1. Matttunstall

    CarPlay, Multimedia Box and Additional screens in rear seats.

    I have the original multimedia head unit on my T6, 19 plate. In car play is not activated! If I was to buy a multimedia box and plug this in would it work without the incar play activated?? Also would it need de-coding for when driving even with the box plugged in... Also how hard is it to...
  2. I

    Where can I get Apple car play for my T6?

  3. D

    Apple CarPlay USB move from left to right

    A couple of members have reached to ask how I moved the USB for CarPlay from the left of the vehicle to a more convenient place on the right so I thought I would share this post. Feel free to edit, move or delete if this has been covered before. I found the name of “VW 3D Printing” from this...
  4. S

    NR Coding / Vag Retrofitter

    Just a quick note about unlocking app connect. I recently bought a 2017 T6 204 DSG (Best van I’ve ever had) It came with Nav but didn’t have app connect, after a Vw dealer said It would cost £360 to unlock I searched for another way. This guy is amazing, £80 and did remotely, sent files to put...
  5. alter

    CarPlay - iPhone no longer working but Android is fine

    buonasera, non riesco più a collegare il mio Iphone a Carplay tramite la presa Usb. Tutto ha sempre funzionato, molto strano. La mia radio è CompositionMedia, con un telefono Android va bene .... ho contattato l'assistenza Apple, mi hanno risposto che forse avevo bisogno di aggiornare il software
  6. S

    I’ve got the software to activate Apple CarPlay.

    If you’ve got a discover media headset and you want me to send you it over, give me a dm.
  7. JTT6

    Kenwood DMX9720XDS 10.1" Head unit fitted myself

    I thought I would do a little post about fitting my new head unit, replacing a broken discover media system. It's fairly new to the market and not seen one in a T6 yet, so thought people may be interested. All of the bits were supplied by the fantastic guys at @Absolut5 and I fitted it myself...
  8. N

    Sony Apple CarPlay wiring help 2016 T6

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone maybe able to assist me. We purchased a 2016 Startline T6 in January, ready for a camper conversion in May - due to Covid, it was completed last week! We are absolutely delighted with the conversion. I have bought a Sony XAV-AX3005DB Apple CarPlay stereo, and need...
  9. Texxaco

    What is this on my MFD?

    Having fitted my Alpine X802D-U HU after it coming back from Alpine I now have this small issue. The Image below only shows when I am listening to Apple CarPlay, everything else such as Radio stations show correctly on the MFD. Anyone shed any light?
  10. Crispy

    Plug & Play Apple Play head unit

    After a lot of reading and thread searching I'm still none the wiser. Am I right in thinking it's near on impossible to get a Factory VW head unit and just do a simple swap? I currently have the stock DAB unit. Cheers Crispy
  11. J

    App-Connect using ODIS??

    Anyone enabled app connect using ODIS?
  12. Lambchoplee

    North East VAG Adaptions - App Connect

    Hi there! Recently said hello and asked about North East VAG Adaptions in the new members area. Decided to go ahead and give it a whirl and it's working just great. Sent the guy a dm on Facebook. Took a couple of pics of the head unit and he said he could do it. He uses to send a...
  13. needsmust

    CarPlay on the T6.1: do I need it?

    Still speccing our first foray into Transporter world and in need of a little reassurance. I think I can do without the inbuilt satnav and just plug the iPhone in - the 6.1 brochure shows a very Apple-y looking display. Anyone got any experience of this?
  14. Dellmassive wired to wireless adapter for factory CarPlay systems . . . . . ?

    any one seen / used these . . ?
  15. B

    Aussie with Siri/carplay issue , and recommended reverse camera.

    Hey Team Might as well as about all niggles - I have a 18 build t6 , just recently purchased. It came with the optional app head unit ( I believe RCD340 ?) with carplay. Firstly - works great when it does. It will drop out after a few phone calls via SIRI (siri stops responding) , or...
  16. cfdave

    Unlock CarPlay

    Hi all. I’m picking up a 2017 t6 highline on Friday. And I noticed that the head unit needs unlocking for CarPlay. they've quoted me £220 to unlock it. Can this be done any cheaper? Thank you
  17. A

    T6.1 CarPlay, adjust microphone sensitivity

    My T6.1 has the VW Discover Media 8" fitted. When I'm making calls via CarPlay (wired or wireless) I find myself having to shout so I can be heard. It's not using the iPhone mic and it picks up Siri voice commands perfectly. I've searched through the settings on my iPhone (Xr) and Discover Media...
  18. S

    Anyone Got The Carplay2air?

    Is it worth the money.....? Keep in good health people x
  19. D

    T6.1 Android Auto - no audio [Resolved]

    So I'm loving having Google Maps on the main screen in the van, but has anyone else had the following issue: One the van is connected to the phone, I'm then unable to play any audio from the phone - Google Music, Spotify etc., say they're playing, but there's no actual audio. I can still play...