dash board switch

  1. X

    T6.1 dashboard button spares

    Hi All New to this Forum, Currently drive a T5 Sport Line and have purchased a T6.1 which is currently in the process of being built. I'm after a bit of help with some missing buttons and advice on what I can replace: I have three blanks on the right hand cluster (see photo) that I would...
  2. Aleks_vl

    Help me order the correct block of parking autopilot buttons.

    Hello everyone, are there any etka experts on the forum? help me understand the difference between these two numbers 7LA927212ASF and 7LA927212CWZU?
  3. T6DSGChris

    dash buttons..genuine... what can we get..

    want a genuine button to fill my blanks... to control a rear light near the little one in the back... to add more grimness i wanted to put it in to the same circuit as the genuine slide door system so like the fronts...you can switch on and off but also works on door. any help as always...
  4. brian smart

    Replacement dash switch blanks

    does anyone know the part numbers and what extra switches you can get that will fit in the blank positions on the right hand side looking to fit extra interior lights and led floods for front
  5. L

    [Guide] Dash confirmation / warning while on electric hook up

    My electric hook up point is located under the bonnet,so with the bonnet closed and ehu plugged in,battery charger located in a cupboard it’s very hard to see!,my worst nightmare would be to drive off while on hook up! Or parked on the drive plugged into the house, so I decided to use an ESP...
  6. HDMI Dash Socket

    HDMI Dash Socket


    Rocker Switch On Dash...

    I’m sure it’s been covered a million times, but what’s the best switch for the job?? I’ve got a couple of 20mm rocker switches but think they’ll be too big ??
  8. Alan Walsh

    Switch Blank Etching

    I am in the process of making a 230v inlet in the grill and want to use the lock/unlock feature of the GTE grill mechanism. I have sussed how to do it and am going to fit sensor switches behind a couple of switch blanks and would ideally like them etched to say Badge lock and Badge Unlock. Any...
  9. tifflepops

    Blank Switch Dividers

    Anyone removed the dividers between the blank switches? Do the blanks still stay in? I think they would but not 100%. Cheers Tiff
  10. Stevemcc

    Garage Door Dash Button

    hi all anyone know where I could get a dash button for garage door Cheers
  11. Sean O Leary

    Dash buttons

    Hello does anyone know if there is a push button available to go where the blanks are under the radio. I want a momentary push button rather than a switch which will be use for opening the electric gates. I will wire the remote conterller to the push button and place the transmitter remote...