1. Lutty

    240v outside socket

    Hi All, I've been wondering if it's possible or if anyone has done it. I would like a 240v socket outside of the van but attached someware so that I can keep power onto the coolbox. Already have a fridge inside, coolbox is for extra storage. Can you have a splitter from the main cable for the...
  2. G

    230v sockets in parallel - advice

    Hey - was hoping somebody could offer some advice as to best way to wire up sockets from the consumer unit? Consumer unit is under the driver seat and I will have a single socket at base of passenger B-pillar, then 2 on driver side near C-pillar and at rear of van near the tail gate. Is it...
  3. Y

    Location of 12v and 240v sockets - ideas please

    I am planning where to put my power sockets when I fit my new van interior. I am having a fairly standard layout of worktop with units underneath, wardrobe, overhead locker and over sink locker. I am running a fridge, a 12v TV, maybe an electric heater when hooked up, possibly a kettle and have...
  4. mopardave

    2 Gang sockets

    Evening gents........what do we think of sockets with usb charging points built into them? I'm decorating at home and want to fit some chrome switches and sockets but wondered if they're any good? Cheers! :thumbsup:
  5. S

    Random question about Electric Hook-up.

    Hello. Very random question (sorry). We use our van on my parent's driveway. Currently (don't judge me) my dad takes the electric hook-up point apart to feed it through the letter box as the whole end bit doesn't fit through. We then feed the cable through and remake it so that we have power...
  6. K

    T6 Split Charging With 240v Battery Charger

    Hello boys and girls I'm intending to fit a CTEK D250SA to my T6 but I also want to permanently connect a 240v battery charger so that the leisure battery charges when hooked up to shore power. Can anyone see any potential problems with that Thanks in advance
  7. C

    Wiring Diagram ? - Schneider Ca2kn22p7 To Automatically Switch Between 230v Hookup And Inverter 230v

    I hope all is well. I bought a Schneider CA2KN22P7 control relay from RS components to automatically switch between the hookup 230V supply (preferred input) and the 230V inverter supply (secondary input if 230V mains hookup not available) CA2KN22P7 | Schneider Electric Control Relay 2NO/2NC, 10...
  8. Ads_Essex

    Household Consumer Unit, Extension Leads And Sheds..

    One for all you sparkies and DIYers.. Following on from my post about whether hook-up cables should be armoured or not, it got me thinking about how I trickle-charge my motorbike. My house is a 50’s build. I’ve been here 8 years and don’t know the history of the wiring, other than they’re...
  9. Ads_Essex

    Hook-up Cable - Armoured Or Not?

    I’m considering making up a mains hook-up cable just for home because the run from the external sockets to the van is in between standard cable lengths. Would I, or should I, use armoured cable? Could I chop down an old 50m 16a extension reel and just use a section of cable from that? Do...
  10. Fish

    CBE electrics.

    Well it is now 2018 and looking to update my electrics.. Some of you may know I was fortunate to have the Ctek split-charge system installed by Andy Harris and his team. Anyway, now looking to update the CBE kit that I have for a more modern sleek look. CBE are obviously the main players in...