1. G

    Winter Campsites on the South Coast

    Hi all, I've just bought my T6 camper and can't wait to give it a spin. I live in Hampshire and all the campsites I would usually use in the New Forest are closed until late March. Do you guys know any winter / all year campsites in Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, etc.
  2. S

    Campsites in Cornwall/Devon with surf school nearby

    Hi all, can anyone recommend nice campsites in Cornwall/Devon which are within walking distance of a surf school? We have never been to the area before so would be very grateful for some advice. We would like to explore the area, staying in a couple of campsites along the way, whilst at the same...
  3. ybeandy

    Carpenter required in South Devon

    Need an internal house door hanging in Newton Abbot area. Would rather give it to a VW fan than a Ford Transit guy :) Can anyone help me?
  4. B

    Beachside dog friendly campsite recommendations

    This weekend will be our first weekend away in the van and weather is looking good! We are in the midlands and trying to decide which coast to head towards. One theory was that Easter may be a better time to head to Cornwall but my fear is with a balmy Easter weekend millions may think the same...
  5. nikster

    Conversion recommendations - south-west.

    Hi all I think we’re in the market now to move on from our lovely Beryl T6 Velle and go all out camper, starting to look around but thought I’d reach out to you guys to get the thoughts on who’s top notch nowadays. Have seen a lot of ‘we will source the van for you and convert‘ which obviously...
  6. Fidget

    Hello there from Devon

    New to T6 ownership (day 3) liking it big time so far. Van still not quite finished as the postman is fairly lax round this way. My van is to be my everyday transport as well as fun times away with my motorbikes. First time owning a van as my own vehicle, rented plenty in the past, hope to feel...
  7. patbarn

    Garages in west Somerset / Devon / Cornwall

    Hello. As the title suggests, has anyone got any reccomendations for a good garage for my just out of warranty T6 204TSi. East Cornwall or West Devon. My thoughts on the VW dealers I have dealt with over the last 3.5 years. SMG Croydon: Bought New 2018 & first 2 years servicing...
  8. D

    Sold 07 August 2021 - Morwellham Quay, Mad Dog Mcrea Camping and Gig Ticket

    One ticket for Mad Dog Mcrea playing at Morwellham Quay, Devon including campervan / motorhome overnight 07 August 2021. Nice site on the edge of the River Tamar, open air mining museum with own pub. Entry for campers from midday 07 August. Unable to attend the event, ticket cost me £26.50, now...
  9. Fish

    Forum Assistance Delivery Service

    Now, don't all jump on me of how this is a silly idea! I just thought that I would put it out there... Many off us busy from various auction sites, web-pages and such like. Therefore I was wondering if forum members would be willing to assist in collection / 'pass-on' / delivery assistance...
  10. T

    Anyone in Croyde Bay this week?

    'evening all. Just wondering if anyone else in the Croyde/Woolacombe area this week? There're literally hundreds of T6's kicking around so someone else from the forum must be here!
  11. Long tall John

    ARB fitters in the south west?

    Has anyone got a trusted fitter in the south west or do I have to travel to Bognor?!
  12. R

    Bodyshop - Devon?

    Any recommendations? Anyone had a good experience?
  13. topcat203

    Vanquest Conversions Bideford

    My wife and I hired a camper from Vanquest in May 2018 for 11 days it was a T5 conversion and we were so impressed with the layout and the quality that we sourced our T6 (Highline) Panel van privately and had them convert it to a very similar spec. This was after going to numerous shows and...
  14. FAC51

    Window Fitting - Cornwall?

    Would it be possible for the forum members to recommend a window fitting specialist in the south west area of Cornwall. I wish to have genuine VW windows fitted to my panel van and Im looking for a trusted experienced fitter. Thank you
  15. Cherokee

    Team South

    Let’s hear it for Team South!!
  16. L

    Good garage south devon to fit lowering springs?

    Hi can anyone suggest a decent garage in south devon to fit 30mm lowering springs to 2017 T6
  17. T

    Anyone in Devon/Cornwall with VCDS?

    Anyone down west ?? Could do with a few bits changing?