1. K

    Bonnet release catch stiff.

    When I pull handle to release bonnet it stays in the open position and bonnet won't latch unless the handle is physically pushed back. Under bonnet bit looks good. Any suggestions?
  2. T

    Wanted T6 Bonnet

    Hi all, In need of a T6 Bonnet preferably in white but will consider any as long as they are dent free and around the south TIA
  3. N

    T6 Bonnet catch - can't close or open bonnet [Resolved]

    When I try to close the bonnet, it won't close all the way. The catch has closed onto something but not locked fully - it has a couple of cms give and even a firm push won't close it all the way. It also won't let me open the bonnet again - seems like the catch is stuck. Pulling the bonnet...
  4. Tourershine

    Wanted T6 Bonnet.

    I've asked this question in here before with success so trying again, because I need another one. Yes, I know there is a member who's responded to a Wanted bonnet advert and i've dropped them a message, but they haven't been on here for a few weeks and I could do with a bonnet pretty quickly...
  5. Urbanfox

    Whats This

    What's this for that going into the bonnet.
  6. Kev23

    Under bonnet clip on bit

    Is anyone else’s Kombi like this under the bonnet? VW the lazy Aholes never fully painted. So around the outer edge of the underside of the there are clips holes, is there a cover which goes on the underside of the bonnet? Hope that makes sense
  7. Mrpowwow

    Wanted T6 Bonnet

    Hi Guys I am looking for a Genuine T6 bonnet preferably flat grey but any colour considered cheers Andy
  8. Deaky

    Hookup And Consumer Unit Under The Bonnet

    At the minute, I have an EHU extension lead with a RCD and breaker built in to it. I run this into the van and plug my battery charger in when needed. I'm toying with the idea of fitting it permanently. Would there be anything wrong in fitting the EHU socket under the bonnet with an...
  9. Oleg

    For Sale Vw T6 Aibrushed Bonnet

    for sale £1700
  10. Carl1974

    Under Bonnet Lining.

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the best noise cancelling to put under my bonnet please. I’m looking to get an undertray and also lime under the bonnet.
  11. JordanGT

    Custom Air-Brush Work

    New bonnet installed, many thanks to Sam Hubbard at AP Customs for the artwork.
  12. Mr blue

    Should It Show The Bonnets Open On My Dash Display ?

    I have a t6 kombi 2015 and the display doesn’t change if I have the bonnet open or shut ,all other doors show fine should it show on there ??
  13. U

    T5 Bonnet to fit a T6?

    Heya caan anyone tell me if a 2015 T6 bonnet will fit a 2018 T6?.... Id be saving over £100 if this is the case for a brand new one via a few eBay sellers.... Im just not sure tho so any advice would be greatly appreciated before I purchase Thanks!
  14. MrTesco

    Bonnet Wrap Recommendations

    Afternoon boys n girls. Looking at getting a bonnet spoiler after getting my first stone chip. What are people's thoughts on them as I never had one on my other van. Do they cause more damage then they save and has anyone got any recommendations of any ? Cheers in advance Charlie