1. Grim Reaper

    A cautionary tale about Ecoflow products

    Just seen this video by Gadget John on YouTube where he found a very dangerously jointed cable on an Ecoflow supply lead. Could have caused a fire if he hadn't found it, and judging by the fact that the cables are covered in sheathing from the factory, no-one would have had the chance to spot it.
  2. E

    Inverter fuse and cable size?

    I've got a Sterling ProPowerQ 350W Inverter which the instructions tell me I should install with a 60A fuse, however the cables are 12AWG which I belive equals 3.31mm 3mm cable 33Amp Single Core Thin Wall Cable - 3.0mm² 33A How can this be right, the fuse is rated so much higher than the...
  3. Rioja John

    Battery in-line fuse size

    I have 220 AH of Gel leisure batteries, a 75/15 Victron solar regulator and 200 watt of folding solar panels what inline fuse should I use on the positive side to the batteries, Is 20amp the size fuse that I need? thank you, John.
  4. Pedro20001

    Solar panel cables advice please

    Morning all, does anyone recommend cabling for a 100w panel? looking at approx 5m run and connectors, thanks in advance
  5. Z

    Sections of wiring loom found on floor

    Hi everyone, does anybody recognise this loom? I moved my T6 2016 Caravelle and this was underneath it! Can't help thinking it's not a good thing. Drove fine last time I used it.
  6. F

    Solar cable to link MPPT to battery

    I have a surplus of solar cable left over from when I fitted my panel a while back. I’m now in the process of installing a separate solar charge controller and making the ctek solar charger redundant (due to solar panel being too big VoC). Is there any issue using solar cable to link the solar...
  7. slocumjoseph

    Baggy Sleeves

    Here’s a new one for me. Anybody ever been sold heat shrink tube that doesn't work? It looks right, feels right even smells right but all it does is burn…and it ain’t shrinking! :uh run:
  8. J

    Fridge power requirements

    Hi All I recently bought a 2016 T6 that has been converted by Teahpoo. Will get some pics up shortly. The power management unit is a PMS3H and i have a RM123 fridge. I can operate this on gas but as yet have been unsuccessful running it on 240volts or 12v DC. My assumption is that this is a...
  9. RyanGerry

    cable size for sub-woofer?

    I recently managed to get hold of a kicker under seat sub and few other bits, I ordered some power cable but as you can see in the pic it’s not the same size as the one fitted to the original adaptor. Does anyone know what size cable this is so I can order some more?
  10. BestBoy

    Re Cable runs

    Hello Just picked up a base line T6 LWB , Going to convert in January 2021 . Before I convert can anybody advise me on how to run the following cables and locations before insulation starts: 1. Reversing sensors 2. Rear camera 3. Van Alarm system Is there any other cabling I should...
  11. K

    Sorry but what AWG wire do I need

    Sorry it's an easy question to answer.... I want to get cig lighter in the back for a fan for the dog cage / What AWG cable do I need to get a feed there from the fuse box? Is it better for something beefier and then stick a fuse box in the back? any help much appreciated... I also need to...
  12. MikeMc88

    Which cable to run from Leisure Battery to fuse box in rear cupboard?

    I am looking to put my fuse box in the rear cupboard and need to know which size cable to use? to run from battery under driver seat to cupboards at the rear of the van. Will a fused 6mm cable be enough?

    Cable routing layout for under passenger seat.

    I’ve had an unsuccessful search for pictures & posts of cables coming into the cab from the engine compartment to be routed under the passenger seat. It’s the routing I’m actually after recommendations for. Should I go down the centre as per the factory loom or follow down the wheel arch and run...
  14. Petegoss

    Rear electric cable routes

    Hi, I’m currently installing a leisure battery and lights sockets etc, I need to get from the drivers seat (battery) to the rear side panel for a 12v socket Etc the best route as I see it, rather than going up and down the pillars would be behind the removable foot well plastic then into the...
  15. j4ckal

    Best route to get to overhead cubby hole, across floor up 'A' pillar or 'B' pillar?

    I'm currently routing some wires up to the overhead cubby hole area as I'm going to mount some switches up there. One from under the drivers seat and 4 or 5 from behind the drivers seat (fuse box/relays are mounted at forward end of kitchen unit, directly behind the drivers seat). I've took...
  16. marksmithuk

    Let's see your cable routes ..

    I've drawn out about 10 different ways to route cables from my leisure battery under the drivers seat to my electrical cupboard at the back of my van. This is the route I'm planning on taking but thought I'd look to see what you've all gone for and see if anyone has any other suggestions ...
  17. Skyliner33

    sponge / foam surround for loom - where from?

    I am looking for some insulation like in this pic as the wires to the ceiling lights in my ply roof (that I taped down) seem to have come loose and I can now hear them bouncing on the ply roof. I was hoping to find some of the sponge tubing in the pic will stop this even if the wires are not...
  18. Ann3x

    Routing path for external cables?

    Looking to resite my HUP from below rear bumper to the engine area - problem is my consumer unit is in the back quarter panel and id prefer not to move it (would require removing furniture, finding a new site, making a new quarter panel etc).. I have excess cable as this was always on longer...
  19. R

    Cable Runs Front To Back

    Hi all So converting my T6 and and had an sca roof fitted, windows, carpet lining and I'm just about to fit Altro flooring on top of my 12mm ply floor. Was wondering if anyone can give advice on cable runs from front (under the drivers seat) to back (where the cupboards will be) I have a length...
  20. D

    Getting Cables Past The B Pillar

    Hi Currently trying to get my charging cable 10mm2 and ignition feed past the B pillar to the rear of the van where the leisure battey/CTEK will be fitted. I've had a poke around, but can't seem to find a way through. I could just come onto the panels and run the cables they will be hidden by...