all-terrain tyres

  1. L

    All season vs all terrain tyres

    Hi there! I'm looking for an AT tyre with rolling resistance and wet breaking class not higher than C for my T6.1 California (only 10% "off road") and high load index (109/107T or 104H) for 215/60R17 but there is almost none. So I thought maybe all season would be enough. I know Michelin...
  2. Orchardapple

    For Sale Falken Wildpeak 255/55 R18 109H

    Hello! I have 4 x Falken Wildpeak 255/55 R18 109H tyres available. I bought them through Stitches and Steel around two years ago however only drove on them for around 500 miles. The tyres are in excellent condition as you’d expect and have been stored in a dry garage while off the van. They...
  3. 1

    Sold Navis Mac AT 17in wheels and BFGoodrich BaJa Champion All-Terrain T/A Tyres - Max 800 miles usage. (Swamper)

    Hi All, Have decided to sell my swamper wheels and tyres. Bought my T6 just a couple of months back, recently converted, and it was fitted with these wheels and tyres. Looked absolutely fantastic, but truth is, my driving patterns don't justify the need for all terrain tyres like this. Set...
  4. carlg

    For Sale 4 x Black rhino warlord wheels

    For sale are my 17" Black rhino warlord wheels, Black and dark tint wheels are good condition only a few small marks no curbing. Fitted with radar At5 tyres 2 tyres are good 2 could do with swapping Looking for £795
  5. T

    Sold Swamper devonports

    Selling my 17 inch factory devonports which I’ve just had powder coated in black and fitted new cooper att discovery tires Have the original standard tyres as well think there Bridgestones Want £800 for the lot Done about 500 miles No longer need the off-road style wheels so am putting my...
  6. W

    Sold Black 16” steel wheels + AT tyres

    I’ve just put Wolfrace Assassin alloys so my steel wheels plus tyres are available for sale. Not sure what they’re worth, just looking for a fair offer (help appreciated) Not sure what the wheels are to be honest! Could do with some help from any guru to help identify them! I think they are 16’...
  7. chris ratay

    Which 17" Steel rims for A/T Off Road tyres?

    My new van arrived in Hamburg and it came with these beautiful 18" rims. I need 5x 17" steel rims as I'm going to convert to AT Tires. - What brands should I consider, and avoid? - Where's a good place in Europe to get 17" steel rims? - Anyone want to buy or trade?
  8. Ricardo T

    Sold BFG All Terrain Tyres 245/65/17 x4, like new (wheels NOT included) £300

    4 X BF Goodrich AT tyres...never used them myself but came on some wheels I bought off the forum and now getting around to doing something with the wheels, so wheels are NOT included. 245 X 65/17..all in as new condition, probably done about the 1000 miles as the tread is around 9mm, TBC with...
  9. N

    Spare wheel carrier: Maximum spare wheel size?

    Folks, I have a 2018 t6 highline originally factory built on 16” rims. I have upgraded the wheels to 20” and also the front discs and callipers to 340mm.I’ve been told the 16” spare will not fit now. question does anyone know if the spare wheel carrier will accept a 17” rim shod with with a...
  10. J

    Really basic question - swamper look

    Hey Guys I have picked through thread after thread and find myself getting more and more confused about this. I have a T30 150DSG LWB van on order with 16” Claytons and want to swap out wheels and tyres for more of a swamper look. I don’t want to raise or lower the van, I don’t know what a...
  11. Jc85

    Sold General Grabber AT3 275/40/20 106

    Taken off my T6, only covered approximately 1000 miles. Around 9mm on each tyre. Manufactured this year (12th week 2022) Would look great on a swamper! Retail at £200+ a corner. Open to sensible offers. Would prefer collection but could meet around the South Yorkshire area.
  12. K

    spare wheel bracket

    Hello all. I have a factory fitted spare wheel bracket fitted but I think I need a bigger one, I am trying to fit a 235x55x18 tyre/wheel and it`s not happening. I have looked on the forums and I saw someone had made one but I would rather buy one as my diy skills are cr@p. Can anyone point me in...
  13. J

    Banded steels & swamper tyres

    Hi all I've searched and can't find anyone or any photos of banded steels with AT tyres? Is there a reason for this? I think it would look great and I'm wanting to go back to standard ride height and loose the 20"s Anyone running these or have any photos? Was also looking at the Tuff...
  14. Unimog

    Sold For Sale - 235 65 17 All terrain.

    For Sale - 4 Yokahama 235/65/17 GO15 All terrain tyres mounted on VW steel rims. The tyres have covered approximately 1500 miles. Yokahama claim in their marketing blurb that they are good for 60,000. They have a three peak rating and therefore ideal for all season driving including winter...
  15. davidblades

    8J A/T Tyre

    Our new ocean is due in about 6 weeks time. Can anyone recommend an all terrain tyre, similar to a BFG AT that will fit the 18inx8J Teresina Black Alloys that we have coming with the vehicle? Thanks in advance
  16. R

    235/55/18 All Terrain Fitment

    Hi! Currently have a 2019 T6 LWB T30 with H&R -40mm lowering springs with Koni shocks and am looking at putting General Grabber AT3 235/55/18 on my amarok alloys (7.5j +45) As far as I can research on here I think it should work but would appreciate it if anyone running the same or similar set...
  17. D.Bradley

    Help and advice swamper wheel and tyres upgrade

    Hi good afternoon everyone hope your all safe and well we would like to upgrade our camper van wheels to some swamper wheels and tyres what size should we be looking for please and what tyre size the camper is going to Steve at crs to sort out the suspension but was hoping to get the right...
  18. B

    General grabber any better than Goodrich? Pretty disappointed with bf Goodrich

    Hey guys, I have just put on some bf Goodrich tyres on my 6.1 and I’m not particularly impressed. They seem incredibly noisy, about 8 mpg less than continental tyres. It annoyed me so much I have put my standard wheels back on. Are general grabbers any better for noise / wet tarmac / mpg than...
  19. S

    18" Amarok Steel wheels with 235/55 Grabber AT3 tyres as new

    Bought new last year but never fitted. Buyer collects from Lancaster £900
  20. C

    Feedback would be appreciated on AT Tyres, All Season Tyres, against General Tyres in respect of handling, Braking, Longevity and Fuel consumption.

    I am Newbie and at a crossroad, one of many that I think I will find myself at on my journey. I pick my van up on Monday, already I have bought the wheels for it 17" steels. The factory fit wheels are 16" alloys that I don't like. I am now trying to decide what tyre to go for. I like the look...