brake pads

  1. osman

    Wanted Brake disks and pads

    Looking for disks and pads for my 2016 t6 front 308mm rear 294 mm
  2. A


    Hi Everyone! I am in need of a set of T6.1 Front brake pads 2020 (150PSI) 340mm Disc, Unbelievably i ordered a full set of Front and rear discs and pads from EBC with grooved discs and Greenstuff pads, everything arrives so i stripped down my old discs and pads under the silly assumption that...
  3. G

    FREE Brembo T5/T6 front brake pads part no P85081

    Collection Norwich. Unused pads that cover most of the T5/T6 range except the larger discs fitted to 4Motion/204PS California. Check Europarts application tool.
  4. Securityfocus

    2020 T6.1 front brake pads shortage!

    Is there anyone on here that can help with front brake pads for a 2020 T6.1, VW has none and don’t know when back in stock I’ve tried all the aftermarket brake pads suppliers with no luck anywhere, VW customer services useless and not getting back to me with an answer. Any ideas anyone?
  5. S

    For Sale T6/T28 Full Set of Discs & Pads

    Full set of Brembo discs and pads (front and rear) for a 2016 T28 Transporter with the 102tdi engine. Bought to change them myself, but ended up getting a garage to do it as the weather turned; and they would only fit their own parts. Part numbers: Front: Discs 09.D211.11 x2 Pads: P 85...
  6. B

    T6.1 199PS brake pads

    Hi can anyone help me please, I need Front brake pads for T6.1 2020 199ps Vw say they have none and out of supply. can't even get after market.
  7. S

    T6.1 T32 brake pads

    Can anyone help supply me with front pads for t 6.1 t32 part no 7LA698151C as they seem to be on back order? Thanks
  8. K

    inner front pad wearing quicker

    Hi am I have a 2016 t6 but every few months the inner front pad wears down way more than others changed calliper already but still happening any suggestions please
  9. Dellmassive

    Brake Pad & Disc change - How I Done It -

    Brake Pad & Disc change - How I Done It - After a recent trip to the Dealer for Service and Cambelt job, ( we had the dealers do it as we are in a 2yrs extended warranty ) : Cambelt + Water Pump Replacement - Official guidance At the time, they advised that the rear pads were 90% worn...
  10. James1000

    £530 Brake Pads

    I’ve been quoted £530 to replace all the brake pads, seems a bit steep to me?
  11. J

    Brakes staying on a bit after disc replacement

    Hey all , I’ve just replaced all my discs as my MOT is coming up & I had an advisory last year that ‘Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened’ so even though I’ve only done 3k since last year I thought I best change them as it would like be a fail not an advisory this time ...
  12. F

    Bang from rear with rough roads/ potholes [Resolved]

    Hi, I noticed I have a loud "bang, bang" from the rear whenever I go over a pothole, rough surface, whenever the suspension has to move a little bit harder. Doesn't seem to matter which wheel goes over a bump but I'm suspecting it's the RH rear area making the noise. Definitely from...
  13. F2JON

    FREE T6 308mm discs pads and calipers

    As title I’ve replaced my front brakes with t6.1 t32, so I have my original brakes which have covered 34,500 miles , free to who ever wishes to collect from Rugeley Staffordshire. Thanks Jon
  14. F

    Brakes juddering at speed.

    Hi. I've finally driven the van again after about 5 months!!!! Anyway to give it a charge etc driving down the motorway any braking gives a large juddering. Wasn’t happening before.Could this be to do with it sitting for so long? Any thoughts? Cheers Ben
  15. cy294

    Rear brake pad sensor cable

    Evening everyone. When painting my rear calipers today, I have seen that the brake pad sensor which then clips into the loom has broken and doesn't fully engage. Any ideas where I can get a replacement? Thanks all.
  16. mhill

    Brake disc and pad upgrade options

    Anyone replaced pads yet? Need to get my pads done, any recommendations on replacement pads?
  17. Loz

    T6 & T6.1 Brake Pad Replacement 2021-01-21

    Workshop manual section for the replacement of Front Brake Pads
  18. cy294

    Front pads - How To

    Afternoon all, during lockdown, I'm looking at ways to fulfill my time especially when self isolating. I'm therefore looking at a how to tutorial on changing the front pads and discs on my T6. I have the smaller brakes which are the 208mm size? I've seen @Dellmassive how to for the rears, but...
  19. Andysmee

    Brake warning pad depth left

    Anyone know how much depth will be left on the brake pads when the warning comes on? And presumably fronts?
  20. Jay

    Sold Front pads and disc's

    full set of front pads and disc's. Collection only due to weight from nuneaton. 40 quid, brought for my caravelle (T28 I think) but sold before fitting.