all-terrain tyres

  1. N

    Poor AT tyre performance in snow

    Hi there, I hope someone can help. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this sort of stuff, so apologies in advance! I have a LWB T6, that is sort of a 50% camper, so not daft heavy. I run General Grabber AT3 tyres in a 235/55 R18 104H XL In the recent snows, I found them practically useless...
  2. J

    ChurchHill ATs

    Anyone tried Churchill ATs? seem more of a budget AT tyre but seem to be way cheaper
  3. T6ChrisO

    Sold BFG Swamper Steels/Tyres x4 - £300

    New wheels will be going on next week so im going to advertise my current set for sale. Details as follows: 16" VE steelies wrapped in BFG All Terrain Tyres Wheels have been sprayed in a Matt Black by someone. Possible rattle can job, unsure. Finish isnt perfect but IMO totally acceptable...
  4. Lorna

    Which rims and All Terrain tyres for a T32?

    Hi, I’ve read all the posts about this but haven’t found the answer yet. I want to upgrade my rims and tyres for a more swamper look but am totally bamboozled by sizes/load ratings and potential issues. I’m hoping one of you helpful people will be able to say Ah, what you need is the X rims...
  5. J

    19" semi off road tyre?

    Hi all i have a set if 19" ronal 5 spoke alloys that came with my T6 T32 4 motion as a factory extra when speced new . (Or so im told) Currently they have 255x35x19 tyres on . Is there a semi off road 19" tyre that would fit?(to make use of the 4motion ) Dont want to have to buy new alloys ...
  6. M

    Hi from Derby! & Please help!

    Hi Folks! Campervan first timers looking for a an answer on tyres please! We currently have 18" rims with tyres 235/45/r18 fitted..... The tyres aren't great and I want to replace with BF Goodrich Trail Terrain tyres. Will the 235/55/r18 Goodrich tyre fit on my exisiting rims without...
  7. C

    17” wheels AT Tyres needed.

    Hello all, I need some advice from those who have already done this, experience counts above all else where wheels and tyres are concerned, I’ve taken the plunge and purchased some 17” wheels. Genuine VW items. 8X15 They’re originally for an Amorak and going on a T32. I’m after some...
  8. J

    Sold Navis Mac At alloys Falken Wlidpeak Tyres

    Navis Mac AT 17’ alloys fitted with Falken Wildpeak at3 tyres 235/65/17 Satin black only a few months old with less than 1500 miles on them I had these ceramic coated from new so loads easier to keep clean As new condition still on the van at the moment but should have my replacement wheels...
  9. Northern Monkey

    For Sale Bf Goodrich/ Clayton alloys

    Bf Goodrich all terrain ko2 Fronts 7mm Rears 9mm 215/65/16 103 load rated All alloys have no kerb damage just in need of a deep clean. £300 Ono pick up from Manchester.
  10. Ragster13

    Sold 17" Tomahawk Alloy Wheels & AT Tyres Swamper look

    New set of Tomahawk 17" alloy wheels and AT tyres, never fitted. Details of tyres in the photos, located in Syston Leicestershire, £900 ono
  11. CamperBadger

    Has my van been lifted?

    Hello, I have bought a van with 'all terrain' wheels/tyres. They are good to ride on but I have a question about the suspension/springs that the original owner is unable to answer (they just got things upgraded and took no interest in costs or technicalities). Looking at the pic, has my van...
  12. T

    Sold 5 x Yokohama Geolandar 235 65 17

    FOR SALE - 5 x Yokohama Geolandar G015 for sale (tyres only). 235 65 17 108H. £400 collection from Leeds. - 2 x front tyres have 7.4mm - 7.5mm tread. - 2 x rear tyres have 8.1mm - 7.8mm tread. - 1 x tyre (fitted to spare wheel) is brand new and has never been driven. I bought the tyres brand...
  13. L

    All season vs all terrain tyres

    Hi there! I'm looking for an AT tyre with rolling resistance and wet breaking class not higher than C for my T6.1 California (only 10% "off road") and high load index (109/107T or 104H) for 215/60R17 but there is almost none. So I thought maybe all season would be enough. I know Michelin...
  14. Orchardapple

    For Sale Falken Wildpeak 255/55 R18 109H

    Hello! I have 4 x Falken Wildpeak 255/55 R18 109H tyres available. I bought them through Stitches and Steel around two years ago however only drove on them for around 500 miles. The tyres are in excellent condition as you’d expect and have been stored in a dry garage while off the van. They...
  15. 1

    Sold Navis Mac AT 17in wheels and BFGoodrich BaJa Champion All-Terrain T/A Tyres - Max 800 miles usage. (Swamper)

    Hi All, Have decided to sell my swamper wheels and tyres. Bought my T6 just a couple of months back, recently converted, and it was fitted with these wheels and tyres. Looked absolutely fantastic, but truth is, my driving patterns don't justify the need for all terrain tyres like this. Set...
  16. carlg

    For Sale 4 x Black rhino warlord wheels

    For sale are my 17" Black rhino warlord wheels, Black and dark tint wheels are good condition only a few small marks no curbing. Fitted with radar At5 tyres 2 tyres are good 2 could do with swapping Looking for £795
  17. T

    Sold Swamper devonports

    Selling my 17 inch factory devonports which I’ve just had powder coated in black and fitted new cooper att discovery tires Have the original standard tyres as well think there Bridgestones Want £800 for the lot Done about 500 miles No longer need the off-road style wheels so am putting my...
  18. W

    Sold Black 16” steel wheels + AT tyres

    I’ve just put Wolfrace Assassin alloys so my steel wheels plus tyres are available for sale. Not sure what they’re worth, just looking for a fair offer (help appreciated) Not sure what the wheels are to be honest! Could do with some help from any guru to help identify them! I think they are 16’...
  19. chris ratay

    Which 17" Steel rims for A/T Off Road tyres?

    My new van arrived in Hamburg and it came with these beautiful 18" rims. I need 5x 17" steel rims as I'm going to convert to AT Tires. - What brands should I consider, and avoid? - Where's a good place in Europe to get 17" steel rims? - Anyone want to buy or trade?
  20. Ricardo T

    Sold BFG All Terrain Tyres 245/65/17 x4, like new (wheels NOT included) £300

    4 X BF Goodrich AT tyres...never used them myself but came on some wheels I bought off the forum and now getting around to doing something with the wheels, so wheels are NOT included. 245 X 65/17..all in as new condition, probably done about the 1000 miles as the tread is around 9mm, TBC with...