1. Crispy

    Plug & Play Apple Play head unit

    After a lot of reading and thread searching I'm still none the wiser. Am I right in thinking it's near on impossible to get a Factory VW head unit and just do a simple swap? I currently have the stock DAB unit. Cheers Crispy
  2. J

    App-Connect using ODIS??

    Anyone enabled app connect using ODIS?
  3. Lambchoplee

    North East VAG Adaptions - App Connect

    Hi there! Recently said hello and asked about North East VAG Adaptions in the new members area. Decided to go ahead and give it a whirl and it's working just great. Sent the guy a dm on Facebook. Took a couple of pics of the head unit and he said he could do it. He uses to send a...
  4. needsmust

    CarPlay on the T6.1: do I need it?

    Still speccing our first foray into Transporter world and in need of a little reassurance. I think I can do without the inbuilt satnav and just plug the iPhone in - the 6.1 brochure shows a very Apple-y looking display. Anyone got any experience of this?
  5. B

    Aussie with Siri/carplay issue , and recommended reverse camera.

    Hey Team Might as well as about all niggles - I have a 18 build t6 , just recently purchased. It came with the optional app head unit ( I believe RCD340 ?) with carplay. Firstly - works great when it does. It will drop out after a few phone calls via SIRI (siri stops responding) , or...
  6. cfdave

    Unlock CarPlay

    Hi all. I’m picking up a 2017 t6 highline on Friday. And I noticed that the head unit needs unlocking for CarPlay. they've quoted me £220 to unlock it. Can this be done any cheaper? Thank you
  7. A

    T6.1 CarPlay, adjust microphone sensitivity

    My T6.1 has the VW Discover Media 8" fitted. When I'm making calls via CarPlay (wired or wireless) I find myself having to shout so I can be heard. It's not using the iPhone mic and it picks up Siri voice commands perfectly. I've searched through the settings on my iPhone (Xr) and Discover Media...
  8. S

    Anyone Got The Carplay2air?

    Is it worth the money.....? Keep in good health people x
  9. D

    SOLVED: T6.1 Android Auto - no audio

    So I'm loving having Google Maps on the main screen in the van, but has anyone else had the following issue: One the van is connected to the phone, I'm then unable to play any audio from the phone - Google Music, Spotify etc., say they're playing, but there's no actual audio. I can still play...
  10. F

    AppConnect worth it?

    Hi all I have the 150ps Highline with standard media system and a friend of mine has the same van and says you can pay VW £250 to update the radio so you can use voice command and see google maps on the screen? Has anyone done this and is it worth it? thx
  11. osman

    Iphone X Gps Behaving Badly With Apps Like Waze And Apple Maps Whilst In My T6

    Im posting this here just in case its related to my t6 or combination of t6 and Kenwood 9190dabs sat nav and my iPhone x.. to put it bluntly the iPhones gps ability seems absolutely awful in my van at the moment to the point of driving me insane .. its constantly losing location info, rerouting...
  12. 17620366_1274578562619267_1164695175776722188_o


  13. Absolut5

    Kenwood Dmx8019dab With Wireless Apple Carplay/android Auto

    The Kenwood DMX 8019dab is proving to be a massive hit with you guys It has the following features - Dab Twin USB Bluetooth Wireless Apple CarPlay Android auto/mirroring Ability to display the factory parking sensors Reverse camera input Optional dash camera control We can supply this...
  14. Ethan Andrews

    Pioneer Navigate - Evo For T6

    I am after fitting a reversing camera to my T6 which only has the non camera composite media unit. I have weighed up all of the options, and it all comes down to money And how good the systems are. I also want car play. And with that in mind I wonder if there is any point in buying a...
  15. Murdoch

    CarPlay And USB Port problems

    my struggles to reliably use apple car play continue. New cable - no change Also I’ve noticed that sometimes over bumps, the radio turns off and comes back on .... which to me suggests a bad connection Any suggestions. I use car play for mapping, my own music and podcasts Thanks
  16. Dazmitch

    AppConnect USB relocation nearer driver

    Hi guys, just picked up my new T6 highline with the stereo fitted with app connect. I thought this would be a great feature having my phone in my car but I now realise it has to be plugged into the USB which is on the other side of the van??? I've had the stereo out today to see if had a simple...
  17. McCarney

    Wanted Carplay Head Unit

    Hi all. Looking for a head unit with CarPlay
  18. andys

    Wireless Charging And Carplay

    After all my escapades in modifying and using the RCD330+, I decided to do what I always end up doing and start a new project with only a week to go til my annual fortnight touring Europe. So I've ordered a Kenwood 8019. (I shied away from the undoubtedly better 9190 due to budget). One of the...
  19. Pete C

    Apple Carplay Ice

    We have the standard base radio unit in our Trendline T6, which to be honest did everything we wanted, until I discovered Apple CarPlay on our new Skoda. So, simple question - what's the best ICE unit to get that supports CarPlay ? Stunning audio performance is not the highest priority, but a...