1. C

    EHU and earthing

    Hi folks, about to do the above and not an electrician. I have been looking at some tutorial vids on U Tube which has only left me more confused. In the vids some people run an earth cable from the metal casing of the consumer unit to a metal earthing point on the van body or chassis - but some...
  2. B

    Help on charging my leisure battery from mains hook up?

    Hi When I installed my leisure battery I fitted a CTEK D250SE which works perfectly. But now I want to also install an electric hook up, I am okay with getting the mains power in to the van but am unsure how to set this up to keep my leisure battery topped up. My questions are these, is there a...
  3. sipep

    240v cable separately from 12v (cable route)

    Hi all, I've had a little search in the forum but can't find my answer. Is there a secondly grommet other than the one behind the starter battery? I want to put my 240v hook under the bonnet but someone said mention that the 240v should be keep away from the 12v. I already have a 12v cable...
  4. I

    Changing a Leisure Battery (Advice)

    Hi, I am sorry if this is a daft question and I have done a forum search to see if it's been answered before but I couldn't find anything that answers my (probably daft) question. I have had a T6 Camper for 3 years and the leisure battery is basically totally dead now and not holding a charge...
  5. M

    RCBO tripping

    Morning all Completed the 240v in the van. Now it's doing my head in. RCBO fitted. Plug in and all tests fine. 240 at sockets. As soon as I plug anything in it trips. Tested all wiring. No shorts whatsoever. I'm wondering if it's the connection blocks I've used. I have used them before with no...
  6. M

    EHU cable-run in to cab area.

    Evening to the collective. Just a quick question. And yes I have searched Those of you with split charging and EHU under the bonnet, did you use the same hole through the passenger side grommet? I'm about to run my EHU hook up into the drivers side base but wanted to check if there was...
  7. sipep

    Consumer unit advice

    Hi all. I have been trying to get sorted with a consumer unit, soo much conflicting advice. So I've established that double pole is a must. Some kits come with a 6a and 10a MCB , however, it's suggested that the 10 should be changed for a 16a. Do I really need two MCBs? A caravan...
  8. Brennanpj

    240 Hook up charging

    I’m after a bit of your collective knowledge & experience to help me decide my options for electric hook up and operation. I want to add electric hook up with connection under the bonnet with Rcd board wired to two 240v sockets behind the drivers seat . I can do this work as it’s nice and...
  9. sipep

    240v hook up (suggest me products)

    Hi all. I was looking at Facebook, someone is selling a brand new "wired campers" pre wired kit for £125. Seems like there are lots of lots on eBay. Can anyone suggest a kit or a list of items to purchase for a complete 240v hook up. Thanks
  10. R

    Starter battery draining when on EHU

    Hi everyone, Newbie to the forum and first time owning a T6 camper van. We decided try the van out for the first time at the weekend and found that the starter battery was going flat over night when on hook up (absolutely fine when parked for days off EHU). Checking over the CTEK charger I...
  11. tommycj

    T6 with leisure battery - how to add a plug socket - 3 pin & USB C charger

    Hello First time poster! I just bought a VW Transporter T6 4Motion. It has a leisure battery under the front passenger seat with a split charger installed, and I'm not sure which battery is in there. I would love some advice on how to add a three pin plug socket, a battery charge indicator...
  12. DorisDanbury

    240v electrics tripping - EHU or Van?

    Firstly I don’t know ANYTHING about electrics and our van so sorry if this is a really stupid question. We have a converted T6.1 which doesn’t have a full kitchen only a drawer fridge. Under the front passenger seat are two Varta batteries and connected to them are a 12v plug in and a normal...
  13. N

    Advice needed please which electrical appliances can be used whilst on site and on grid - electric pitch

    Hi there completely new here , need advice , help and recommendations on appliances that can be used and will work whilst on grid on a site that won't trip the power out in our T6 * eg kettle - would a travel one work okay ? *Would one of those teeny sized ceramic heaters work okay for some...
  14. N

    First use fridge query

    we just got our van and are going to do a little day trip , might seem silly question but we are totally new to all this - at what stage do you turn a fridge on before you are going on a day trip ? How long does it usually take to get cold ( dometic fridge ) and I assume it will using the...
  15. Garyf123

    Extra socket

    Hi, I currently have 2 individual 240v 3 pin sockets in my camper. I would like to replace one of them with a double socket. Is this possible? I know it’s straightforward in a domestic property but in the van?
  16. roadtripper

    Trailer Socket 12v EHU - How I've Done It

    So following some experiments over here I thought I'd write up making an adaptor to connect a charger to a 13 pin trailer socket. Caveat: This is presented as info for what worked for me, make your own judgement about if it works for you :thumbsup: What is this? In a fully wired 13 pin...
  17. M

    Battery Charger Help for Newbie!

    Hi All, I’m hoping someone may be able to help. I’m currently driving through Spain with my family on our first major trip in our van. All has been going fine, we’ve stayed at a couple of campsites and connected the electric successfully. We discovered the box in the first image and found...
  18. 4WheelsFromCanvas

    CRE50 fridge issues and potential Leisure Battery culprit - RESOLVED!

    Right. I’ve been putting this off for a while but as it now affects my Dometic fridge and we’re looking to go on a trip to Europe this summer I need to tackle this. Been putting it off because electrics (and plumbing for that matter) are like the Dark Arts to me! So please bear with and excuse...
  19. Ayjay

    Electric Kettle Tripping EHU

    Can anybody help an electrical numpty please? We’ve just returned from a few days at Easewell Farm in Mortehoe on a pitch with EHU advertised as 16 Amp. After arrival, we plugged in our small 850W electric kettle and made a cuppa followed by a second one about 30 minutes later and all was OK...