cubby hole

  1. F

    T6.1 overhead cubby-hole ideas

    Has anyone got a photo of a T6.1 cubby hole so I can show @Jono to see if it's the same as the T6.. My Van is still on order and not many of them in Oz yet. P.S its the Van.
  2. T6 Cubby Hole

    T6 Cubby Hole

  3. BoroBoy

    Overhead Cubby Hole - plastic type

    Hi, Does anyone know if/where I can buy sheets of the material that this unit is made from. I want to try a few mods, but would need some material to play around with. Thanks in advance.
  4. T

    Interior Cab Light Housing - removal

    Hi All how do i remove the overhead tray just the inner tray bit (in red) from the overhead console? Does it just pry out with trim tools or is it more complex? thought id ask before starting to just pull it about Cheers Justin
  5. A

    Top Cubby Hole - same on T5 and T6?

    Just a quick one, can anyone confirm if the roof mounted box/shelf thing is the same on the T5 and T6? Specifically the front clip on fascia?
  6. Sherbs

    Mobile Wifi Install (Overhead Cubby Hole Use)

    Hi folks, As part of my day van build wanted to share details of my mobile Wi-fi install. The overhead cubby in my highline has a blanking plate and rather then just having a mobile Wi-fi unit rollling about in the van I decided to fit the unit into this blanking plate. Having secured a...
  7. Sherbs

    Ceiling Light Cubby Blanking Panel

    Hi folks, can anyone help with acquiring another one of these panels? It’s the one from the overhead cubby that fits this gap: AC07190A-756F-4C50-BFF9-D49C2CDB772C by Sherbs posted 12 Apr 2018 at 10:18 Looks like this: 353CB2D5-7323-4633-9311-CE5EFCC8CDA4 by Sherbs posted 12 Apr 2018 at 10:18...
  8. Dannyb6467

    Cab ceiling lights...can you get a blanking piece to replace light??

    Hi there, I want to remove the 2 oblong lights in the roof of my van and go for LED strips, its a 2017 Kombi. Does anyone know if i can buy a blanking plate ?? id say its just a piece of plastic the same colour as the roof lining. Eventually it will all be lined but i need something for now...
  9. PM31

    How can I open the roof console / cubby hole?

    Hi, I am looking for to open the roof console as show on the picture coming from Veema (First picture). But my roof console is like this with the Programmable parking heater console and the "PC210" console (main controller panel of batteries, tanks, ...) (second picture) If I can release the...
  10. mhill

    Cubby hole ideas

    Anyone done anything useful with this? Im going to ba adding some supplementary lighting to the inside and need somewhere to switch them from and was thinking of making use of this dead space.
  11. Jono

    Highline overhead cubby-hole tray - 3D printed

    Right then, nailed it, after two prototypes. Here's my 3d printed cubby hole tray. MK1 jammed half way in so i had to taper the sides and the tray top part. MK2 fit well but the front face of the tray was at a slightly different angle to the hole and looked bad. MK3 is cock on. It slides in...