraphernalia under the drivers seat vs a bespoke locker at the rear of my LWB. Driver seat pros; short cable run from starter battery can be a neat solution put a socket directly on the rear of the seat base...
  14. czmate1999

    12v / Main Switch For 3 Pin Plug Sockets

    Hi all, Am going with a lithium setup and inverter on my install and was considering on having a switch that allows me to swap between mains and the lithium/invertor setup on the standard 3pin plugs as and when needed. Has anyone else done this? Many thanks all. CZ
  15. mmi

    Trailer/Caravan Charging from a T6 (Help requested – Voltage Measurements When Towing)

    Help – voltage measurements when towing a trailer/caravan requested. When towing, what’s the voltage at your cigarette lighter socket (in the lower one in the dash)? No fancy instruments are needed, just any gadget will do. The following background data is appreciated: 1)...
  16. R

    Any Guides To Fitting Electrics?

    Hi guys decided i want to self convert most of my T6 myself. Currently doing sound deadening and insulation then i want to ply and carpet. I will then want to get a leisure battery with a split charge relay. Is there any guides or wiring diagrams of how to hook up a basic set up? Also best...
  17. MikeMc88

    Best Order Of Build?

    Is it best to do the electrics before I carpet and lay the altro flooring? I was hoping to do the carpeting first but I was just speaking to a local converter and he said to do the electrics either before or at the same time. My original plan was to put down the 12mm floor then lay the altro...
  18. C

    T6 Start/stop Split Charge Kit

    Hello All! Can anyone recommend a supplier of a full split charge / eleccie hookup kit including power monitor, switches, cables, sockets etc? I'm looking at the CTEK D250 kit at the mo from Rayne Automotive as I've seen a few recommendations elsewhere. Also, do I need the Smartpass 120 to go...
  19. W

    Cbe Pc210 Problems

    Hi, I have recently installed a CBE PC210 kit in my campervan, however the system won't turn on (when I press the on button it triggers a relay and makes a sort of buzzing noise) I originally had this problem when I first installed the system but I fixed it by wigging the 16 core controller...
  20. Phippy

    What Size Cable?

    Happy new year all! I have a question regarding wiring which I hope someone can answer; I’d like to run a cable under the floor from the 12v leisure battery on one side to a kind of electrical hub/switch box(?) on the other side. The idea being I can wire any appliances (water pump for...