1. S

    For Sale T6 van-x set 3 black lower dash mats + set 4 grey door liners silicone

    Set of 3 dash mat liners in black Set of 4 pocket liners in grey Excellent condition £50 posted to uk
  2. Steve1978

    Anyone know how to take this apart?

    This is the center vents. They come off the frame but I can’t seem to figure it out. Secondly if I wanted to just buy the front price minus the vents does any know the part code or even better price :) The out clips Come undone easily but the inside ones don’t want to budge at all Last photo...
  3. Jonwm

    Clip for interior panel part number help

    Afternoon all. Not sure if anyone has access to any parts systems but I'm looking to find the clip or screw that goes into the central panel in the front foot well, pic below but not sure what that but is called! Any help appreciated it's vibrating which is annoying!
  4. 18T6

    Removal of dash USB/Aux-in socket

    Hi, I successfully replaced the touch screen digitaliser the other day, had no problems accessing and getting the head unit out. But while I was at it I wanted to remove the usb for carplay from behind its panel so I could just route a lightning cable under the head unit and out of one of...
  5. dandan88

    Can this plastic tray part be replaced easily as one?

    Does anyone know if this tray boy with the texture can be replaced, the wife spilt nail glue on it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cheers guys
  6. marty NCL

    What's this dash part!?

    Today I noticed a small transparent plastic cap on my dash. At a quick glance, I don't see / feel anything behind it. Dashboard Plastic Cover 7E0919068... What is it!?
  7. C

    Sold Lower centre console

    Lower centre console taken out of a 2017 high line, I have just installed a comfort dash. Collection from RM13 or you can pay the postage
  8. M

    Lower dash removal to retrieve fuses

    i need help, I've dropped 3 of the square fuses trying to get one in for the upper dash 12v socket. I've got the glove and the two foot well panels box out. and removed all the screws i can find but still cant get the trim away round the fuse box, is it one piece round the gear stick as well...
  9. Hobbo

    USB access without removing dash?

    Hope someone can help with this- I was having problems with the USB socket connected to my Pioneer head unit. The female USB was loose, when I took the plastic plate off the USB cable came out completely and is stuck somewhere in the dash. I can just about see it, but no end of fishing...
  10. T

    dash noise - any recommendations?

    hi. i have a 2019 T6 kombi. its been to VW 4 times about a noise coming from near side front on the dash board. does anyone know someone who can sort it out in the midlands please.
  11. B

    Dash insert liner

    Hi Team I’m after some rubber inserts for the T6 interior. I’ve seen the van-x ones for door pockets… but not seen any for the 2 x open dash pockets above the glove box (non-comfort dash). Last advice on here I can see is from 2020 and rugs for bugs (currently not doing rubber ones). Any...
  12. Bynxy

    Dash mounted bass speaker

    Has anyone replaced the top storage on the T6 dash and fitted a dash mounted bass speaker and if so what did you use as, it would be an ideal location now that I have fitted the Alpine Halo 11 seing as the screen is in the way!
  13. Sparky6

    T6 12v Dash Sockets. Both on Same Fuse??

    Hi All, Just a quick question, I have a T6 Highline which is slowing turning from a panel van into a kombi/family/day van and am wondering if the two 12v sockets, one on the top of the dash to the right of the storage tray and the one lower down to the left of the gear stick are on the same...
  14. Merryman

    Cleaning the dash

    I have old sticker marks, from telephone pads sat nav's etc, and a few scratches around, and on top of the dark grey plastic dash. Any thoughts as to get as good as new. Have heard of a spray, but a lot of faffing with masking etc. Also about £100 I believe. Then there is the faux leather. i.e...
  15. JasonW

    black trim detailing / restorer

    What products do people rate for keeping the exterior black plastics such as the grille and bumper trim clean and looking new.
  16. AndyNichs

    Pimped Up Dashboards...

    So then, thought I'd start some fun on a boring Monday... How have people pimped up there dashboards? Do you have fluffy dice, a cuddle toy or just some Hawaiian flower garlands? Show us some pics of how you've done it (Sorry no prize for the best looking!)
  17. K

    Comfort dash heater control surround

    Hi has any one fitted the comfort dash heater surround to a standard highline panel van and with the silver section that covers up the open dash thanks
  18. B

    Dash seal for T4, T5 & T6 - will it fit a T6.1?

    I am looking for a dash seal to stop stuff vanishing into the abyss and have found one on the following like and was wondering as per the title “Dash seal for T4, T5 & T6 - will it fit a T6.1?” https://www.justkampers.com/dashboard-rubber-filler-trim-upgrade-vw-t4-t5-and-t6.html I am...
  19. B

    T6.1 dash / door cards upgrade options

    I have a T6.1 highline with the light grey plastic dash and door cards. It looks pants and will be even more so when I have the seats done in tan leather. Does anyone know what options there are to change the plastics? I’ve seen the thread on changing T6 for caravelle / shuttle bits. Is this...
  20. p6raf

    Centre dash tray

    Why is the front edge of the centre dash tray removable? Is there alternatives ?