1. C

    E-Grill in T6.1

    Anyone tried to fit an E-grill to a T6.1? I purchased a new gloss black grill and the E-grill kit but have found it way harder to fit than the you tube video suggested (although the video is for a T6, so expected it to be a little different. The biggest issue is getting the Exgrill to fit into...
  2. Widdzuk

    Electric hookup charger Rating Question

    Hi. I’m looking at a charger for when I’m on EHU. I’m looking charging a200ah lithium battery and originally thought about the blue smart ip22 12/30 charger Am I right in thinking the 30A would trip the EHU as they are only generally rated for 10/16A load? Would be it better to use a 12/10...
  3. C

    All in one solar controller, inverter, charger & mains hook up

    Hi all, I’ve been lurking in the search function for the past day or so, looking up electrical systems and solar integration, whilst browsing I found this little beauty-...
  4. I

    Electric hook-up [point] not working [Check MCB!]

    Away for 5 nights and the electric hookup isn’t working at the campsite. I shorted the dashboard cigarette socket a few days ago and blew the 15 amp fuse. I’ve replaced that and the cigarette socket is now working but my electric hookup isn’t working - could the short have affected the rest of...
  5. R

    Internal 3-pin plugs - when should these work?

    I have a T6 semi converted. I have two 12v 6amp points at the rear of the passenger seats base. They both work fine. I have two corresponding 3 point plug sockets on the base of the drivers seat - they however do not seem to be working. I’m new to the camper scene - will the plugs only work if...
  6. rolling_stone

    EHU tripping house electrics.

    Hi. First time I've tried charging van on EHU in a while. But it trips the house RCD almost immediately. To be thorough, I've tried three different houses, and two different cables, and it still trips. So it must be something on the van end. The socket is under the rear bumper. Anyone any...
  7. D

    Main battery isolation switch

    My main battery also goes flat if I leave the van for about 10 days. I read that locking the van mechanically rather than electronically will disable a couple of the security scanning programs which must reduce the drain but I also wonder if I should simply fit a battery isloation switch and...
  8. D

    Charging an electric van off hook up

    Hi all - I'm seriously considering an electric van due in part to the company tax rules (next to no BIK so doesn't matter how much personal use). At first I thought an electric camper was a terrible idea, but when I thought about it, if not small day trips then I generally use a campsite as a...
  9. T6Jay

    Do you have EHU under your bonnet?

    I do. I was always a bit worried that the cable would somehow get trapped somewhere when closing the bonnet, more so if Mrs T6Jay plugs in as she's not as mechanically sympathetic as me. So I've designed and printed this; It fits into the existing hole in the T6.1 plastic moulding, no holes...
  10. A

    Battery Dead - Camper & on Hols

    Hi, Appreciate without seeing / knowing further info a difficult one but just any ideas... Camper is hooked up to Camp site electrics - Electrics box in Camper shows power is connected and all good. However just come to start van - ignition on fine but just won't start - rapid clicking noise...
  11. T

    Battery charger tripping MCB. Any ideas?

    Hi, I’ve just fitted a leisure battery and charger, along with EHU, consumer unit and two 240v sockets to my van. It’s a small consumer unit with 1x40 amp RCD and 2 MCBs. I’ve hooked the two sockets up to the 16A MCB and cut the plug off the charger (Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 Charger - 12V...
  12. R

    Hiding External EHU Cable

    Hi, Is there a way to run an external EHU into the van and have all the doors and windows closed? I don't have a leisure battery or external plug and was hoping to just use my RCD EHU Cable with sockets. I've searched the forum but couldn't find any ideas or suggestions. Cheers Russ
  13. S

    Random question about Electric Hook-up.

    Hello. Very random question (sorry). We use our van on my parent's driveway. Currently (don't judge me) my dad takes the electric hook-up point apart to feed it through the letter box as the whole end bit doesn't fit through. We then feed the cable through and remake it so that we have power...
  14. osman

    should I run my fridge on 240v or 12v whilst I'm hooked up

    Hi im puzzling over what I should do with my fridge when im hooked up to 240v .. I have the option of keeping the fridge plugged into my leisure battery OR plugged into the 240 via an adapter (240v Power supply) basically either way the fridge is running on 12v dc. So the fridge is un aware of...
  15. J

    Cali Ocean double Hook-up/Water fill point

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the 2 in 1 hook up point that can be seen on some of the Ocean campers??
  16. R

    Wiring up travelvolts consumer unit

    just a quick question to confirm my thoughts as the instructions supplied dont match the layout of the supplied CU Does my pro drawing look right? i know earths are missing
  17. S

    240v consumer unit earthing

    Hi all, I've earthed my consumer to the earthing point under my passenger seat. Someone told me I shouldn't earth the 240v to the van as if there was a fault it would fry my 12v system in the van. Instead I should rely on the red and the earthing back yo the who in the campsite. Good idea or...
  18. Sportster Dave

    What length electric hook-up cable?

    This may be a silly question but having just brought my first camper with a new conversion I need to buy a 25m hook up cable. I see some available have different amp rating. Any advice or recommendations?
  19. mhill

    External 240v hook-up options?

    Was away for 3 nights last week and destroyed a electricial cable running the mains in through the front door to run a heater and dehumidifier. There's no way im cutting a standard hole in the side of the van as its not a camper and I don't want it to look like one, I already have a anderson...
  20. M

    Location of wiring to T6 offside rear light cluster

    I want to piggyback onto the rear offsite brake light wire in order to use this in conjunction with the 12v NET signal from the EHU, so that I can activate a warning buzzer if I try to drive off with the EHU still connected. Is there an easy way of accessing this wire at the back of the van on...