1. Shredder

    Absolut5 Audio

    Just because they have loads of good reviews on here and Facebook already, it would be remiss of me not to add another after such a good result and experience with them. I had the @Absolut5 full 'Signature' sound system upgrade. How can you quantify the quality of the sound in a review ...
  2. B

    AbsoluT5 Audio

    Massive thanks to @Absolut5 for their work to my t6 . Went for their signature stereo / rear speakers and fitting of @saxoboy puddle lights . Wow wow wow ... best stereo I’ve had for years !! Well worth the money and a super clean install . Anybody thinking of it ... just book it in :)
  3. cbrblade

    Big thanks to Absolut5

    Thanks to Absolut5 for sorting parts for my bodged head unit its now working as it should Thank you
  4. Absolut5

    Mail Order Audio Setups

    Due to the products and services we offer at Absolut5 being non essential we will be closing the doors to the public as from tonight. We want to play our part in trying to reduce the strain on the NHS and hopefully help save lives down the line. Once we are allowed back to work hopefully in 3...
  5. Village


    Yet another heap of praise for @Absolut5! Went over to Salisbury yesterday to have the Signature audio fitted with rear fill speakers. It is incredible! I don’t have any recent experience of aftermarket audio, but absolutely shits all over any “high end” factory audio upgrade I have encountered...
  6. J

    Speaker Recommendations

    I'm sure this has been done a million times over but can't seem to find any up to date answers. I have a 2017 factory kombi.. I'm looking for some front speaker replacements, and then to install some rears. I'm not looking for anything too dramatic or expensive, just want to improve the dismal...
  7. JasonW

    Absolut 5 ... 5 Star

    Another thumbs up for Absolut5 Great service and a professional job fitting the kenwood 9190 today. Thanks guys, keep up the good work
  8. L


    Bit delayed as been manic. Had my van booked in for work to be done in August. 3 stage sound proofing Anthracite carpet applied to the metalwork Panel set with complete hidden fixings Grey and Azure vinyl for the individual look Mains hook up/leisure battery and sockets installed to customer...
  9. Yzfr1

    Hidden Lighting Roof Lining

    In the pic below stolen from the internet....could anyone tell me if the left and right roof paneling hiding the lights are a option to buy. If so where from?
  10. czmate1999

    Audio Choice...

    Hi All, Firstly, i know this is a first world problem, but i only want to upgrade my audio system once and so want to make the right choice. I know many on the forum have made use of Absolut5 excellent services and would like to make use of your thoughts. I am stuck in my choice between their...
  11. P


    Another review of Absolut5. Fantastic experience from start to finish having the audio upgraded in my van. Well worth the 300 Mile 5hr round trip. The journey home definitely sounded better than the journey to them. Great to find a trustworthy company who really know their stuff. Can’t...
  12. alan raith


    I can't praise these folks highly enough - from the email exchange, the lovely welcome when I turned up for the work to be done, the brilliant job they have done - I am soooo impressed! I had a Kenwood satnav fitted (superb - thank you Jason for your wise advice on choice) and a reversing...
  13. Leehoops

    Converting Uma

    Hi guys , I would like to introduce myself - I’m lee (Hoops) I’m reasonably new to the forum after ordering my T32 highline panel van in feb 2019 , I’ve been following all you knowledgeable people Since then to gain as much info as poss ! I’ve had a T5-1 from new in 2013 used as a work van to...
  14. I

    Absolut5 Review

    So, picked my van up from Jason at @Absolut5 on the 4th of March and my initial thoughts were - what a beautiful job! Due to other commitments I hadn’t had the chance to go away in the van until last weekend and give it a proper testing of all the bits we had done: So, here goes... 3 stage...
  15. gal2009

    Absolut 5

    Mentioned how happy i am with the works carried out by @Absolut5 on another thread, but @Fish correctly suggested a review/recommend of works done. Can't recommend highly enough. From start to finish, Jason, and Noel who i met at the end, were brilliant. Works carried out: Side bars and front...
  16. Absolut5

    Audio Upgrades

    Just a reminder We have been installing Audio upgrades since the T4 day’s We only supply specialist brands to give you the very best performance and reliability, From headunit, speaker upgrades to fully amp setups. All headunit and speakers supplied by us are designed for easy diy plug and...
  17. Eddie Sutherland

    Very Busy Morning

    Well had a really busy morning reading my book whilst the lads at Absolut5 installed and activated cruise, MFSW and a new pioneer reverse camera and all in three hours. Great service great lads.
  18. Vdubcuz

    Absolute Audio

    Just had the signature audio system fitted to the van and what an amazing improvement!, the sound quality is absolutely fantastic!. Nice Jbl sub under the passenger seat in a custom enclosure, Jbl Amp, hertz Millie component speaker and tweeters, and set of pioneers in the rear. Great service...
  19. CJ_T6-red

    Absolut5 - Electrics And Heater

    Just picked up my van today from Jason @Absolut5 , Choosing them after great reviews on here, visited him a few weeks back and he spent a good time chatting to me on options with the electrics, and where the diesel heater would go, booked in, and watched the days tick by before the drop off...
  20. sofakingwrong

    Absolut5 And Vw Van Conversions/ Colin Oxford T5

    Everyone has heard of @Absolut5 and @VWVC formerly Colin at Oxford t5, the forums are full of outstanding reviews and a quick search will show you examples of their work. They are both small family orientated business and everyone is friendly and professional. Given the popularity of the work...