1. sipep

    240v cable separately from 12v (cable route)

    Hi all, I've had a little search in the forum but can't find my answer. Is there a secondly grommet other than the one behind the starter battery? I want to put my 240v hook under the bonnet but someone said mention that the 240v should be keep away from the 12v. I already have a 12v cable...
  2. sipep

    240v hook up (suggest me products)

    Hi all. I was looking at Facebook, someone is selling a brand new "wired campers" pre wired kit for £125. Seems like there are lots of lots on eBay. Can anyone suggest a kit or a list of items to purchase for a complete 240v hook up. Thanks
  3. P

    Adding solar to existing set up?

    Hi, Recently got our first T6, don't know a huge amount about electrics and didn't realise the 3-pin sockets only work when on the hook-up (schoolboy, I know). Got the 12V socket working again after changing the fuse but we often camp off-grid and wouldn't mind being able to make a toastie...
  4. Garyf123

    Additional 240v socket

    Hi, I have a single 3 pin 240v socket in my camper that I want to change to a double. It is a ‘Becker’ and unfortunately they do not do a 2 gang unit. I have purchased another single with a 2 gang frame/surround to go side by side. My query is how to wire it correctly. The existing socket has a...
  5. Garyf123

    Extra socket

    Hi, I currently have 2 individual 240v 3 pin sockets in my camper. I would like to replace one of them with a double socket. Is this possible? I know it’s straightforward in a domestic property but in the van?
  6. J

    Earthing 240V consumer unit

    Hey, I’m currently installing 240v electrics in my van and I’ve earthed the consumer unit to the van itself. Just want to make 100% sure this has been done correctly and it’s safe. I’ve attached a picture. Can anyone help? Cheers John
  7. JTT6

    Charging an EcoFlow Delta

    Evening all, I am looking at 240v power options for the van, and rather than a traditional split charge/leisure battery, I have been looking at removable batteries like the Ecoflow Delta / Goal Zero Yeti 1000x. I'm a photographer so having power I can take out of the van on shoots would be...
  8. N

    3-Pin Plug Not Working

    So, my 3-pin plug socket is not working in my campervan (it's a t6 conversion as you'd imagine!). I've done all the usual checks:- 1. Used multiple power sources (house and the campsite I noticed it wasn't working on) - pretty sure I get power as the battery indicated goes to 13.5+ which only...
  9. R

    Internal 3-pin plugs - when should these work?

    I have a T6 semi converted. I have two 12v 6amp points at the rear of the passenger seats base. They both work fine. I have two corresponding 3 point plug sockets on the base of the drivers seat - they however do not seem to be working. I’m new to the camper scene - will the plugs only work if...
  10. Lutty

    240v outside socket

    Hi All, I've been wondering if it's possible or if anyone has done it. I would like a 240v socket outside of the van but attached someware so that I can keep power onto the coolbox. Already have a fridge inside, coolbox is for extra storage. Can you have a splitter from the main cable for the...
  11. F

    Fridge auto switch from 12v to 230v power source

    Hi, I wondered if there was a safe way to fit some kind of relay to a fridge (Dometic CRX50) that automatically switches the power from 12v to 230v for the fridge when on hookup. Its easy enough to run both the 12v cable and the 230v cable to the fridge but I need the missing piece please...
  12. G

    230v sockets in parallel - advice

    Hey - was hoping somebody could offer some advice as to best way to wire up sockets from the consumer unit? Consumer unit is under the driver seat and I will have a single socket at base of passenger B-pillar, then 2 on driver side near C-pillar and at rear of van near the tail gate. Is it...
  13. Y

    Location for 12v and 240v sockets - ideas please

    I am planning where to put my power sockets when I fit my new van interior. I am having a fairly standard layout of worktop with units underneath, wardrobe, overhead locker and over sink locker. I am running a fridge, a 12v TV, maybe an electric heater when hooked up, possibly a kettle and have...
  14. mopardave

    2 Gang sockets

    Evening gents........what do we think of sockets with usb charging points built into them? I'm decorating at home and want to fit some chrome switches and sockets but wondered if they're any good? Cheers! :thumbsup:
  15. S

    Random question about Electric Hook-up.

    Hello. Very random question (sorry). We use our van on my parent's driveway. Currently (don't judge me) my dad takes the electric hook-up point apart to feed it through the letter box as the whole end bit doesn't fit through. We then feed the cable through and remake it so that we have power...
  16. S

    240v consumer unit earthing

    Hi all, I've earthed my consumer to the earthing point under my passenger seat. Someone told me I shouldn't earth the 240v to the van as if there was a fault it would fry my 12v system in the van. Instead I should rely on the red and the earthing back yo the who in the campsite. Good idea or...
  17. Toad

    Reccomend Me A 230v Travel Kettle

    I'm on the lookout for a kettle to use in the van. It's only for when we're on hookup as I have a gas option for when we're not. I've looked and there are so many options I don't want to just guess - so what have you used?
  18. K

    T6 Split Charging With 240v Battery Charger

    Hello boys and girls I'm intending to fit a CTEK D250SA to my T6 but I also want to permanently connect a 240v battery charger so that the leisure battery charges when hooked up to shore power. Can anyone see any potential problems with that Thanks in advance
  19. D

    Wiring Diagram ? - Schneider Ca2kn22p7 To Automatically Switch Between 230v Hookup And Inverter 230v

    I hope all is well. I bought a Schneider CA2KN22P7 control relay from RS components to automatically switch between the hookup 230V supply (preferred input) and the 230V inverter supply (secondary input if 230V mains hookup not available) CA2KN22P7 | Schneider Electric Control Relay 2NO/2NC, 10...
  20. D

    Cbe Pc210 Kit 230v Rcd Junction Box Wiring Help

    Hi all, I have a CBE PC210 12V & 230V kit. 12v is kind of straight forward and I have it mainly all wired up but have a question regards the 230v RCD wiring. I shown a qualified electrician who actually owns a boat but not come across this type and he said its quite bit different to what he...