1. G

    T6 Vacuum unit

    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone has had the pleasure of fitting one of these vacuum units before? Mine took a knock after a bump, i thought it was OK but it causes an error after a drive. I have got a new one from VW but was wondering if they are OK to do or if can give me any advice on the...
  2. A

    ECU Fault Codes

    Hi just had the first service at an independent VW specialist They picked up the following fault codes: P2A0000 P2EAF00 P157000 P204B00 I’m informed that the presence of the fault codes will prevent a Regen Contacted WV who can’t investigate until mid Feb at the earliest which is far from ideal...
  3. Pedro20001

    T6.1 ecu manufacturer- delphi or bosch?

    Hi all, does anyone know when vw changed the ecu from delphi to bosch on the t6.1? Mine was registered march 2021 so guessing it was built January ish? Thanks in advance
  4. z1ts

    ECU remaps etc.

    I have a Kombi T32 204ps 2.0 TDI DSG 4Motion on order, delivery about Sept 2022 (apparently...) Just beginning to fiddle around and plan on how to spend money rapidly modify it in various ways upon its arrival, and have enquired of a few tuning companies about an ECU remap. One company has...
  5. Z

    What is this fuse?

    What is this fuse? Thanks
  6. superchargedpolo

    Catastrophic ECU failure!

    A friend of mine has a 2014 California, well looked after with full VWSH. It’s a 180bhp with DSG AND 4motion. He has owned it from new. Was driving home on the dual carriageway on Sunday when the van lost all power and had to coast to the hard shoulder. The AA came out after an hour or so and...
  7. DubiousEngineering

    A Short Video On Carista... It Saved Me Money!

    Carista saved me from having to go to get my airbag fault unlocked after fitting a leisure battery under the drivers seat... a useful tool in my opinion... video below! DuB-EnG: CARISTA OBD2 Review - Bluetooth Car Computer scanner with dealer level technology, it works
  8. Dellmassive

    [Guide] Full Van ECU Reset (Capacitive Discharge) -- How I Done It --

    Full Van ECU Reset (Capacitive Discharge) -- How I Done It -- The T6 is full of ECU`s, Modules, CAN Buses and Data packets . . . . . Just like your Phone or PC right. The motor vehicle industry has spent years with research and development making the modern car/van Data and electrical system...
  9. Eclipse Custom Vans

    Revo Remaps 10% Discount

    Hi All, Just to let you know that we are currently running a 10% discount for all REVO software for VW T6 and T5 vans, we can complete the stage 1 remaps while you wait. A typical EURO 6 VW T6 102 BHP will remap to between 163 and 173BHP. The REVO software is fully tested and designed to...
  10. R

    ECU locations in cabin

    Hi guys is there an ECU in the cab area that has powertrain Can Hi and Lo somewhere easy, I can use ABS modulator but its a pain to get to Thanks Ray