1. K

    Comfort dash heater control surround

    Hi has any one fitted the comfort dash heater surround to a standard highline panel van and with the silver section that covers up the open dash thanks
  2. B

    Dash seal for T4, T5 & T6 - will it fit a T6.1?

    I am looking for a dash seal to stop stuff vanishing into the abyss and have found one on the following like and was wondering as per the title “Dash seal for T4, T5 & T6 - will it fit a T6.1?” https://www.justkampers.com/dashboard-rubber-filler-trim-upgrade-vw-t4-t5-and-t6.html I am...
  3. p6raf

    Centre dash tray

    Why is the front edge of the centre dash tray removable? Is there alternatives ?
  4. p6raf

    Dashboard passenger airbag

    Ok, moving forward with my passenger bench seat install.... The single passenger seat indeed does have a different dashboard airbag to a bench. I've sourced the correct one but my next question is how to get to it. Spent ages googling and searching forums but cannot seem to find any information...
  5. StueyStuey

    For Sale Dash Vents and Clock Surround for T6.1 Highline

    My new van arrived yesterday so while I waited I’d already bought a set and painted them so these are for sale. Just swapped them out today. All in perfect condition ready for someone else to perhaps do the same. Makes a really nice difference to the cab. Looking for £100
  6. p6raf

    Anyone up for an airbag swap?

    I'm swapping my passenger seat to a bench and I understand the dash airbags are different. I'm after 7E2880202D. Is anyone out there doing the reverse conversion and need the single airbag?
  7. N

    My hydro-dipped version of the Comfort Dash.

    Fitted the Van-X Comfort dash but wanted to extend it right across the dash, to include the screen surround, the centre panel surround and the instrument binnacle. Stripped the parts out and had them hydro dipped. Really pleased with the result which gives a full flow of gloss black across the...
  8. T

    How to remove the dash pockets

    Greetings. How do I remove these two pockets? Do I just pop them out with trim removal tool? Trying to sort a couple of rattles. Thanks.
  9. C

    12v socket retrofit wiring

    Hello. First question on the forum from a new member. My 2016 T6 LWB doesn’t have a top tray 12v but does have a blanking plug. I bought an OEM socket and cables from a breakers that’s exactly for this vehicle. I’m going to wire it in to the ignition-on 12v supply using a piggyback. I’m aware...
  10. Dogs Dung

    T6.1 Rattling Dash

    does anybody else have a rattle in the dash over rough ground, its the top section that has in the middle where it seems to be coming from.
  11. O

    Lower dash part - where does this go [Resolved]

    Hi, I’ve taken my lower dash in my t6 to bits to run some cables for rear speakers etc, I’ve come to put it back together again and for the life of me can’t figure out where this but came from, any ideas please?
  12. B

    T5 Dash swap: heater/air-con help needed

    Hello this is my first thread asking for some help along the way please guys gals I’m doing something that I’m not sure if someone’s already done or not i have a 2008 T5 2.5 swapping the interior dash out, crash bar, steering column, heater blower/heater matrix/ aircon unit, door cards and...
  13. S

    Cup holder removal

    Help, I have an annoying rattle under the dash cup holder. I thought it would just pop out but apparently not ! Does anyone know how to remove the cup holders on a T6 dash?
  14. M

    T6.1 Glovebox Removal

    I’m trying to remove the glovebox from my T6.1 Kombi Startline for a leisure battery charge cable. I can remove the passenger dash side panel (with the airbag switch) and three screws below the glovebox, but now I’m stuck. I can’t see any other screws and nothing else is obviously budging when...
  15. 22jeffers

    Random Dash Lights

    Hi all A couple of days ago I noticed my rear diff and seat belt warning light come on at the same time. I’m not quite sure about the rear diff light but the seat belt light was dim. I was wearing my seat belt and when I unplugged it the seat belt light illuminated double the brightness. But...
  16. Loz

    Top Dash 12v cigar socket fuse locations

    Depending on what options you have and whether you have a factory second battery etc. the top dash fuse can be in different locations. This first location is below the centre socket by the tray is highlighted below. The empty slot just below it is one of the Top Dash socket fuse locations...
  17. Andy_l

    Very annoying dash rattle

    Hi Over the last few weeks this rattle is getting worse. Iv checked under bonnet like some past posts have said but I have no idea with out taking dash out what it may be. Has anyone else had a similar noise?? It’s a taping noise seems to be from centre of dash Iv recorded it but unable to...
  18. peteslack

    Dash USB port fuse number/location

    Checking out the wiring in my 2017 Highline and discovered the harness for a dash USB port, a purple plug. Question is which fuse should it be wired to in the fuse box ? The plug reads no voltage including when the engine ignition switch is on. Also the original head unit has been replaced...
  19. Theo1979!

    Dashboard wrappen

    Hello, do Someone have on this forum experience with wrapping off the dashboard? I won to wrap mine and want some tips and tricks? also one to know with part of the dashboard you can wrap
  20. cbrblade

    Dash removal for heater repair

    Hi all Started removing my dash so i can repair heater,I've removed all the lower trims,glovebox,radio,heater controls,clocks is there any hidden fixings i need to be aware of,or a guide on removal,need it done for sunday