battery sensor

  1. Pidsley

    Which Battery health monitor and drain monitor

    Could any one recommend a starter battery monitor that also checks the real life drain on the battery. (assuming this exists in a single peice of kit I'm trying to isolator a parasitic drain off my starter battery. TIA
  2. Ablemail camper power

    Ablemail Camper Power Systems.

    Hello to all on the T6 Forum. I’m Kevin , The technical engineer at Ablemail UK. I’m now on here to help with anything regards Ablemail camper power systems Euro 5/6 Dc- Dc battery to battery charging Systems products and solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me please to help Kind...
  3. L

    Ablemail Battery Monitor

    Does anyone have any experience of these? Bluetooth Battery Status Montitor I've got my Ablemail AMS installed and I'm currently using a couple of BM2 monitors. Just wondering if anyone has used one of these and if it gives more information than the BM2 software. Cheers
  4. D

    Dash Cam And Battery

    I am looking at getting fitted a dash cam, F800 Pro, front and rear. I have a concern that it may drain the battery. This is said due to the fact that my annual mileage is pretty low, <5k, and the van is sat on the driveway two weeks out of 5, due to working away. Does anyone have any advice on...
  5. Dellmassive

    Battery Monitoring -- How I Done It --

    Battery Monitoring -- How I Done It -- Part #1 Battery monitoring is a very important part of your 12v system . . . . whether its just the vans starter battery or your leisure setup keeping an eye on the power in your battery bank will keep you from breaking down and make sure your weekends...
  6. S

    Battery Monitor

    Has any one got/used one of these from
  7. K

    Battery And Charging Advice Appreciated

    My electrical system for the van is composed of an Xtreme 110ah leisure battery (XR1750Dc), Sargent EC155 PSU and Ablemail 12-12-30 charger. I'd hoped that regular weekly runs up north and return of 3-500 miles would keep the battery charged but realise I've been too optimistic and the battery...
  8. Skyliner33

    Help With Low Charging Voltage

    After reading posts by @Dellmassive I decided to get a Quicklynks bluetooth battery monitor 2. SO having installed it on the leisure battery I decided to have a look at what the App does. A couple of tings have surprised me. 1. I did a charge test, and I'm now worried I might have a problem...
  9. T

    Bluetooth Battery Monitor

    i have a ctek250 for charging the leisure battery from the alternator and soon also a solar panel, I also have a VictronConnect charger for when on hookup which has Bluetooth showing the battery charging. What I would like is a Bluetooth module to show me battery status and current in/ out...
  10. Josh Corps

    Starter Battery Discharge

    Hi all, I've been having trouble with my battery discharging if the vehicle is not being used. Takes about to weeks to go flat. I've taken it in as it's covered under warranty and they have come back and said that because it's a new type of van the alternator doesn't charge that battery anymore...
  11. LordGozer

    New Battery

    Hi all, I’ve done a quick search but can’t find anything about this issue, I wanted to share it in case anyone else has the same problem. I had VW assist out today for a flat battery, although it’s a converted camper the van is in regular use each week so it was a surprise to find the battery...
  12. Screenshot_20180803-153907_Battery Sense

    Screenshot_20180803-153907_Battery Sense

  13. Dellmassive

    Stop/ Alternator... Dc-dc Charger For Leisure Battery Or Not?

    So With all the talk regarding the Bluemotion thing and regen breaking and leisure batteries our T6 has finally arrived. The first thing we done was to checkout the factory fitted setup,...... Stop/start=check, Regen Braking=check, AGM starter battery=check leisure battery under passenger...
  14. Easyeieio

    Victron BMV 700 battery monitor and CTEK Dual 250SA

    I'm planning on installing the Victron BMV 700 battery monitor (Victron BMV-700 Multi-Function Battery Monitor (1 Battery/Bank)) in my new camper conversion. I really love the idea of measuring the current draw and the charge from my solar panels / charger etc etc I've always had Masterlink BTM...
  15. drew_greenday

    Battery Monitor or not

    I'm thinking of getting a battery monitor for my van. It would be good to see what sort of load i'm using when out and about, will also give an indication of how long left. Was specifically looking at the Nasa Marine BM-1 Clipper Battery Monitor. The only thing thats putting me off is the price...
  16. S

    Ring RSCDC30 - bulk charge, float mode and voltage drop?

    Hi everyone. First off, I'll tentatively stick my head above the parapet and whisper that I do not own a VW! I actually have a self build Iveco but have found myself lurking on the forum and reading opinions and thoughts on the Ring B2B charger, and intelligent alternators :) So I've now...
  17. mhill

    Quiescent Current - Battery Regulator

    Anyone able to shine any light on this? Address 61: Battery Regul. Labels: 1K0-907-534.clb Control Module Part Number: 7E0 907 534 HW: 7E0 937 090 Component and/or Version: Batt.regelung H80 0736 Software Coding: 330B1A73 Work Shop Code: WSC 02739 790 00000...