1. C

    Tyre too thick?

    Hello, so I am planning to upgrade my 16 wheels to 17 inch. I don’t have 4 motion My question is, because I go onto a lot of farms, I want to put on all terrain tyres on. I really like the yoko geolander tyres because I’ve had them before and got some good grip. Howver, the 17 inch wheels I...
  2. F

    tyre failed- spare a different size- and replace both?

    Had some vibration on an autoroute run and found the rear LH tyre carcass had failed leaving me with a big lump on the tread area. I have 215/60/17 year 2017 fitted all round and found the spare is 235/55/17 year 16 ... is that normal ? Van wasn't new so maybe previous owner changed to...
  3. Notsobigsi

    Oversize tyres worry

    Hi all been reading through the various posts regarding tyre size and im looking at the falcon wildpeak at trails my gut says goes go with standard 235/55/17 to play it safe or go with the 65 profile but my concern is fuel economy/performance and long-term drive train damage to the dsg with the...
  4. LondonLad

    Full-size 17” spare wheel…

    Hi All, Anyone used these guys? I emailed and they said the tyre was a Landsail tyre. I want a full size spare but not finding any easy options to buy a single steel wheel and then get a tyre fitted after or just get below as cheapest option...
  5. Keredewor

    For Sale Aracaju 17” Wheels. Brand New £500

    These were replaced by Bognor Motors off a new Caravelle this week, they are factory supplied with the van and are complete with Bridgestone Turane 235/55 R17 tyres, they are brand new, they have the VW centre caps and are unmarked. Located in HG area of North yorkshire so collection only...
  6. cy294

    Sold Used Davenport's with 235/55/17 XL tyres. £330

    For sale is a set of VW Davenport's and tyres. They have been used and do have marks on them. The tyres are Landsail 4 seasons and have approx 4mm left and Debica tyres which I recently had put on the rear and have done approx 1500 miles and have lots of tread. Price is £380 including courier...
  7. Mojo

    Devonport Tyre Sizes

    Please could anyone tell me which tyres came with their T32 Highline as VW list two sizes, one is 235/55/17 and the other is 215/65/17? Cheers.
  8. Coradia63

    Sold Cascavel wheels + bolts £195 ono

    Im selling a set of 4x Cascavel wheels complete with OEM bolts but not the black bolt caps. All the tyres are well worn only a couple of mm left one of the wheels has a small mark near the centre cap and a light scuff on the rim as show in the photos. £275 ono pick up in south Bristol area.
  9. Gwyn

    Devonport & Thunder Alloy wheel widths

    Our Davenport alloys have 215 60 17 tyres but our Thunders have 235 55 17 ( work vans ) Is there any reason we can’t put 215 60 17 on our Thunders ? Are both wheels the same width ? TIA
  10. Ed Webb

    Sold Cascavel silver wheels. £400

    4x 17" Cascavel Alloys. Seen 2 years of use before been stored. Some marks on the surface, please see photos. The tyres are all about 3mm. 2x Bridgestone Turanza 235/55R17 103V 2x Falken Ziex ZE914 235/55/R17 103W Rims suitable for up to and including T30 Details on rear of wheel: 15 AIS17Mg...
  11. D

    For Sale 2x Continental Vancocontact 235/55/17

    2x tyres 235 55 17 103w About 7mm tread great condition £20 each Also go 2 x fulda 4x4 235 55 17 103h Same condition £20 each Hav e the whole lot for £70
  12. D

    Thunders And Latitude Cross Finally On

    finally got them powder coated and the latitude cross tyres on Went 235 55 17 to keep size the same and really chuffed with how they look and drive. Will now list my 18 inch storylines for sale
  13. D

    235 55 Or 235 65 17 Advice Please

    Going to out steel powder coated rims on 17 inch. Advice on either 235 65 17 or 235 55 17 Grabber or latitude cross . 235 55 17 is closer size wise to the 255 45 18 on at the moment but my speedo is running about 3mph slower anyway so the increase in size will negate some of this . Any views...
  14. revdecal

    Advice on buying T6 for towing

    Hi all. I have a Highline 180 DSG Kombi. Does anyone know the approximate towing weight capability of the van? I have a leisure trailer that should be around 1200kg loaded which I'm sure it can easily tow. It is more a question of being legal. I took a look on the internet and nothing obvious...
  15. Jason Stancliffe

    Sold Cascavel 17” Wheels And Tyres. £400

    Hi I am selling my wheels after upgrading. These are 4 wheels Tyre size 235/55ZR17/103w extra load Dunlop sport sp sport maxx These wheels have covered 2000 miles from new with approx 5-6 mm of tread. They are from my T6 high line t30 All great condion No marks / dents £400
  16. Dave F

    Tyre width + spacer question

    I will need new back tyres soon I have 215 Devonports with 30mm spacers on the back and 20 or 25 on the front. Questions 1, are the alloys the same on 215 and 235 so only difference is the tyres 2, what is the main benefit of having wider tyres 3, if I put 235 tyres on will they stick out to...
  17. chris9809

    Sold Cascavel Alloys With Tyres £400

    Hi, I’m selling these 4 wheels with tyres. They came off my 2016 T6 which has done 26k miles. The wheels are in good condition but one has been kerbed a couple of times and is marked. Hopefully shown in the photo. The tyres are Dunlop sport and 2 have around 5mm tread left and the other 2 have...
  18. L

    Sold 4x Devonport Alloys + Tyres

    Set of Devonports with four matching Bridgestone Turanza tyres. Tyre size: 235/55/17. Tread: All tyres approximately 6-7mm. Includes the centre star. Collection from West Cumbria. £425
  19. L

    For Sale Devonport Alloys T32 - £480

    4x Devonport alloys taken off my MY18 Kombi, they did 5k miles on the van. Fitted with Bridgestone Turanza tyres - 235/55 r17. 103 load rating so suitable for T32 also. Approx 7 mil on all the tyres. £480 Located in West Cumbria.
  20. S

    235/55/r17's Tyre Recommendation Please

    Looking forward to better weather, and in need of 4 new summer tyres. What do you recommend?