aftermarket head unit

  1. D

    Sold KENWOOD Multimedia centre

    For sale is a (virtually) brand new KENWOOD DMX920 XDS with CMOS-320 multi view camera. The main unit was installed one week before I bought the van (last week of October) and the camera is uninstalled, still in box. Both are surplus requirements as I already had my own set-up. Also comes with...
  2. Blackjacksurf

    Sony XAVAX3005DB

    Hi I've just bought a Sony XAVAX3005DB.EUR.A I want to fit it into a 2018 Trendline no steering controls etc. Can I use original reversing sensors also can anyone help / advise with fitting kit, canbus etc. Thanks
  3. C

    Dynavin T6.1 fit

    Anyone fitted the Dynavin head unit for the T6.1? Good video here; Looks interesting but not sure of the quality but it is German so it’s all good isn’t it
  4. timthetinyhorse

    Ali Express Head Units?

    Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. Im Looking for an upgraded head unit for my van but don’t want to spend fortunes. I have seen a a few on Ali Express for the £60 make but not sure if it’s worth the gamble and if it will be terrible quality. Has anyone tried one? I don’t have...
  5. O

    T6.1 SOS disable following aftermarket head unit

    Apologies is already covered, did a search but couldnt find anything. I have fitted an aftermarket head unit to my T6.1. This in turn stops the sos function working and caused a warning and light on the dash (i was made aware and told this can be coded out with Vagcom). I have a local garage...
  6. S

    ‘Specialist’ lost my reversing feed on Pioneer H/U

    Hi looking for advice. I took my 68 vw t6 to an audio specialist for a head unit upgrade. Currently I have the mib2 unit but ut is on the crossover. The specialist fitted the Pioneer Sh160 but I lost my reverse sensor image and phone controls on steering wheel plus the unit dud not sit...
  7. Dav-Tec

    Alpine Halo 9 & 11 Connection issues with Wireless CarPlay

    Hi everyone, Just an update to support people with the Alpine 9 & 11 head units. If you are experiencing connection issues with wireless CarPlay please update your head units' firmware. using the following link which has the firmware and instructions. CLICK ME PLEASE NOTE YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO...
  8. Mwcard

    For Sale Double din android head unit - not VW

    Hi all, I've got an android double din headunit that I purchased about 5 years ago to fit to a BMW 1 series but we got rid of the car and it was never fitted. New out the box. I think it's a generic headunit in that it will fit any single din chassis but has a double din face. The screen...
  9. grumpydad

    That "Oh No What have I done" moment - completely dead after fiddling with the head unit [Resolved]

    Hello, I hope someone somewhere can help me! I am very new to car maintenance and it seems I have inadvertently killed my new car. We bought a 2016 T6 Caravelle a month or so ago. It had had a few modifications done to it, including a remap, a suspension upgrade, and an Alpine ILX-F903D head...
  10. A

    Upgrading head unit, can’t connect DIN cable

    I found a Kenwood DMX8019DABS and got the required bits from @Absolut5 with top service. Posting here so you or anyone who knows can answer. He warned the DIN cable would be tight to connect, but it looks like I’m going to damage the connector in the process. The DIN pin count is correct but...
  11. S

    Alpine iLX-F115D Halo 11 OR Kenwood DMX9720XDS

    Cant decide between these two, fitting in a 6.1, I think both will look nice and do exactly what they say on the tin KW quite old though! What do yous think?
  12. H

    Alpine Halo 9

    I've recently bought a van and the previous owner had changed the original VW Discovery head unit to an Alpine Halo iLX-F903D. Which to be honest I'm not that impressed with for several reason. He also upgraded the front speakers and fitted a sub under the seat, but to be honest I don't think...
  13. Bynxy

    Alpine Halo 11

    Hello and happy new year has anyone fitted an Alpine Halo 11 to there T6 as I am going to upgrade to the current head unit and one of the options is the 11" screen over the 9" if so do they think the screen is too big or the right size thanks Liam
  14. T

    Oem kenwood head unit keeps switching off after half an hour

    Hi. My factory kenwood head unit appears to want a rest every half an hour. It's a but annoying if sat nav is going or I'm on a call. Is this a glitch that can be sorted or is the head unit for the scrap heap. Thanks
  15. P20

    Pioneer 9200 ~ any good? (As no Kenwoods are available!)

    I was wanting to fit the Kenwood 8020, but they’re all sold out. Spoke to a local installer who has recommended the Pioneer 9200. Clicky linky thing to Pioneer 9200 It looks like it does all the same. Installer reckons it’s better on DAB reception (it’s getting a new external aerial too) and...
  16. Lewislovesbread

    ZENEC head unit

    Zenec Z-E2055 Anybody heard of Zenec? they seem to do VW group head units and seem to have been doing them for a while. The Zenec Z-E2055 seems a really good spec.
  17. OllieGBR

    Kenwood DMX8019dabs

    Sadly many VW online stores are closed, so trying to get an understanding of parts and bits is a challenge, (not as much as those business at risk of course)! I have a lot of time on my hands currently, so trying to get my van finished for the summer! I've managed to source the Kenwood DMX8019...
  18. C

    Kenwood 9180 won’t turn on

    Can anyone help? I turned the system off and cannot get it to come back on now… any idea how to get t to start? Thanks
  19. N

    Front facing camera on a aftermarket head unit

    Hi there We would like to fit a front facing camera to our 2016 T6 Startline camper conversion. Currently we have a reversing camera, which I installed, connected to our Sony CarPlay head unit which we want to keep. The head unit has a Canbus module to provide power and the camera power feed...
  20. T

    T6.1 aftermarket stereo install adapter kit

    Was doing some general stereo browsing and saw this Just wondered if anyone thought about this or looked at head unit options for t6.1