1. Luton1971

    T6.1 CarPlay and iPhone 15pro - issues

    Does anyone else have issues with connecting a iPhone 15 via cable to CarPlay on a T6.1. iPhone 14 is fine but no joy with 15 pro. Used original apple cable as thought it was a data issue.
  2. The Tango Van

    Atoto F7XE headunit in T6 Transporter

    Dropping a few notes in here as I just finished fitting an Atoto F7 headunit to my T6 Transporter and it was tough getting DIY details. I bought to Atoto F7XE unit from Amazon and I figured it was worth an effort trying to fit it and have wireless carplay and 10in screen for a fraction of the...
  3. Rob 79

    Does CarPlay come automatically or does it need activating?

    Hey guys, Should be picking up my 2016 T6 Highline in a week or so. Does anyone know if the satnav system/headunit comes with Apple CarPlay or is it an extra? Thanks in advance!;)
  4. J

    T6.1 aftermarket headunit retaining OEM menus?

    Audio Question for the hive mind! I have the ‘crackling’ issue when using Apple Carplay. The software build is current, and the SOS unit has just been replaced. (It solved the WeConnect/Mic problems.) Searching through various forums doesn’t give me much hope that a solution is available via VW...
  5. zaibs

    MagSafe and wireless carplay with RCD330

    I was inspired by Installing Apple Magsafe charger for iPhone 12 and thought that maybe someone will find my setup useful too. I wanted to make Carplay experience seamless and also being able to easily charge the phone if I need to. I am using ESR HaloLock charger which unlike most MagSafe...
  6. mrwrightstuff

    Composition stereo unit - software upgrade?

    How easy is it to upgrade the software on the composition colour head unit? Van is a 2017 Kombi (not sure if that makes a difference). Mainly I’m trying to add the logos to the radio station. Plus any other benefits of updating the software. Has anyone done this?
  7. robbidoo

    What is the definitive root cause of USB CarPlay disconnects?

    There are a bunch of threads on here with people reporting that USB CarPlay with their VW head units often disconnect. Some got around it by using a USB -> wireless adapter, others talk about replacing the USB port but that doesn't seem to always work. Is there a definitive root cause to this...
  8. CJW

    Carista CarPlay / Android Auto App?

    I had a thought yesterday whilst using Carista - if it had a CarPlay / Android Auto companion app, it could feasibly allow you to make a custom selection of readings / gauges to display on your head unit whilst driving. I emailed their customer service to suggest it. I was thinking that I’d...
  9. CJW

    Apple’s CarPlay brief to Manufacturers

    It’s a few years old now but, still, I found it interesting to see how Apple brief head unit manufacturers. If anyone knows of a newer PowerPoint (eg iOS 16), please let me know...
  10. Stuart Docchar

    T6.1 Connecting Apple CarPlay

    Can any body help that’s understands apple connect we have a new vwt6.1 we are trying to connect CarPlay we can’t get past usb connection it won’t allow phone to connect we have tried everything
  11. D

    Does iOS 16 CarPlay work in your van?

    Anyone upgraded yet to iOS16 and tested the transition on their Discovery Media?
  12. Murdoch

    Using Apple CarPlay via bluetooth

    So my T6 is nearly 5 years old. Pretty much all the time I've had it, Applecar play has been a very unreliable feature of the van. Despite VW looking at it 3 or 4 times and once had its USB port replaced, its still no good. During this period I've had 3 different Ios phones. I've tried...
  13. The Van Cave

    Sold 2015 140PS DSG SWB Kombi. £26,500 + VAT

    Huge spec 65 Plate 2015 140 DSG SWB Kombi for sale. Base Van Spec Euro 5 140 DSG With 85k miles. Acapulco Blue. Full VW Service History. Cambelt and Water Pump Changed. DSG With Paddle Shift. Genuine VW LED Headlights. Genuine VW LED Rear Lights. Electric Single Sliding Door. Power Latching...
  14. Dav-Tec

    Alpine Halo 9 & 11 Connection issues with Wireless CarPlay

    Hi everyone, Just an update to support people with the Alpine 9 & 11 head units. If you are experiencing connection issues with wireless CarPlay please update your head units' firmware. using the following link which has the firmware and instructions. CLICK ME PLEASE NOTE YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO...
  15. P

    T6.1 Infotainment phone / USB-C query

    Can you connect your ipod/iphone directly into the head unit via a USB/C lead and not rely on Bluetooth? If where is the socket, I only seem to have two USC charging points by the lower cupholder.
  16. R

    Sold Discovery Media Apple car play unlocked. £680

    Genuine Vw Discovery media Apple car play and Android auto unlocked Component protection removed Plug and play £680 Collection from Bournemouth
  17. Bazaboy66

    Car Play on T6.1 - OTA update coming soon

    I’m not sure if this is common knowledge yet but after my van went in for its 1st service I mentioned the stereo fault on the car play and was told there is a recall coming later in the year which doesn’t involve a return but a do it yourself system update. Nice to know that it’s on its way!!
  18. R

    USB Hub Gen 2.1

    Hello everyone I’m sorry if this has already been posted. I have a late 2016 Caravelle. It has a Composition a media radio with 1 Apple CarPlay USB in the passenger glove box I want to add a second USB into the centre glove box, but in order to do that I need to change the USB Hub in the...
  19. T

    Sold AA wireless unit

    AA wireless unit, brand new in box. These are a way to run wireless andriod on a wired only headunit. Good bits of kit but take about 4 months to arrive, so long in my case that it was no longer required. £85 posted to anywhere in the uk. Thanks
  20. P

    Purchase second hand stereo for CarPlay?

    Hi does anyone know if I can buy a second hand T6 stereo and make CarPlay work alongside ensuring my parking sensors still work. Or do i have to go down the aftermarket route ie Kenwood etc? Thank you