aftermarket head unit

  1. lukeadams

    Alpine Headunit screen issue

    Has anyone had any experience with an Alpine Headunit overheating? I’ve recently fitted an X803 and after around 30 minutes of use a patch appears on the headunit screen (attached). I’ve tried using the coolest setting on my dash vents but doesn’t seem to have any effect. I’m worried due to the...
  2. angelameaney

    iPad style/large screen headunit

    Hi I changed my head unit to a basic Kenwood CarPlay one and am disappointed by the dull screen. Am used to a lovely bright screen in our Golf. (The touchscreen was broken down one side on the original head unit.) I saw on FB marketplace someone with a T5 selling what looks like a tablet...
  3. G

    Opinions on Pioneer h/u?

    Anyone fitted a SPH-EVO950DAB? My OEM unit is starting to get really glitchy so maybe time for a change? This Pioneer ticks a lot of boxes, mainly that it won't look like a Tesla in the front as the unit looks similar size to the total size of the original unit corner to corner. I've had...
  4. L

    Pioneer avh-a3100dab fitting in a T6.

    Will a Pioneer avh-a3100dab fit in a T6, I have the basic DAB radio with SWC? Has anyone installed one of these, if it does fit I take it that it will need a loom and adaptor facia? Thanks.
  5. W

    T6.1 - SOS retention with aftermarket headunit

    Hello, I am installing a new headunit Alpine LX-f115d and I want to retein the SOS e-call. I have ordered the retention kit (it is out of stock for the moment) However I was wondering once the kit arrives, I would to know where it needs to be installed. As I am removing the dash panels...
  6. lukeadams

    Wanted Alpine F905

    I’m looking for an Alpine F905 if anyone’s bought one and having second thoughts
  7. The Flying Scotsman

    Are these Chinese Android H/U any good?

    Seen these and they look ok. I’m wondering if anyone has one and if they are easy to fit and any good. I’m looking to upgrade but don’t want to spend £1k + on an alpine or Kenwood. I would get the dab and reversing camera add ons...
  8. Steve1978

    My iPad infotainment Headunit

    Hi, So I have for a very long time been thinking about replacing my Pioneer FB88DAB (which is an outstanding unit by the way) with an iPad Mini. My reasons for wanting to do this are: 1) love google maps and Waze 2) Screen is brighter, I actually cant see the screen at all in the summer. 3)...
  9. U

    AerPro head unit?

    My original head unit is dying, and I wanted a quick, simple solution. I've had a pretty shitty time lately and just wanted a quick win. I went to my a local car parts shop and spent a bit of time talking to a helpful staff member who ended up selling me a Kenwood dmx7522dabs and a kit that was...
  10. G

    Vhedia head unit?

    I have a transporter T6 2017, screen and head unit have been on the way out for a while. A friend of mine just replaced his head unit in his amarok of the same age with a new unit from a company called Vhedia. His old head unit went the same way as mine. Vhedia seems like a really good...
  11. D

    Sold KENWOOD Multimedia centre

    For sale is a (virtually) brand new KENWOOD DMX920 XDS with CMOS-320 multi view camera. The main unit was installed one week before I bought the van (last week of October) and the camera is uninstalled, still in box. Both are surplus requirements as I already had my own set-up. Also comes with...
  12. Blackjacksurf

    Sony XAVAX3005DB

    Hi I've just bought a Sony XAVAX3005DB.EUR.A I want to fit it into a 2018 Trendline no steering controls etc. Can I use original reversing sensors also can anyone help / advise with fitting kit, canbus etc. Thanks
  13. C

    Dynavin T6.1 fit

    Anyone fitted the Dynavin head unit for the T6.1? Good video here; Looks interesting but not sure of the quality but it is German so it’s all good isn’t it
  14. timthetinyhorse

    Ali Express Head Units?

    Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. Im Looking for an upgraded head unit for my van but don’t want to spend fortunes. I have seen a a few on Ali Express for the £60 make but not sure if it’s worth the gamble and if it will be terrible quality. Has anyone tried one? I don’t have...
  15. O

    T6.1 SOS disable following aftermarket head unit

    Apologies is already covered, did a search but couldnt find anything. I have fitted an aftermarket head unit to my T6.1. This in turn stops the sos function working and caused a warning and light on the dash (i was made aware and told this can be coded out with Vagcom). I have a local garage...
  16. S

    ‘Specialist’ lost my reversing feed on Pioneer H/U

    Hi looking for advice. I took my 68 vw t6 to an audio specialist for a head unit upgrade. Currently I have the mib2 unit but ut is on the crossover. The specialist fitted the Pioneer Sh160 but I lost my reverse sensor image and phone controls on steering wheel plus the unit dud not sit...
  17. Dav-Tec

    Alpine Halo 9 & 11 Connection issues with Wireless CarPlay

    Hi everyone, Just an update to support people with the Alpine 9 & 11 head units. If you are experiencing connection issues with wireless CarPlay please update your head units' firmware. using the following link which has the firmware and instructions. CLICK ME PLEASE NOTE YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO...
  18. Mwcard

    For Sale Double din android head unit - not VW

    Hi all, I've got an android double din headunit that I purchased about 5 years ago to fit to a BMW 1 series but we got rid of the car and it was never fitted. New out the box. I think it's a generic headunit in that it will fit any single din chassis but has a double din face. The screen...
  19. grumpydad

    That "Oh No What have I done" moment - completely dead after fiddling with the head unit [Resolved]

    Hello, I hope someone somewhere can help me! I am very new to car maintenance and it seems I have inadvertently killed my new car. We bought a 2016 T6 Caravelle a month or so ago. It had had a few modifications done to it, including a remap, a suspension upgrade, and an Alpine ILX-F903D head...
  20. A

    Upgrading head unit, can’t connect DIN cable

    I found a Kenwood DMX8019DABS and got the required bits from @Absolut5 with top service. Posting here so you or anyone who knows can answer. He warned the DIN cable would be tight to connect, but it looks like I’m going to damage the connector in the process. The DIN pin count is correct but...