1. M

    For Sale 2.0 TDI T32 Highline (Camper Conversion - Beach Style) 5dr Diesel Manual 4Motion SWB Euro 6 (s/s) 150 ps. £54,950

    For Sale - 2021 Transporter T6.1 T32 Highline Kombi - £54,950 Email - genuine interest only This is a real statement. It’s perfect for adventurers, families, or anyone who believes that the journey matters as much as the destination. Sleeps 4 with the use of our Kombi...
  2. C

    Wanted Bilstein or H&R + Koni coilovers T32

    Wanted as per title what's for sale please ?
  3. LambethBoy

    Wanted Bilstein shock spanners

    Has anyone out there got a set of these? I’m looking to adjust my original B14s. They’ve been on the van since 2018, still holding up well just need these for a little job :thumbsup:
  4. AeonMach

    Suspension - what have I got?! [Resolved]

    Ok, I knew I was lowered but didn’t know the details (I know…I just liked the general vehicle And she was super low mileage and a fair bargain for loaded spec!). The dealer mentioned new 30mm lowering springs - sourced from Leighton’s. Possibly H&R? My ride height is about 395mm (wheel centre to...
  5. T6DSGChris

    10mm front bilstein spacer?

    Hiya hoping someone knows.. I’ve had a chat with Bilstein themselves … im running 20’s , B14’s… fronts are as high as it will go…it sits lower as its t32… bilstein say theres a spacer for front strut top you can pop in or change springs… i’ve run like this a while and my wheel offsets are spot...
  6. Fellrunner13

    Transporter Suspension Specialist near Warrington

    Hi. Looking to lower a T5.1 camper using something like Bilstein B14’s. Can anyone recommend a specialist near Warrington? I’m tempted to use Transporter HQ but would be interested in someone a little closer to home who knows that they’re doing with Transporter suspension. Cheers.
  7. T6Enduro

    Sold BILSTEIN B14 Height Adjustable Coilover Suspension - VW T6 (T32)

    Hi, anyone interested in a set of practically brand new B14 Coilovers? Bought from Vanstyle on 14th Feb (can show receipt). They are unmarked, and have only done around 200 miles, but I have decided to change my plans for the van and its modifications. These are £1,099 new so am looking for best...
  8. Lovebus WA

    Bilstein komfort strut kit

    Has anyone fitted these with standard springs? If so how much better was the ride quantity? Many thanks Matt.
  9. LambethBoy

    For Sale Single T32 B14 rear spring nearly new

    Mine snapped about three weeks ago and the guys over at THQ sent me one that they said had only done 500 miles on one of their demos, I think I put another 200 on that. Cost me £80. I have now changed my suspension so not needed. Might be handy for someone to keep in stock for a back up as...
  10. LambethBoy

    Found T32 rear Bilstein springs

    Looking for a replacement one of these. As you can see mine has snapped off and is nicely sat inside of itself. Part no. was E4.FD1.Y196 B00 Now E4.FD1.Y196 B01 Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:
  11. 0

    Bilstein/Eibach liftkit +35

    Morning everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my 2018 Transporter 4motion 150cv suspension with the Bilstein/Eibach liftkit +35mm. I'm wondering if anyone has gone through this process before and has any suggestions on how it works in the long run and whats the feedback in general. Also, I would like...
  12. W9sto

    Coilovers - Which Ones?

    hi all, I am new to the forum and I would really appreciate some help. I bought a T5.1 Sportline 8 months ago and loved it so much that I sold my cars and bought a new Raceline van. I will discuss my opinion of the service in a different thread . I am currently running standard shocks with an...
  13. W

    Coilovers: H&R v Bilstein

    Hi everyone, I’m going to be taking delivery of a brand new T6.1 on Monday and I’m definitely going to be fitting coilovers. I’m trying decide between H&R or Bilstein and wondered what people thoughts were? I’ve got H&R lowering springs on my 17-year old Vito, and have been very pleased with...
  14. Tomo02

    Bilstein B14 rear spring snapped

    Hi there. I’ve seen a few different threads with no obvious outcomes. I’m after some help. I had b14 coil overs installed back in November 2018 on my fully converted T6 T28. They’ve been fine up till Wednesday where I had my MOT and my rear passenger side spring has snapped completely. I’ve...
  15. ABusAndBeyond

    Bilstein B16 Coilovers with 20”

    Some of you may be interested to see what we have done with our California Beach. Bilstein B16 Coilovers with Supermetal Cell 20” alloy wheels. We’ve done a video at TransporterHQ if you’re interested in watching them being fitted.
  16. Montecha

    Sold Used Bilstein B14 T32 Kit. £500

    As my van‘s become more of a Camper, I’ve found I need a higher ride height, so I’ve just taken the Bilstein B14 kit off. The kit is for a T32, it’s 3 years old, probably about 25k miles - not much of that in the last 18 months. My van was a Kombi daily driver, so not carried load at all. The...
  17. BikerPa

    Std height comfort springs for B8 shocks, suggestions/advice please

    Looking for recommendations for the above for a 6.1 T32 4motion. The van came to me wearing the B8’s with H&R 35mm lowering spring set which seems pretty good comfort/handling wise. As the van is a Kombi/day van with pop roof but never going to be a full camper conversion & I do a lot down...
  18. Monkster1

    Front strut removal T30 HL

    Hi all, Information needed please. I'm hopefully going to be fitting a full B12 kit in the coming weeks and shodding my LR Discovery 511's which were moth-balled 4 years ago. I need a bit of clarification please on front strut removal. Mines a MY18 102 Highline Day van conversion. I've had...
  19. Alexzeat

    B6 Komfort kit - loud bangs over potholes

    Hi to all. Last october i updated to Bilstein B6 Komfort + Eibach + 35mm. I have noticed that when driving through a rough hole inside the cabin I hear a loud bang. Has anyone had the same? Thanks in advance
  20. Rompa

    B16 damptronic vendor

    Hi.where can i buy bilstein b16 damptronic for dcc for my T6 Multivan t30 best price?