aftermarket head unit

  1. Lewislovesbread

    ZENEC head unit

    Zenec Z-E2055 Anybody heard of Zenec? they seem to do VW group head units and seem to have been doing them for a while. The Zenec Z-E2055 seems a really good spec.
  2. SAF1981

    Android Auto Head Unit recommendations

    Has anyone installed an aftermarket Android media unit to replace the VW T6 unit? If so which one have you installed or recommend? I'm looking for one that has DAB, Bluetooth, Mirror phone, GPS, reverse camera..... Thanks
  3. Wiltshirejay

    Kenwood dmx8019dabs upgrade

    Hi everyone I’m looking at buying a Kenwood dmx8019dabs to take out the basic factory unit on our T6. What other parts do I need to make the swap please other than the DMX8019dabs. thank you
  4. C

    Kenwood 9180 won’t turn on

    Can anyone help? I turned the system off and cannot get it to come back on now… any idea how to get t to start? Thanks
  5. N

    Front facing camera on a aftermarket head unit

    Hi there We would like to fit a front facing camera to our 2016 T6 Startline camper conversion. Currently we have a reversing camera, which I installed, connected to our Sony CarPlay head unit which we want to keep. The head unit has a Canbus module to provide power and the camera power feed...
  6. T

    T6.1 aftermarket stereo install adapter kit

    Was doing some general stereo browsing and saw this Just wondered if anyone thought about this or looked at head unit options for t6.1
  7. J

    issues with Pioneer SPh da 120

    Hey everyone, just bought a t5.1 with pioneer sph da120 headunit, i cant get the bluetooth to work, and the setting are greyed out. Iv taken it out, and cant see anything obvious, also cant see any cables marked up as park brake, as i thought that may need to be grounded, Any ideas?
  8. scunny nige

    Alpine halo 9 issue

    Hi I took the screen off the alpine halo 9 to paint the suround on the dash , put it back on an now nothing wont turn on ,checked every fuse , is there an internal fuse on the head unit Cheers nige
  9. W

    Kenwood head unit and usb/audio-in sockets

    Afternoon everyone. I have a T6 highline and VW upgraded my stereo to the Kenwood head unit. Ever since this has been in I have not been able to use the USB and audio input jack. Is this able to be used together and maybe they forgot to connect it? I'm interested to know what you reckon as I...
  10. Y

    For Sale Pioneer AVIC-F9880DAB Headunit

    Originally supplied and fitted by Slidepods. Includes dash surround and the loom that I removed from my van. This is a good quality sat nav unit - I only removed it as a I decided to go with an Absolut5 set up with a Kenwood headunit. £495 £450 Collection from GL51 preferred.
  11. E

    Glare on aftermarket head unit

    OK so the head unit in my T6 was US when i got it so out it went and a JVC KM-M960BW was fitted. all works fine, has android auto etc. BUT any slight sunlight and i just cant see the screen it is practically useless for navigation. i could start making fancy peaks to prevent the glare but just...
  12. GavMc P11GT

    Kenwood DMX-7017dabs Steeing wheel controls

    I have the Kenwood Dmx-7017dabs And just bought the steering controls quad lock and interface all original Kenwood parts their part numbers numbers CAW-KIMUN1 and CAW-CKIMVW3 I have connected them all up but I have no function of the steering controls, parking sensor display or MFD...
  13. JTT6

    Kenwood DMX9720XDS 10.1" Head unit fitted myself

    I thought I would do a little post about fitting my new head unit, replacing a broken discover media system. It's fairly new to the market and not seen one in a T6 yet, so thought people may be interested. All of the bits were supplied by the fantastic guys at @Absolut5 and I fitted it myself...
  14. Phil S

    Faulty Kenwood DNX518VDABS

    I have read with interest the diversity of problems in the threads. Before the conversion of my T6 the company doing the conversion took it to VW for the Kenwood upgrade. I have now taken delivery (14 weeks and delighted) All seems to be but while I can hear callers they cannot hear me. VW of...
  15. N

    Sony Apple CarPlay wiring help 2016 T6

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone maybe able to assist me. We purchased a 2016 Startline T6 in January, ready for a camper conversion in May - due to Covid, it was completed last week! We are absolutely delighted with the conversion. I have bought a Sony XAV-AX3005DB Apple CarPlay stereo, and need...
  16. W

    Alpine ILX-F903 Fitting to T6

    Hi, I have a shiny new Alpine ILX-F903 waiting to be fitted. I have the fascia adapter and USB retention sorted. However, I am a bit lost as to what interface/adapters I need to order. I have a Startline so no MFSW but its does have MFD-Plus so I would like to retain the audio info coming up...
  17. D

    T6.1 aftermarket headunits

    The T6.1 has been out for a while now, but I can’t remember seeing one that has had the head unit swapped yet. Is there a good reas
  18. Texxaco

    What is this on my MFD?

    Having fitted my Alpine X802D-U HU after it coming back from Alpine I now have this small issue. The Image below only shows when I am listening to Apple CarPlay, everything else such as Radio stations show correctly on the MFD. Anyone shed any light?
  19. Y

    Kenwood firmware update failed, now stuck in a loop.... [Resolved]

    So I've just attempted to update my Kenwood DNX9190 firmware. I have done this successfully previously when I first installed the unit. This time the update starts as expected but then tells me the USB connection has been lost and to re-insert the USB. I pull the USB out and re-insert. Now...
  20. M

    Sold Kenwood DNX516DABS

    Just replaced my Kenwood DNX516DABS in my van, so it's for sale. Comes with SatNav aerial and cable to connect 2 USB's but no other leads as I reused them. Couple of scratches on the screen - £50 - collection from Derby Cheers!