1. Teesix

    Can I Use Coleman C500 Gas Cartridges With My Cadac?

    I'm having a bit of trouble locating Cadac gas. Can I use the coleman cartridges?
  2. Teesix

    Does Anyone Use A Cadac 2 Cook Deluxe?

    I'm after an external stove with a couple of gas rings for cooking the likes of fry-ups, stews, stir-frys and such outside the camper. I'm tempted by the Cadac 2 Cook below. However, a lot of folk on here have the Safari and seem to swear by them. I'm not sure a Safari would suit my needs...
  3. andy greenwood

    Recommended Gas Stove For Outdoor Cooking

    Were looking at getting a gas stove (double hob) for outdoor cooking , i've been looking @ the "Cadac 2-cook" and it gets good reviews so that's one option . Can anyone give any recommendations please ? There is only 2 of us so it doesn't need to be massive, something compact ideally.
  4. Loz

    Camper Cooking

    Check out Matt's Campervan Cookout Campervan Cookout Don't forget to subscribe for new episodes.
  5. Vinci

    Cadac Conundrum

    I have read on the Forum that many have grills from Cadac. May I have your views on real life experiences, I don’t have a gas point on the van, and no will be used in the awning/outside? Low or high pressure? does look like the base kits are good and then add the...
  6. Ed Webb

    Easy camper recipes.

    Im a man of few pleasures; my van, coffee, gin and a good breakfast. I've got a simple yet (for me) awesome recipe that I make when away in the van. However on an admin day at home I decided to treat myself as it's been a while and thought I'd share mine in the hope to create a thread of...