1. Sackmycook

    Tailgate chairs and table storage like a Cali...

    Morning, I really like the storage arrangement for the California table and chairs and was wondering about cobbling together something for my panel van prior to getting it carpetted etc. Anyone done something similar ? I've bought a Honda CRV boot table of Fleabay and will probably just use a...
  2. Spaghetti

    For Sale Vango Micro Steel X 2

    A pair of Vango Micro Steel Chairs. Fold down to 34cm long packs. 1.5KG weight. Easy to assemble and pack away. I ended up buying 4 matching grey ones so didn’t want ones in a different colour! Used once on a beach last year as I bought them at the end of the camping season. Quite low, but...
  3. J

    Barn Door Chair Storage, Vanshades Or Diy?

    Anyone got the vanshades/chair pod version, if so any good? Has anyone made their own at all after finding some suitable sized camping chairs?
  4. czmate1999

    Lightweight Camping Furniture...

    Hi All, Just looking into some lightweight camping furniture and wondered if anyone had any experience of the below? Table link to youtube review...
  5. D

    Show Us Your Camping Chairs

    I'm looking for slim lightweight chairs that will fit within a T6 without using up too much room. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. James1000

    Lightweight Directors Chair Challenge & Loc8 Table

    I am looking to fit the Loc8 door table - but having seen the weight at 10Kg which does seem a lot - can anyone confirm? I have set a challenge to find lightweight directors chairs. Ideally I'd want the van shades door pods but I just don't have the room due to the conversion so these at 1kg...
  7. Ann3x

    Vanshades Chairpod - Power Latching

    I've got myself a chairpod from vanshades that mounts to the tailgate (similar to the cali seats): Chair Pod *NEW* - VanShades Thought about fitting it at the weekend and realised that I'll have an issue to fit as itll block the door release switch (my door is power latched)... Anyone found a...
  8. FA755590-A233-4CE2-BB6B-0EB46D87FD31


    Camping in France
  9. Marc007ben

    Sold Tail Gate Chairs

    Die Heckklappentasche für alle VW mit Heckklappe und dem "Pappensatz" Purchased these for my T6 build but decided to go in a different direction. They have been mounted but never sat in. Cost me £360 including the chairs Open to offers
  10. T

    Bodans Conversion

    Hi So we are booked in to have our conversion done by Bodans in the Autumn and we are pleased with our choice. They could not have been more helpful, have been very responsive and don’t seem to get annoyed by our queries. We are having the roof and bed put in before this so we can use the van...
  11. Phil Harris

    Tailgate chair storage

    Afternoon all, I'm loving the VW California tailgate storage, has anyone fitted to a T6? Alternatively is there a similar option?
  12. Para J

    Tailgate chair bag.

    Hi has anyone retro fitted a tailgate chair bag. I know you can get one for the T5 but still waiting to here from the supplier to find out if it will fit the T6.