1. landy

    Coilovers and DCC - what happens without delete kit?

    As title, if I plump for coilovers without a dcc delete kit to start with, with a view to add it later due to funds, what happens? Just annoying bong when key on and fault light during driving? Or is there going be a repeated bonging to drive anyone crazy... Cheers Landy
  2. nova3uk

    DCC Suspension - Ride too stiff.

    Hi All, I hope maybe someone with a lot more knowledge than me may give me some advice. I acquired recently a 2018 multivan bitdi, its generally a great van, but it came with the option of lowered suspension, without DCC. (2MH SUSPENSION/SHOCK ABSORPTION, LOWERED) I am finding it just too...
  3. Eli

    Who’s got what suspension

    You may have something that isn’t listed so let me know and I will add it to the list
  4. Crazymind

    Dynamic Chassis Control? Yes please

    My gen six came with DCC off the factory and as second hand buy it was nice to have. However reading about it and people experiencing it I really thought it was just a gimmick. Finally the last 3 days I had the chance to properly test it. Winding roads, motorway, fully loaded and empty. My...
  5. T

    Ride Comfort - Standard DCC vs. Lowering coilovers (KW/B14 Komfort)

    Hi guys, I have a brand new T6.1 Multivan 4Motion to be delivered later this month, equipped with DCC as standard. The van will mainly be a family hauler on weekends. Kids and parents. So the ride comfort is the top priority here. Does anyone have experience with both the standard DCC vs...
  6. Pauly

    T6 DCC Dynamic Chassis Control Wiring Diagram 2018

    Dynamic Chassis Control Circuit Diagram VIP Membership is required to download this document
  7. M

    DCC: T6.1 3080 vs T6 3200kg

    Just ordered a new van, 204hp 3080kg with DCC, wonder how does that one ride compared to my existing T6 3200kg. Will it roll much more? I am and I will go for oversized offroad lookalike wheels.
  8. JimVee

    Sold Bilstein B14’s front and rear shocks

    Taken the B14’s off my 2016 Gen 6 Caravelle prior to selling the bus. all the bits in the pics, no leaks but usual wear and tear. the sensors are the Dynamic Chassis Control cancel kit and fool the vehicle into thinking the DCC is still fitted (thanks Oli) came off when Bognor Motors removed...
  9. Andnik

    Spot the difference and Autodoc Shocking service

    So Lets say I am having a horrible time dealing with Autodoc customer (lack of) care. Can any of you spot the difference between the two shocks in the picture.....the new one is the correct part number as autodoc has reminded me of many times this week. Lets see where this thread goes as I...
  10. G

    B14s California Beach

    Morning all - can anyone tell me what chassis the T6 California would be built on so I know what coilovers I need? I think the Beach is based on a T30 but not 100% sure! do you need to have adaptive cruise recalibrated after lowering? Also, I’d there something I read about LED headlights...
  11. Robert

    DCC (Dynamic Chassis Control) Retrofit

    What's others opinion? Comments? Experience? Retrofit?
  12. T6180

    New Bilstein B16 For Dynamic Chassis Control

    All Just seen these pop up the Transporter HQ Instagram page
  13. Dellmassive

    SSP 406 - DCC Adaptive chassis control

    Dellmassive submitted a new resource: SSP 406 - The dynamic chassis control DCC - SSP 406 - The dynamic chassis control DCC Read more about this resource...
  14. DC.

    Has anyone removed DCC to get lower suspension? Thoughts??

    So I've got DCC and I would like to go lower on my suspension. I appreciate I can have a 50mm spring drop and DCC is fine (all be it the warranty wouldn't be).... but I would like to go lower!! Has anyone removed DCC from their van in order to get more lows? How did you find it??? I can't help...
  15. SofaKing

    Dynamic chassis, ride height

    i ordered my van with the above mentioned option . What i cant figure out is if the 20mm are fixed or dynamic. I think the car look very hight to supposedly be lowered 20mm from factory?
  16. DC.

    My local VW Vindis happy to lower with DCC

    Having bought a new Generation Six Caravelle with DCC a couple weeks ago I was hoping to have it lowered (but still retaining the warranty) as it looks so high to me. I have read a few threads about some dealerships are willing to lower, some aren't. Well I got an email this morning to say that...
  17. S

    DCC or Air???

    hi Well I did it - ordered a van, that is - Caravelle Exec/Oryx/204PS/4Motion/DSG plus about 22 options (ouch!). This van is going to replace our LR Disco (we have had many of them over 25 years). My runabout is a RangeRover (now ageing). Those two points are relevant as we are used to...