dsg oil leak

  1. C

    DSG Oil Leak - looking for anyone's experience

    Hello Folks, At the start of January I purchased a 69 Plate T6, 150 DSG Highline. As the van didn't come with an under tray I decided to buy and fit one, and I'm glad I did. I noticed the DSG appeared to be leaking so I took it back the Dealers for investigation today. Initially this looked...
  2. L

    Puddle of something… top of gearbox.

    Hi, Been trying to figure out an issue with the battery not charging but while I was under the bonnet I noticed a large puddle of something on top of the gearbox, in between the splines on the casing. It looks possibly like diesel, definitely not water and not engine oil either. It does look...
  3. M

    Gearbox Oil leak, origin unknown

    Hi all I've gearbox oil coming out somewhere after dyno runs ..??? Any ideas
  4. F

    T6 DSG oil seal leak.

    Hello all, Didn't see this discussed before but noticed I have an oil leak from a large oil seal on the LH side of the DSG. There is a capped oil seal near the gearbox mount that's weeping. Is this a gearbox out job or can it be changed in situ. ? Cheers.
  5. drew_greenday

    DSG end seal leak

    Read a few posts on here about a DSG oil leak and don’t think its been covered, doesn’t look like the bolt one, unless you guys have a picture of the bolt location. Attached are the pics of the DSG and obviously position of the leak, I think its the rubber seal that’s just above the engine...
  6. R

    180PS Oil leak ......any ideas from where

    Hi...found an oil leak ...any ideas before head to garage..?? .cant see the source , oil has run down the front of oil sump...it a 2016 t6 euro 5 engine...never notice oil on the ground but it engine oil by the looks of it
  7. Jon

    Oil leak [gearbox oil filter seal]

    I have noticed a few drips of oil on the floor where I normally park. Looked under neath to see a bit of a mess. It's oil I would say and quite clean oil at that. Took the under pan off to investigate and this is what I have found. I would normally take it straight to my local vw indy who do...
  8. A

    Oil weep from gearbox

    I have a T6 2016 with a weep of oil from what looks like a plug on the near side of the gearbox approx 40mm in diameter. Can this be replaced from the outside and what is under it? Also, is there an oil level plug? Thanks
  9. T

    Dsg Oil Leak Re-occurance

    My van is booked into VW tomorrow for a service and its first MOT so i was thinking about what to do reagrding the DSG oil leak. at about 8months old i had a DSG oil leak which VW acknowledged and fixed as a recall, i belive it involves re-sealing a bolt with something. Anyway while fitting...
  10. Hactus

    Dsg Oil Leak

    After some advice from the techies. Van has been into dealer today for an oil service, all okay except a small oil leak from the DSG gearbox. They advise that the work will take a couple of days as they have to epoxy the bolt in. Have checked on the forums and found the same problem from other...
  11. P

    Flywheel bolts leaking!

    My van went for its first service at the dealers last Friday, they phoned me and said I had an oil leak from between the engine and gearbox. They’ve taken the gearbox out now and told me that I have oil leaking from the flywheel bolts and from an oil cooler seal above the gearbox, has anyone...
  12. Vanda

    DSG oil leak from NEW!

    Hi Just spotted a few patches of oil on my drive. Had a look under the van tonight and noticed there is oil dripping from the DSG box area. The oil is clean so guessing it’s not the engine. After a run it leaves an oil patch about 10cm wide. The van is now 2 weeks old with about 400 miles on...