component protection

  1. Jimmi

    Audi A1 Stereo code

    My daughters 2011 A1 Stereo has died. I can buy one from eBay but they don’t come with a code. Does anyone know how I can obtain one?
  2. H

    Radio code needed [Composition Media]

    Hi, I've had my T6 for 4 years from a car dealership. Recently, small gaps were fixed in it and it stayed with a mechanic for 2 weeks. I picked up the car and unfortunately the radio is blocked (displays CODE). Can I somehow unlock them myself or do I have to go to the car service? Thanks for...
  3. A

    Component Protection Active

    I know there's an issue with putting protected headunits into vans they weren't born in, but is there a way of keeping a headunit alive so it can go back in the same van it came out of? My original has been out a month or so and I'm wondering if it could go back in at a later date if I sell the...
  4. P

    Purchase second hand stereo for CarPlay?

    Hi does anyone know if I can buy a second hand T6 stereo and make CarPlay work alongside ensuring my parking sensors still work. Or do i have to go down the aftermarket route ie Kenwood etc? Thank you
  5. Taff7996

    What's the Composition Media unit worth?

    I have replaced my 6.33 composite media system (5K7 035 200 G) with a kenwood dnx9190dabs I know it needs to have VW to remove component protection and or pair to new VIN At the moment its an expensive paper weight, so looking to sell it. I know its only worth what someone else is willing to...
  6. P

    Andy Car Bodywork - CP removal

    Anyone wanting component protection removal this guy is the man to go Vw Skoda Seat, T6 Caddy Scirocco, Apple carplay, Android Auto, Component Protection Removed. – Car Interior Parts – Emley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom | Facebook Marketplace
  7. SunseekerTom

    How do I decode a second-hand Multimedia radio?

    Hi I have the opportunity to buy a second hand discover media unit. We have just purchased a 18 plate Caravelle which has a great spec but only the small screen and I am really keen to have apple play 2 questions 1. If it buy the secondhand unit will it work if I fit it? Read that they are...
  8. R

    Radio serial number to get code

    Hi, got antibacterial gel into my radio somehow.. radio not working.. bought a used identical radio.. could not find serial number of radio starting VW.... Any ideas how to get serial number? Or is the whole thing impossible?? Many thanks Rhys
  9. Crispy

    Plug & Play Apple Play head unit

    After a lot of reading and thread searching I'm still none the wiser. Am I right in thinking it's near on impossible to get a Factory VW head unit and just do a simple swap? I currently have the stock DAB unit. Cheers Crispy
  10. JasonW

    Sold VW Original head unit

    Open to offers if anyone is interested in an original 2019 VW head unit from a T6. It was used for 2 days before I swapped it out... so perfect condition as brand new...
  11. smilie121

    Where to find old radio code

    Upgrading my radio todaybor tomorrow How or where do i find the radio's safe code?
  12. E

    OEM Headunit Upgrade to Discover Media?

    After bit of advice and possibly help please. I own a Highline LWB PV and would love to upgrade my standard headhunt to discover media unit. I was thinking to get one of eBay and then get it coded to my van (should I need to) and unlock connect app as well as voice dial button on the steering...
  13. Robert

    MIB2 PQ Discover Media - Infotainment upgrade FEC / SWaP

    I couldn't find any info about FEC / SWaP here on this forum, so I decided to post a little bit. Obviously FEC is Feature Enabling Code and SWaP is Software as Product. This is the list of my available features: And this is the list of my installed features: So I already have the...
  14. A

    Discover Media and Component Protection

    I recently purchased a secondhand VW Discover Media PQ MIB dab satnav system to upgrade my T6. my local VW specialist is going to fit it including all the component protection. does anyone know if the satnav will work when fitted or would I have to buy the maps and licence from VW main dealer...
  15. Lewis4005

    T6 Stereo Into A T5.1

    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone could shed any light, does a t6 radio 66 reg, fit into a 2014 t5.1. I did ask at local dealership, they did say you can’t? Is there and company’s out there that this can be done. Also do you need an additional module for phone/ Bluetooth.
  16. J

    Fuel Gauge Not Working And Component Protection.

    hello, I have a 2015 T6 T28 180BHP DSG.. I have a few issues that need sorting on it, the first is that the fuel gauge doesn’t work. I’ve had the tank off and checked the sender unit (it looked fine) I’ve also tried another sender unit and still didn’t work? Checked the wiring from the tank to...
  17. burto

    2016 T6 Discover Mib2 Retrofit Issues

    Hi all, firstly big thank you for this forum, I'm new on here so hopefully someone may point me in the right direction. removed a DAB head unit from my 2016 T6 camper, fitted discover media mib2, have had component protection removed, everything worked great, next morning, got in my van to find...
  18. VanDamMan

    Sold Discover Media Sat Nav 5c0 035 680g With Maps

    This unit has Component Protection and can be deactivated by VW once fitted..... Discover Media Satellite Navigation System with Europa 1 (V8) maps Very good condition and has been removed from my T6 T32 2018......only 6 months old from new Comes with all the stuff VW put on it and you can...
  19. N

    Disconnecting A Battery.

    I have a 2017 T6. I am going to disconnect the battery for around a day while I wiring a split charge system. Will this prove to be a problem for the radio? Or will this lead to fault codes appearing on the dash? Also is there an ignition live cable or feed under the passenger twin seat? If yes...
  20. Howler

    Flat Battery - Component Protection Active!

    Hey guys, So been away camping in the van this week, managed to inadvertently run the battery down. Got AA to boost it and back running normal but now the radio/head unit comes on, can still select all the functions etc but no sound and with the words "component protection active" in front of...