1. S

    Cali Roof Corrosion - VW's current warranty stance?

    My 2017 Cali Beach has a dreaded bubble on the roof. Anyone know if VW are still entertaining warranty claims for this? Interestingly it shows the tape they put around the edge works - the corrosion has started in the 3mm gap where the tape joins! Let's hope there aren't any more joins further...
  2. Strettyp

    Rust under rear registration plate

    I bought some pressed metal licence plates to replace the ones that came with the van, purchased new from inchcape VW commercial in Manchester When I took the rear plate off I found that there was a line of rust and a few other spots and bumps - the van is 4 years old and while the 3 year...
  3. Mule

    What is this substance in the arches?

    I was finally getting round to giving our '71 plate camper a proper clean this evening and noticed a substance congealed behind the springs on the inside of the drivers side front wheel arch. It's the first time I've looked up in there and I'm hoping it's just wax from the manufacturing...
  4. Nigel L

    T6.1 underbody corrosion

    I had a look under my 20 plate T6.1 with just over 2000 miles on, (yes, I know I need to use it more!), which is mostly kept in the garage when not being used. I must say, I was a little surprised that the wishbones and main frame, had signs of some surface corrosion starting on them. Was...
  5. PeakRanger

    Corroded wiring (resolved)

    Hi all, I've had my 2017 T6 panel Van for four years now and had more than my fair share of problems ! The latest was that the NS DRL light stopped working and flagged up a "lighting failure" This was diagnosed as corroded wiring and after arguing was fixed at VW UK's cost. A month on and I now...
  6. Jollyvan

    Crusty bottom.

    My van (4yrs old 21K) has been into my local independent garage for MOT & Cambelt. They said that it all looks very dry and 'crusty' underneath due to the fact that it's not getting much road use at the moment. They suggested spraying underneath with some sort of lubricant to stop all the panels...
  7. T6 dork

    Found Buyer Beware Heavy Corrosion Underneath..reg DC16KUU

    Red and White Gen6 heavy corrosion underside to all visible metal components anything steel like suspension wishbones,arms,brackets,bolts,shockers,exhaust etc advert said electric sliding side doors and rear camera (non of these are on it) leave well alone its at Arnold Clark Edinburgh DC16 KUU...
  8. T

    Should I apply Body Corrosion Inhibitor?

    I've just been undersealing. I have been rained off, so I still have the off-side front sector to do, and then replace all the wheel arches and plasitc guards from the underside. But so far i can report that the wheel arches and plasic covers came off without any problems. A small socket setis...
  9. Stealth Van Man

    Corrosion Underneath T6 Less Than 1 Year Old

    Hi I am new to forums. I brought a 6 month old T6 highline (now 1 year old) and it has quite a lot of surface corrosion on the rear suspension arms and front suspension arms. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Does anyone else have a t6 around the same age with this issue? I have contacted...