1. R

    Do you cook in your campervan?

    Hi all . Have a new van coming in January being converted in February . we hired a van in September for a few nights to see how we got on . Had the obligatory English breakfast in the mornings. When we took the van back it absolutely stank of stale cooking smells. Do most people do their cooking...
  2. sipep

    Travel kettle and pans (compact options?)

    Hi. I want to buy a kettle (for hook up ) and maybe a pan/s... Probably want a stovetop kettle for when not on hook up. As you are all more experienced than me, can you suggest some products, I've some set on Amazon where all the pans fit inside one another
  3. Dellmassive

    Campsite Cooking - - How I done it - -

    Campsite Cooking - - How I done it - - To Grill or not to Grill . . . . . . . . That is the Question. I love Camping and Outdoors stuff . . whether is a Motor racing weekend meet with the lads or a family weeks holiday it normally involves outdoor cooking. BBQ is another one of my favourite...
  4. Teesix

    Cadac - Which Gas Supply?

    I'm having a bit of trouble locating Cadac gas. Can I use the Coleman C500 Gas Cartridges With My Cadac?
  5. andy greenwood

    Recommended Gas Stove For Outdoor Cooking

    Were looking at getting a gas stove (double hob) for outdoor cooking , i've been looking @ the "Cadac 2-cook" and it gets good reviews so that's one option . Can anyone give any recommendations please ? There is only 2 of us so it doesn't need to be massive, something compact ideally.
  6. Loz

    Camper Cooking

    Check out Matt's Campervan Cookout Campervan Cookout Don't forget to subscribe for new episodes.
  7. Pauly

    Cadac Cookers - which model?

    Ready to order a new gas cooker but undecided on choice, barely used gas cookers before so dont have any info to make an educated decision, going on opinions from more experienced campers on here i am liking the cadac range, was planning on a safari but looking at the range i think the grillogas...
  8. Ed Webb

    Easy camper recipes.

    Im a man of few pleasures; my van, coffee, gin and a good breakfast. I've got a simple yet (for me) awesome recipe that I make when away in the van. However on an admin day at home I decided to treat myself as it's been a while and thought I'd share mine in the hope to create a thread of...