all-terrain tyres

  1. Jc85

    For Sale General Grabber AT3 275/40/20 106

    Taken off my T6, only covered approximately 1000 miles. Around 9mm on each tyre. Manufactured this year (12th week 2022) Would look great on a swamper! Retail at £200+ a corner. Open to sensible offers. Would prefer collection but could meet around the South Yorkshire area.
  2. K

    spare wheel bracket

    Hello all. I have a factory fitted spare wheel bracket fitted but I think I need a bigger one, I am trying to fit a 235x55x18 tyre/wheel and it`s not happening. I have looked on the forums and I saw someone had made one but I would rather buy one as my diy skills are cr@p. Can anyone point me in...
  3. J

    Banded steels & swamper tyres

    Hi all I've searched and can't find anyone or any photos of banded steels with AT tyres? Is there a reason for this? I think it would look great and I'm wanting to go back to standard ride height and loose the 20"s Anyone running these or have any photos? Was also looking at the Tuff...
  4. Unimog

    Sold For Sale - 235 65 17 All terrain.

    For Sale - 4 Yokahama 235/65/17 GO15 All terrain tyres mounted on VW steel rims. The tyres have covered approximately 1500 miles. Yokahama claim in their marketing blurb that they are good for 60,000. They have a three peak rating and therefore ideal for all season driving including winter...
  5. davidblades

    8J A/T Tyre

    Our new ocean is due in about 6 weeks time. Can anyone recommend an all terrain tyre, similar to a BFG AT that will fit the 18inx8J Teresina Black Alloys that we have coming with the vehicle? Thanks in advance
  6. R

    235/55/18 All Terrain Fitment

    Hi! Currently have a 2019 T6 LWB T30 with H&R -40mm lowering springs with Koni shocks and am looking at putting General Grabber AT3 235/55/18 on my amarok alloys (7.5j +45) As far as I can research on here I think it should work but would appreciate it if anyone running the same or similar set...
  7. D.Bradley

    Help and advice swamper wheel and tyres upgrade

    Hi good afternoon everyone hope your all safe and well we would like to upgrade our camper van wheels to some swamper wheels and tyres what size should we be looking for please and what tyre size the camper is going to Steve at crs to sort out the suspension but was hoping to get the right...
  8. B

    General grabber any better than Goodrich? Pretty disappointed with bf Goodrich

    Hey guys, I have just put on some bf Goodrich tyres on my 6.1 and I’m not particularly impressed. They seem incredibly noisy, about 8 mpg less than continental tyres. It annoyed me so much I have put my standard wheels back on. Are general grabbers any better for noise / wet tarmac / mpg than...
  9. S

    18" Amarok Steel wheels with 235/55 Grabber AT3 tyres as new

    Bought new last year but never fitted. Buyer collects from Lancaster £900
  10. C

    Feedback would be appreciated on AT Tyres, All Season Tyres, against General Tyres in respect of handling, Braking, Longevity and Fuel consumption.

    I am Newbie and at a crossroad, one of many that I think I will find myself at on my journey. I pick my van up on Monday, already I have bought the wheels for it 17" steels. The factory fit wheels are 16" alloys that I don't like. I am now trying to decide what tyre to go for. I like the look...
  11. R

    All-Terrain on 18" silver alloys and two-tone paint

    Looking at what appears to be an unusual setup for my new, currently its a standard candy white with 16" highline alloys and the standard tyres. I want to go two tone (wrapped), probably orange, mint green or pale blue but I want BFGs too not only for the functionality for fields etc but also I...
  12. Dannyb6467

    Sold General Grabber AT3s 255/55/18 only 200 miles use

    As new, too big for my van that's lowered 50mm. Slight rubbing when on right full lock and because I monouver in tight spaces on site it would be a pain. Looking for £100 each More photos if needed once the tyres are removed later today.
  13. hoddo

    20" wheels with BF Goodrich - kind help requested for the uninitiated

    Hello, I acquired my van in early summer. It came with 20" wheels and some of the worse tires I've had the misfortune of using. They're 275/40/20. I really like the look of the BF Goodrich and the closest match I can find to my existing size is 265/55r20. Is there and easy way to see if they...
  14. BlackClouds

    All Terrain Wheels with Road Tyres

    I’m looking for some examples of A/T rims fitted with all season road tyres. Most people have A/T tyres but I’m looking for something more road biased. I’ve only managed to find one example online which is the pic attached below. I’m looking to install 17” Fuel Zephers with 235/55/17...
  15. GoldieD1

    BFG urban terrain Anyone using these?
  16. T

    Sportline’s with AT3?

    Anyone fitted 18” inch sportline alloys with 235 55 R18 general grabber AT3’s Will they work if it’s lowered 40mm
  17. D

    Going from 215/65/16 to 245/65/17 - 8.5% bigger circ

    Firstly, sorry for going over old ground. I’m due to replace my 5.1 with a shiny new 6.1 and want to get the wheels sorted from the beginning. I’m looking at getting AT wheels (17”)and tyres to replace the standard 16”. According to willtheyfit, there is an 8.5% difference in speed (to the good)...
  18. VW Smith

    BFG A/T on Cascavel 17’s

    Right just putting it out there bear with me, just bought some Judd 311r’s love them... BUT got a set of 17” chrome/black cascaval I was going to sell on and was thinking of putting some big BFG All terrain tires on 65 or 75. What I’m asking is does anyone have any pics with this wheel or...
  19. Gillyg46

    Sold BF-GOODRICH Tyres & VW 16” steel wheels

    Near new BFGOODRICH T/A KM3 mud-terrain tyres. 235/70/r16 110/1070 M+S Tyres. Done 1k gentle miles on them. Tyres are fitted to VW 16” Matte black steel wheels, in good condition. Tyres cost £150 new EACH! Open to offers. Wheels will also come with fitting bolts. For sale in Glasgow.
  20. M

    New wheels for long journeys as well as field work

    Hi guys looking to finally get some wheels, i do some long jouneys and im in the fields with the van. Please as a wheel virgin can you help, I was thinking off road tyres ? but open to advice on every thing cheers guys