cubby hole

  1. T6Plumber

    Wanted Highline Overhead Console

    Hi everyone, I’m after a like for like replacement of my Overhead Console if anybody has one knocking around that they’d be happy to sell me? Mine has somehow managed to become broken. Struggling to find one on t’internet. Definitely not in any way related to a new post made in the 'What Have...
  2. Stagspares

    For Sale Caravelle / California Cab Ceiling Trim with Heater Control

    Caravelle / California Cab Ceiling Trim I was trying out these during my project to fit a California pop-top to my Caravelle This one has the night heater controller and an extra light fitted £150 collection only from Portsmouth.
  3. Stagspares

    For Sale Caravelle / California Cab Ceiling Trim

    Caravelle / California Cab Ceiling Trim I was trying out these during my project to fit a California pop-top to my Caravelle This one has the clips for the front screen roller blinds £50 collection only from Portsmouth.
  4. E

    Interior map light control panel

    Hi all, the control panel with the map lights at the front of the van has the main switch broken off. The switch that you turn on so that when you open your van doors the light comes on. This means that when we open our van door the map light at the front of the van does not come on. I’ve looked...
  5. R

    Highline over head cubby blank

    Hi all just wondering if anyone can shed some light on what the blanking plate on the underside of the roof cubby is originally for. I’m trying to find a useful purpose for that space Thanks Rich
  6. JaiCee

    How to replace cubby hole trim?

    I accidentally pushed in the cover of the overhead cubby on our van. Does anyone know how to get it back in? It looks like it should it clips in from the inside but I don't know how to remove the trim around it to do that.
  7. R

    Morning all, new T5 Shuttle owner

    With loads of questions Ex Taxi / school transport 2.5 manual with 293k on the clock, new engine at 150k apparently. 55 plate, 1 owner from new, tatty but cleaned up ok - couldn't resist at £3.5K. Drives really well, no smoke, going into my local garage Friday for a full all fluids / filters...
  8. R

    Part number for heating controls wiring

    Hi Folks I would like to move this from its standard place, to here As there is a tonne of wires, it strikes me that the easiest way to move it is to buy the wiring loom that plugs into the controls, run it to the new position and put matching plugs onto the other end so that it can connect to...
  9. Hoonigan_31

    Overhead cubby Cable

    I need some assistance. Due to my conversation I have had the shuttle overhead console changed to the standard Highline version. Problem is the cable is different and I require the one in the pictures. Does anyone have a part number of know where I can source one? Thanks
  10. Andyman

    What’s this please and where to get it

    Hello all Hope you’re well What is this missing piece of plastic called and where do I source one please anyone?
  11. Rioja John

    T6.1 Startline cubby hole

    Pictured is my overhead console in my T6.1 Startline, does the front of the console open as I can’t find anything about it in my users manual. Cheers, John.
  12. T

    Upper cubby hole box removal...

    Hi All how do i remove the overhead tray just the inner tray bit (in red) from the overhead console? Does it just pry out with trim tools or is it more complex? thought id ask before starting to just pull it about Cheers Justin
  13. F

    T6.1 overhead cubby-hole ideas

    Has anyone got a photo of a T6.1 cubby hole so I can show @Jono to see if it's the same as the T6.. My Van is still on order and not many of them in Oz yet. P.S its the Van.
  14. L

    Annoying dashboard rattle

    Hello, After reading lots of previous posts regarding similar issues I've tried all the advice (removing the wiper blanking hole plugs, removing the square sun sensor rom the front of the dash) but to no avail. There is a rattle coming from the front of my dashboard pretty much all the time and...
  15. T6 Cubby Hole

    T6 Cubby Hole

  16. BoroBoy

    Overhead Cubby Hole - plastic type

    Hi, Does anyone know if/where I can buy sheets of the material that this unit is made from. I want to try a few mods, but would need some material to play around with. Thanks in advance.
  17. A

    Top Cubby Hole - same on T5 and T6?

    Just a quick one, can anyone confirm if the roof mounted box/shelf thing is the same on the T5 and T6? Specifically the front clip on fascia?
  18. Sherbs

    Mobile Wifi Install (Overhead Cubby Hole Use)

    Hi folks, As part of my day van build wanted to share details of my mobile Wi-fi install. The overhead cubby in my highline has a blanking plate and rather then just having a mobile Wi-fi unit rollling about in the van I decided to fit the unit into this blanking plate. Having secured a...
  19. Sherbs

    Ceiling Light Cubby Blanking Panel

    Hi folks, can anyone help with acquiring another one of these panels? It’s the one from the overhead cubby that fits this gap: AC07190A-756F-4C50-BFF9-D49C2CDB772C by Sherbs posted 12 Apr 2018 at 10:18 Looks like this: 353CB2D5-7323-4633-9311-CE5EFCC8CDA4 by Sherbs posted 12 Apr 2018 at 10:18...
  20. Dannyb6467

    Cab ceiling lights...can you get a blanking piece to replace light??

    Hi there, I want to remove the 2 oblong lights in the roof of my van and go for LED strips, its a 2017 Kombi. Does anyone know if i can buy a blanking plate ?? id say its just a piece of plastic the same colour as the roof lining. Eventually it will all be lined but i need something for now...