brake pads

  1. F

    Bang from rear with rough roads/ potholes [Resolved]

    Hi, I noticed I have a loud "bang, bang" from the rear whenever I go over a pothole, rough surface, whenever the suspension has to move a little bit harder. Doesn't seem to matter which wheel goes over a bump but I'm suspecting it's the RH rear area making the noise. Definitely from...
  2. F2JON

    FREE T6 308mm discs pads and calipers

    As title I’ve replaced my front brakes with t6.1 t32, so I have my original brakes which have covered 34,500 miles , free to who ever wishes to collect from Rugeley Staffordshire. Thanks Jon
  3. F

    Brakes juddering at speed.

    Hi. I've finally driven the van again after about 5 months!!!! Anyway to give it a charge etc driving down the motorway any braking gives a large juddering. Wasn’t happening before.Could this be to do with it sitting for so long? Any thoughts? Cheers Ben
  4. cy294

    Rear brake pad sensor cable

    Evening everyone. When painting my rear calipers today, I have seen that the brake pad sensor which then clips into the loom has broken and doesn't fully engage. Any ideas where I can get a replacement? Thanks all.
  5. mhill

    Brake disc and pad upgrade options

    Anyone replaced pads yet? Need to get my pads done, any recommendations on replacement pads?
  6. Loz

    T6 & T6.1 Brake Pad Replacement 2021-01-21

    Workshop manual section for the replacement of Front Brake Pads
  7. cy294

    Front pads - How To

    Afternoon all, during lockdown, I'm looking at ways to fulfill my time especially when self isolating. I'm therefore looking at a how to tutorial on changing the front pads and discs on my T6. I have the smaller brakes which are the 208mm size? I've seen @Dellmassive how to for the rears, but...
  8. Andysmee

    Brake warning pad depth left

    Anyone know how much depth will be left on the brake pads when the warning comes on? And presumably fronts?
  9. Jay

    Sold Front pads and disc's

    full set of front pads and disc's. Collection only due to weight from nuneaton. 40 quid, brought for my caravelle (T28 I think) but sold before fitting.
  10. Jimmi

    How Many Miles In Brake Pads

    I have a 204 4Motion DSG. While breaking earlier going very slow I heard the rear brakes. It wasn’t a grinding noise but it was on a noise nevertheless which I don’t recall hearing before. It got me wondering how many miles should you get from a set of brake pads. I’ve done 24000 since new...
  11. Nickmac

    Rear Pads, Uneven Wear!

    Hi all, I have a T28 LWB on a '66 plate. Last MOT warned of uneven pad wear and worn discs on the rear, so I bought the cheapest brake wind back tool on Amazon some new Discs and Pads from GSF and dived on in. Everything changed ok, no problem there. The inner pads that came off were very worn...
  12. S

    Rear Brake Pads

    It's time for me to replace the rear pads. On vw they told me the OEM part number 7H0698451C. I don't wont the OEM, are too expensive.. (135€) I found other manufacturer (brembo, ferodo etc) but only for cross reference on 7H0698451B or 7H0698451A... Any one know the difference? Can I use the...
  13. Hinks007

    replacing brake discs and pads

    Hi Guys I have a t32 SWB 180bhp, vin WV1ZZZ7HZGH121070 any ideas on what discs and pads I need??? Thanks for your help in advance
  14. Glenn Board

    I Cant Find Out What Brake Pads My Van Has!

    Been trying to order some new brake pads, I give the reg number over to suppliers and they all tell me that there are multiple pads for my van and need to see the pads! Well I dont want to take the pads out just to look, then have to put them back whilst I order some, so does anybody here know...
  15. P

    Grinding Noise From Rear Brakes

    so what do you think about these. Over the last week or so I’ve noticed a grinding noise from the rear brakes (over the music) Car has done 16000 miles over 2 years - used at weekends for the first 18 months and now used most days for a 40 mile commute on the motorway Front brakes look fine...
  16. Gillon Johnstone

    Help Required - Part Number For Brake Pads

    Hi, We have a 2016 LWB T32 Shuttle and are needing to change the front brake pads. We where quoted £135 ish by the local garage but they said there where 2 diff kinds of brake pads for our van and we would have to find out which ones prior to them ordering them in. I phoned VW service who...
  17. Dellmassive

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where -

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where - Here is a Basic list for all Parts required for Servicing which will be updated moving forwards: Brakes: Pads: 308mm F Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle) Product Code: 101441298 340mm F Pagid Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle)Product Code: 101441868 340mm F Brembo...
  18. Keaney

    Brake pad dust

    Had my T6 nearly a week now and the alloys are starting to look rather dusty off the brake pads. Has anyone changed them to something similar to ebc red stuff? Doesn't look like they do them for the T6 yet.
  19. James Rose

    Brake Pad Sensors

    Hi Chaps, Just picked up my T6 Sportline kombi. Great van and very happy but noticed the brakes sounds like pads are worn out. Do they have sensors for when worn and or low? I'm a little miffed as I bought from VW. Cant seem to find out in the booklet. Cheers