air filter

  1. E

    Does anyone know which is the sensor that indicates the temperature on board a t6 2.0 biturbo?

    Does anyone know which is the sensor that indicates the temperature on board a t6 2.0 biturbo?
  2. A

    Air intake repositioning

    is there any way of raising the air take on a T6 without fitting a snorkel we have been hitting a lot of flooded roads
  3. M

    T6.1 Air Intake Location

    Can anyone tell me where the end of the engine air intake is on a T6.1 auto diesel please, I am concerned about the risk of flood water if we have a wet winter.
  4. T

    Change Air filter on cluster

    My van can’t go more than a day wothout beeping something at me at the moment! Inspection - done Oil change / service - done Adblu fill up - done Today it randomly bitched about ‘change air filter’ and a spanner come up on the cluster on ignition on. I can’t see anything in the cluster that...
  5. J

    Noise from air box and egr floe fault

    Hi I've got a VW t6 102 and have a couple of issues. I recently had my egr replaced as it was blocked. since this work was carried out I have an engine fault for egr low flow. I've also noticed when I rev my engine and let the revs die off it makes a noise around the airfilter housing like a...
  6. T

    Air filter box bolt

    Evening all, have noticed that my airbox rattles around a lot and after having a look tonight I have seen the front bolt fixing is missing, does anyone know what type and size of bolt it should be please? Its the one marked number 11:
  7. Jim Rey

    So who makes VW filters.. Bosch maybe, Mahle?

    I want to change my air filter. The part number is 7EO.129.620 Measured it . L=310mm w=190mm As regards height do I I have got 65mm approx from the bottom of the fiter up to the rubber rim Where would I get the genuine part from or would euro carparts Bosch or Mahle filter do the job? Living...
  8. S18RVW

    Power increase - exhaust or air-filter?

    y had one choice for a power increase what would it be between an exhaust or a performance air filter?
  9. AussieMick

    Replaced Air Filter - big difference

    I have a 2016 T6 FWD Euro 5 140 HP van. My air filter had done about 44000kms, many of those on dusty roads. It had been replaced at 30,000km by VW. So van has done about 74000km now. My engine appeared to be working fine but I thought because of hardish use [Dusty roads] , I would inspect...
  10. AussieMick

    Air filter assembly question 0

    Is the switch marked 1 the mass air flow switch and no 2 the turbo boost switch. Just trying to educate myself. Thanks.
  11. S

    Upgrading the pollen filter / cabin filter

    I can't help but notice that my T6.1 Shuttle is totally useless at filtering out outside pollution, smell and smoke compared to my wife's T6 California Ocean. Is there any reason for this and is there some way I can make my T6.1 shuttle better at filtering out outside crap?
  12. Alexzeat

    Swamper air filter.

    Hi guys! im looking for a air filter for my t6. im interested in a off road filter , which you recomend? thanks
  13. J

    Air Box Removal

    Evening peeps.... I have noticed that the side retainer, on the lower left side of the air filter box is missing. Broken off it looks like. This retainer, slides into the the wing, just to give some support to hold the lower section of the air filer box in place. Unlike mine wobbles around like...
  14. Spencer

    Airbox Mod

    Anyone opened up the airbox under the filter to see like a plastic ‘snow grate’ type insert in? anyone removed this like they do in the golf gti/R and fit a free flowing filter? Wondering if there’s any dyno with and without kinda thing.
  15. Dellmassive

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where -

    Service Parts List - What Goes Where - Here is a Basic list for all Parts required for Servicing which will be updated moving forwards: Brakes: Pads: 308mm F Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle) Product Code: 101441298 340mm F Pagid Pagid Brake Pad (Front Axle)Product Code: 101441868 340mm F Brembo...
  16. S

    Revo Air Filter ?

    Hi guys Revo air filter any good with doing ? Sounds good
  17. R

    K&N Air filter

    Has any body used a K&n air filer if so what are they like, and are they worth the money and are there any gains ?