bumper cover

  1. J

    Rear Bumper Protectors - How to remove?

    Evening all. Had someone bumped into the back off me today in a maccys drive thru! Wasn't a huge distance between us and luckily it looks like the only damaged is a crack bumper protector. Looking at a replacement and found this ...
  2. osman

    Rear bumper protector - do I need one?

    Hi I’ve just had a brand ne bumper fitted / painted it looks great along with re sprayed tailgate . These protectors are they worth the time and money ? My concern is grit and dirt getting under it and basically would the eventual removal leave the finish intact ? They obviously need to be stuck...
  3. teddy

    Rear bumper protector recommendations

    Only after a few weeks ownership of my T6 already have a few scuffs and scratches on the sill by the barn doors. My friend recommended a transparent loading sill protector (after t-cutting the scuffs out). Anybody has one/experience of them plus where to purchase them? Thanks
  4. RyanGerry

    VW Carbon rear bumper protector - anyone have one?

    Looking at upgrading my vinyl rear bumper protector as its seen better days. Has anyone got one of these? https://www.vwcarbon.com/collections/t6/products/vw-t6-gloss-black-grp-full-width-wraparound-rear-bumper-protector-tailgate-only
  5. JasonW

    Sold Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper Protector for T6 Tailgate

    Brand new Carbon Fibre bumper protector... Excellent Quality - fits T6 Tailgate models only £50 which includes courier to UK mainland address. Socially distanced collection possible if you're from the local area of South Manchester - £40 if collecting. I will also accept £40 if you want to...
  6. TitanCamper

    2017 Kombi with rust on the tailgate caused by bumper protector

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and can advise. Sorry about War and Peace but the background may be useful. I bought the van from Cordwalis Heathrow in May 2019 and paid for delivery up to Glasgow. It's a September 2017 Kombi. There is rust on the bottom left hand edge...
  7. J

    Barn-doors rusting at the bottom

    Hi guys, how can I stop the bottom of my barn doors from rusting? I have had both doors lifted slightly at the hinges, but rain water still collects below and causing them to rust??? thanks in advance Jim
  8. Loz

    T6 & T6.1 Rear Bumper Cover Removal 2020-06-15

    Workshop procedure for removal or rear bumper cover.
  9. LeightonVans

    Leighton Vans

    https://www.leightonvans.co.uk/ At Leighton Parts we offer a range of Exterior Styling options for various areas of your VW Transporter's exterior: - Front Styling. - Sportline Style T6 Splitter (Painted or Unpainted). - Lower Radiator T6 Trim Inserts (Black or Red). - Rear...
  10. JonB

    For Sale Bumper Protector

    For sale £20 vw carbon gloss black rear bumper protector. Brand new in box never fitted
  11. Jongall

    Sold Carbon Bumper Protector

    travelin-lite carbon bumper protector. Brand new in box hence stock picture used. Decided to keep the gloss black theme so this is not needed. Out of stock on travelin-lite. £45 collection preferred.
  12. RAP605

    For Sale Rear Bumper Protector

    Brand new. Rear bumper protector finished in Gloss black. £35. Collection preferred:-) thanks
  13. F

    The darned VW bumper protector

    The detailer who came the other day didn't have time to do the bumper protector bought with the van and fitted by the dealer - the van is a year old and the plastic looks about ten years old - shocking amount of fading and staining. Anyone tried anything? I have a plastic restorer but it...
  14. Loz

    Towing eye bolt holes

    @Pauly (or anyone else who knows) in your photo of your van with the front bumper cover removed the cross member has 2 holes that look like they are for the towing eye... q: are both of these threaded or just the left one? I ask because there is only one removable cover on the bumper cover itself..