1. Dave F

    Wheel collection from Plymouth

    Just found a set of wheels I like but they are in Plymouth and I’m in Whitley bay. The seller can’t put them on a pallet etc for collection so was looking to see if anyone was able to help or advice. I can travel to Carlisle or my daughter lives in honking if by the off chance anybody just...
  2. andy greenwood

    Anyone in Devon able to assist? [Resolved]

    As T6 forum users are such a friendly bunch i thought i'd be cheeky and ask the anyone near exeter and would they be travelling north within the next week? I have some T6 parts that i am trying to get from exeter to west yorkshire without any damage. I know things are tricky...
  3. T

    Anyone in Croyde Bay this week?

    'evening all. Just wondering if anyone else in the Croyde/Woolacombe area this week? There're literally hundreds of T6's kicking around so someone else from the forum must be here!
  4. L

    ARB fitters in the south west?

    Has anyone got a trusted fitter in the south west or do I have to travel to Bognor?!
  5. R

    Bodyshops near Barnstaple Devon?

    Any recommendations? Anyone had a good experience?
  6. topcat203

    Vanquest Conversions Bideford

    My wife and I hired a camper from Vanquest in May 2018 for 11 days it was a T5 conversion and we were so impressed with the layout and the quality that we sourced our T6 (Highline) Panel van privately and had them convert it to a very similar spec. This was after going to numerous shows and...
  7. FAC51

    Window Fitting - Cornwall?

    Would it be possible for the forum members to recommend a window fitting specialist in the south west area of Cornwall. I wish to have genuine VW windows fitted to my panel van and Im looking for a trusted experienced fitter. Thank you
  8. Joblue

    Tow Bar

    I need to get a tow bar fitted to tow a small trailer, I have had a few quotes but just wondered what you guys might suggest as a reasonable price. Also should I get a removable or fixed hitch and will any electric work affect my warranty?
  9. Cherokee

    Team South

    Let’s hear it for Team South!!