door store

  1. G

    JustKampers Door Store

    Just fitted JustKamper door storage...very happy ...Cheers.
  2. abunnyuk

    For Sale Kiravans DoorStore (1st Edition Grey) - Right-Hand Sliding Door

    Brand new unused and still in its box. Amazing piece of kit and creates much needed storage. Only selling as I fitted one in the left-hand sliding door and planned on doing both but have since...
  3. A

    DIY table in sliding door

    My T6 has a table that has one folding leg and clips to attach it to a rail along the front of the cabinets. It’s a bit of a pain to store when not in use, and I’d like to mount it in the sliding door - a bit like the Loc8 table. I don’t reckon it’s beyond my skills - but has anyone done this...
  4. N

    Sliding-Door Sensor Issue since fitting DoorStore

    Fitted Kiravans door store to sliding door and now getting intermittent 'door open' icon on display. Pretty sure I have dislodged a wire, but where do I start on fault-finding?
  5. Morg

    For Sale Kiravans VW T5/T6 DoorStore (RIGHT sliding door)

    Kiravans VW T5/T6 DoorStore (RIGHT sliding door). As new inc clips £120 ONO. Pickup Sheffield or Teddington or meet anywhere between
  6. fnbee

    Sold Kiravans VW T5/T6 DoorStore nearly new £120 ONO

    Selling my door store from Kiravans. Used it for a couple of trips but overall little wear. Fantastic piece of kit for adding a bit more storage. RRP £166. Selling at £120 ONO
  7. j4ckal

    Found Kiravans door store, left.

    Fancying trying a door store out for our next trip, anyone got one going spare? Cheers.
  8. B

    Kiravans Door Store doesn't fit...

    I bought a pair of door stores for my twin slider Kombi. Just lined up the door store in the LHS door and it doesn't fit, the top hole has more metal tabs than the video shows. Has anyone else found this? Assumed it was a straight fit, that was what the video implied. Tried calling them but...
  9. RedUn

    Door Store Ideas/Alternatives

    Starting to plan working on the back of the van now the outside and front is just about finished. What have people done door storage wise? I've had a bit of a nosey and the best I've seen is the kiravans one carpeted at the mo. Has anyone done anything different or is that about as good as...
  10. K

    Sliding Door Store (diy)

    Evening all I've been thinking about making a 'door store' similar to those on the internet. My mrs has popped out for an hour so I thought I'd have a look at starting it. If anyone has done this before and has any advice I'd appreciate it. If it works out I'll draw the template and add it as...
  11. T

    Bodans Conversion

    Hi So we are booked in to have our conversion done by Bodans in the Autumn and we are pleased with our choice. They could not have been more helpful, have been very responsive and don’t seem to get annoyed by our queries. We are having the roof and bed put in before this so we can use the van...
  12. VanMan48

    Sliding Door storage options

    Does anyone know if it's easy to replace the basic plastic panel found in a t6 kombi with the handy door card (with pockets etc) found in a California? I'm looking at getting twin sliding doors so wanted to see what storage options there are? Also does anyone know if the neat internal...