1. Fidget

    20" Tyre Advice - sizing / brand / pressure

    yeah, I'm sure you've heard it all before from another newbie, sorry about this. It's time to change the rubber, the van came with a new set of tyres that turned out to be just better than crap. They've been on there or 6 months and are done already. Wheels were new, it's not been curbed or off...
  2. J

    The perfect 20” tyre size

    Hi guys, I have 40/275 tyres on 20” rims. Would it be possible to put 45/275 tyres on, or would they rub when putting on a full steering lock?
  3. F

    255/35/20 Tyres

    Hi I've seen some alloys and wondered if these wheels will fit my T6 T32 kombi ? 255/35/zr20 102Y xl 5x120 900kg any help would be great
  4. ashburner

    20” Navis on SoLow coilovers

    Morning Guys! After a year of scouting through the forum for information and tips i thought it was about time i introduced myself and said hello! I bought my T6 in March this year as a basic panel van and have been slowly converting into our ideal day van / camper, for taking our 2 dogs and...
  5. B

    T28 with 97Y tyres…

    Hello, I'm after some advice on tyres please. I have a T28 converted T6 that currently has 255/35 R20 97Y with Wolf Race alloys and I've been told today that they are not the right tyre for the load weight and that I need a 103Y. I have been searching the net and had no luck finding the right...
  6. GregT1989

    Sold 20” Inovit Wheels & Tyres

    Good Morning All :) I have recently purchased a new set of modular rims with tyres for my T6 and will be selling my Inovit 20" Staggered Diamond Cut Alloys with tyres. I will be getting these alloy wheels refurbished prior to sale as the rear alloys do have some marking and I would want them...
  7. A

    255/35/20 -50mm drop?

    Hi Guys, I’m looking at these on my T30. https://www.vanstyle.co.uk/van/wolfrace-dortmund-gloss-black-wheel-tyre-p-7780.html Tyres would be 255/35/20 102 Im currently running standard shocks with 50mm H&R lowering springs on standard 17” VW alloys on spacers. Will I have any issues with the...
  8. Gillyg46


    Hi everyone, new member here! Selling my brand new 20” black T6 VW alloy wheels with brand new tyres. I’ve just swapped them for the swamper look. I’m in the Glasgow area. Looking for £850 but open to offers. Tyre size 255 35 20 thanks
  9. Rob The Daddy

    For Sale Haida 255/35/20 102Y XL Tyres

    For sale: 3 x Good tyres 1 x Not so good thrown in Email me with an offer. Collection in Bristol or I can recommend a competent courier via Anyvan. They came new with my van; only been on the road for a few months. I hit a kerb rather annoyingly, causing the damage as seen to the solo tyre...
  10. Rob The Daddy

    TYRE HELP! Haida 255/35ZR20 102Y XL (Other Recommendations plus Alloys)

    Hi Everyone, I have a T32 S TDI T6 Shuttle, and it came with 20" Alloys and the above tyres. I foolishly damaged one of the tyres and need to get one of the above, but they seem hard to find. There are a 'seconds' set on Ebay, although about 2.5 hrs away. Could someone recommend a robust set...
  11. Inthezone

    Sold Ats 20" Alloys

    set of 4 20" alloys will fit without spacers and will accept 255/35/20 or 275/40/20 in fairly good condition with valves and wheel bolts / locking bolts £400 IMG_0881 by Inthezone posted 18 Mar 2020 at 17:04IMG_0880 by Inthezone posted 18 Mar 2020 at 17:04IMG_0879 by Inthezone posted 18 Mar...
  12. T

    Pirelli Tyres

    Have a chance of some 275/40/20 106Y would these rub and what kind of ride do they give there going on some Range Rover overfinch rims or would 275/35/20 be better this is on a T30
  13. C

    Newbie Owner With Wheel/tyre Dilemma

    Hi all I have a T6 T30 lowered by 30 mm currently running on 20 inch rims with 255/35 r20 tyres ....... what combination of tyres and rims would give me a less harsh ride Thinking of 18 inch rims with 255/45/18 Goodyear tyres not at all keen on low profiles Seems a bit of a minefield guidance...
  14. RHD

    New Van [which dealer fitted underrated tyres to]

    Hi everyone New to this so please bear with me . Just picked up my new t6 :) finally after years dithering about the expense, Pictures attached, I think :) If I remap from 204ps to 250 will it void the warranty? Cheers
  15. toomasheikkinen

    255/35/20 on 9J wheels

    Is't here anyone who driving with 255/35/20 9J wheels? If you have, can you post some pictures, THANKS!
  16. Scott

    Tyre pressures 255/35/20

    What pressure do you recommend for a T 28 camper with 20 " wheels with 255/35/20 tyres ... Cheers