1. R

    VAT on van sale now it’s converted

    Hi all. Wonder if anyone out there could answe this. I bought a new panel van approx 1 1/2 ago on which being vat registered I claimed the vat back. I then had it converted to a high spec camper on which I didn’t claim.All in it has cost about £60 k. I’m now considering selling the van. What vat...
  2. D

    Claiming vat through repurpose of van

    Hi all - bit of a left field question I was hoping someone could give their input on. I bought a T6 to convert into a camper and use for work and play (I travel the country as a videographer). However we’ve had the pleasant surprise of finding out we have a little one on the way and because of...
  3. T

    New Multivan: Van or Car for BIK purposes?

    Hi does anyone know or ask their accountant if the new Mutlivan is a "van" or "car for tax purposes? Thinking of replacing my T6.1 Kombi with a multivan . I am vat registered etc but will I get hit if its a car for tax?
  4. D

    Do HMRC think my van is a car?

    Hi all - I've been planning on a new T6 van to convert to a camper this spring; I work as a videographer and travel quite a bit around the place on shoots with a bunch of gear; the majority being in rural areas. I also have previously been a member of a coworking space which went under due to...
  5. Chopman

    What's my van worth??

    I sent off to have my Kombi reclassified as a camper today. Started off with the info and sample letter here: Converting a vehicle into a motorhome - GOV.UK and then added in some photos and receipts for the bits / work done. Hopefully it will be back soon and I can drive at car speeds again.
  6. VanMan48

    Kombi a commercial vehicle?

    Just wanted to see who's done this? I'm not vat registered but am a ltd co, and wanted to put the van (a T32 Kombi) through the biz. About 80% use will be business, and also have use of the wife's car for any other personal trips. Was looking at putting down a cash deposit and the rest on HP...
  7. MickW

    Insurance For A Camper Registered To A Limited Company

    Hi I have a 16 reg Converted T6 each year I struggle to get it insured other than Brentacre others are competitive until I state that the van is in our Ltd co name (just two director me and wifey) I’m retired and wifey heading that way but for vat reasons we ideally want to leave the van in the...
  8. W

    Day-Van: T32 Or T30 ?

    Hi All, What's the best option out of T32 & T30 for a general day van ? Understand that the T32 has a higher load capacity but is it overkill for what I need as it will never be fully loaded. Would the ride be too harsh ? Regards
  9. Kramsdog

    Coca Cola Kombi’s and HMRC

    Just spoken to my brother who works for Coke, he’s just told me that his company has lost its case with HMRC. This bad news for company Kombi drivers/ builders Check out this link Coca-Cola fails to overturn company car tax ruling
  10. A

    Tax Efficiency

    Hello to all, a friend around the corner from me has bought a 60 plate panel van, removed the bulkhead, fitted a 2nd row of seats and Kombi Windows cut in. He says that he has to now re-register it with DVLA as a "panel van with windows" but this for tax purposes is still a std panel van. So...
  11. W

    Bik, Combi Vs Panel Van

    Hi everybody, New to this forum and about to rejoin the VW club 2 years after selling my T5.1 I'm after a bit of advice, I am in the fortunate position where I can choose my new company car and my employers are happy with me having a Transporter as opposed to a car. Ideally I would love a Kombi...
  12. Spitfire

    Kombi: Van or Car for Tax Purposes

    looking to buy Kimbo but now told it’s classed as a car, then someone else says no it’s not if over 1000 kg payload , grateful for any advice, going for test drive tmrw and getting so many conflicting answers. Thanks for any help
  13. BigBarn

    When is a van not a van ... ask HMRC!

    Saw this posted elsewhere... Legal ruling could increase Double-Cab van tax | Business Vans