1. ABusAndBeyond

    Bilstein B16 Coilovers with 20”

    Some of you may be interested to see what we have done with our California Beach. Bilstein B16 Coilovers with Supermetal Cell 20” alloy wheels. We’ve done a video at TransporterHQ if you’re interested in watching them being fitted.
  2. Montecha

    Sold Used Bilstein B14 Kit for T32

    Back up For Sale, as sadly the deal fell through last minute. As my van‘s become more of a Camper, I’ve found I need a higher ride height, so I’ve just taken the Bilstein B14 kit off. The kit is for a T32, it’s 3 years old, probably about 25k miles - not much of that in the last 18 months. My...
  3. BikerPa

    Std height comfort springs for B8 shocks, suggestions/advice please

    Looking for recommendations for the above for a 6.1 T32 4motion. The van came to me wearing the B8’s with H&R 35mm lowering spring set which seems pretty good comfort/handling wise. As the van is a Kombi/day van with pop roof but never going to be a full camper conversion & I do a lot down...
  4. Monkster1

    Front strut removal T30 HL

    Hi all, Information needed please. I'm hopefully going to be fitting a full B12 kit in the coming weeks and shodding my LR Discovery 511's which were moth-balled 4 years ago. I need a bit of clarification please on front strut removal. Mines a MY18 102 Highline Day van conversion. I've had...
  5. Alexzeat

    B6 Komfort kit - loud bangs over potholes

    Hi to all. Last october i updated to Bilstein B6 Komfort + Eibach + 35mm. I have noticed that when driving through a rough hole inside the cabin I hear a loud bang. Has anyone had the same? Thanks in advance
  6. Rompa

    B16 damptronic vendor

    Hi.where can i buy bilstein b16 damptronic for dcc for my T6 Multivan t30 best price?
  7. Tourershine

    SoLow Suspension

    I know Solow's aren't new by any means, and several members are already running these bad boys, but as a die hard B14 fan, I wanted to give my take on this set-up. As some of you already know, i'm pretty chummy with the Transporter HQ team. They regularly ask if they can borrow my van for T32...
  8. Tickz

    Bilstein B14 rear springs snapped.....Again!!

    Hi All i have a t6 t30 150 dsg highline kombi that i use for work. i had it lowered a using b14 kit, all professionally installed back in early 2018. In jan 2019 it was noticed that the rear springs had 'snapped'- lowest coil on the rears had snapped. I heard a big clunk after going over one of...
  9. L

    Sold Bilstein B14’s T28/30

    Bilstein B14 Coilovers. Used but great condition, only fitted for around 1year / 3k miles. All adjuster rings move freely Good working order and great condition. Adjusting ‘C’ spanner’s included £650 Collection Only please. Derby area.
  10. TassieT6

    Seikel (Monroe) vs Bilstein

    G'Day, I'm planning to shortly install a lift kit on my 2016 4Motion Multivan (3080). Current choices were I am in the world (Australia) are: 1. Kings Springs with Bilstein Struts/Shock absorbers. 2. Seikel kit with Monroe Struts/Shock absorbers. I'm sure they are both good quality and fairly...
  11. M

    B14 Komfort vs B14 (original)

    Having my new van delivered today! Going straight to garage for wheels and the new Komfort Bilsteins. My garage say they haven’t fitted these yet and are excited to see the difference over standard Bils. I’ll post pic and a verdict next week.
  12. S

    LED Headlamps too low after lowering van

    I have a problem with my LED headlights pointing straight down after I lowerd the van on some B14s. Did not have that problem with any of my BMWs with xenon lights. I have checked that the sensors are OK, but I think that they might need some shorter struts because the van is so low and might be...
  13. Buzznitro

    Transporter Hq Suspension Vid

    Just for some good info saw this today gives some interesting guides.
  14. S

    TÜV approved coilovers?

    Hi! I just got myself a 2016 long 4M T6 (T30) and want to lower it (alot). Not sure what coils to buy. Been looking at B14's and KW V1. I need them to have TÜV, but want to drop them all the way down after I get them approved on the van (strict rules for lowering in Norway, so want papers on...
  15. N

    Opinion Of Suspension Upgrade?

    hey community anyone has tested T6 Bilstein (B16) suspension? is quite expensive and I thought to ask opinions before I purchase it...
  16. S

    Bilstein B8/b6 Combo, Or B8s All Round...

    I have a T5.1, currently on standard springs all round. Because I often have up to 400kg in the back I'm about to fit a pair of sportline springs at the front to help level out the van, so it is rarely lower at the back than the front. I also need new dampers at the rear, so thought it would be...
  17. Eclipse Campers

    Bilstein B14 T32 Kit For Sale

    Hi All, just to let you know that we have these kits in stock if anyone is interested in purchasing these or requires them fitted. These are on back order with Bilstein so not many available in the UK currently. Get in touch. Thanks, Ian:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  18. T6180

    New Bilstein B16 For Dynamic Chassis Control

    All Just seen these pop up the Transporter HQ Instagram page
  19. S

    Bilstein Green

    Has anyone any experience of these softer dampers?
  20. steveo1986

    Bilstein B14's Leaking

    Whilst my T6 was in getting the EGR cooler replaced the VW technician noticed that the front drivers side shock is leaking quite heavily. Has anyone else had this issue with the B14's? They were fitted just under a year ago.