1. Ricardo T

    [GUIDE] Removing armrest covers for cleaning

    Afternoon lads and lasses...does anyone know if its possible to remove the armrest covers for washing/cleaning (or part thereof). One in particular is filthy from the previous owner and I think its time for a clean. Thankyou in advance.
  2. Andysmee

    Sold Pair armrests

    A pair of armrests in grey, bare ready to be covered with your trim, includes bolts and caps. Looking for £200 with free delivery, ono
  3. osman

    Rattling adjusters on arm rests

    Whilst trying to tame some of the members of my rattle symphony orchestra also referred to as my t6 I’ve noticed that two big offenders are the arm rest height adjusters .. they pick up on the beat and can’t help but join in with the overall rattling going on . It occurred to me that many have...
  4. G

    Help! Broken Armrest!

    Hi, any advice appreciated as i have snapped the left captains seat armrest bracket! the metal ring is in a few pieces! Any ideas?
  5. C

    Captains seat aftermarket armrests

    Has anyone fitted aftermarket arms to their seats,something like these?
  6. Dogs Dung

    Kombi rear seat armrests

    Has anyone come across arm rests for the Kombi rear seats? Is there a padded section that can sit at side of outer seats available ? Cheers
  7. L

    T6.1: arm rests on the highline?

    Hi all ordered a 6.1 highline today. It’s arriving next wed. just want to double check does the 6.1 still have the 2 pull down down arm rests on the drivers seat like the T6 ? It was one of my favourite things on my t6 cheers
  8. HotandCold

    Single passenger seat suppliers

    My van started out as a Highline panel van and has the double passenger seat which I am planning to change to a single seat. As part of my camper conversion, I am having a side mounted bed behind the driver which will pull out and meet up with the rotated front seats to make a full size double...
  9. T6Paul

    Sold Simora Captains Seats - Heated + Arm Rests

    Looking to sell on my front single captains chairs, these are the top spec version complete with arm rests, seat heating and lumber control. They are in excellent (unmarked) condition, I've owned the van from new it has never been smoked in or used as a builders van, low mileage. I don't have...
  10. andy greenwood

    Damaged Arm Rest !!

    Its a long story but during this bank holiday weekend away i have broken the arm rest on the drivers seat. The actual pivot arm looks totally ok, the part that has snapped off is attached to the seat. It looks like it can be unscrewed and replaced. Has anyone done this and if so, what was the...
  11. simon

    Arm Rest Removal

    I am trying to fit some new seat covers and the arm rests need to be removed. I can see the bolt but it's not a torq Is it a star? So the real question is which tool and size do I need? When I looked on Amazon and Harry Halfords they all look like torq bits which just spin inside Thanks
  12. Tym

    Rattle From Passenger Seatbelt Area...!!

    hi guys... please help, this is driving me insane.. there is a rattle from the seatbelt area, passenger side.. right at my ear level. I can’t seem to locate it, I’ve tried adjusting the belt height, pulling it tight whilst driving, pushing and prodding the plastics on the b post, the seat...
  13. Montecha

    Seat Upgrade Gallery

    Fresh from 'The Trimguru' - gone classy. Black Leather with white stitching plus heated upgrade.
  14. Oldrat

    Rattly Seat Belt Height Adjuster

    It’s driving me nuts, it’s the o/s one and beside my ear. It rattles like a good un. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone got a parts fiche diagram so that I can check that nothing is missing? I’ve taken it apart, and the problem is the ‘slider’ in the metal frame, it just bounces up...
  15. Toddy T

    Seat Armrests?

    My Drivers seat did not come with an armrest, can I install a armrest onto the seat or do I need to buy a new seat altogether? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  16. Mbr_tattoist

    Do Gti Seats Fit A T6 ?

    I’d really like 2front Gti seats or scirocco I’ll need to mount them onto a swirl base , is this straight forward or am I making loads of work ? Thanks dubbers