10j rear

  1. D

    Caravelle door cards catching 10j rears

    Just a warning , I was told in good faith that my 3SDM. 0.04 10J wheels would fit my 17 Caravelle . I had them powder coated starlight dark copper , Fitted them , looked the n.ts , then tried the sliding door - Damn! I then proceeded to pack out the doors to miss the tyres, extensions DONT...
  2. O

    New 20’s are my tyres the wrong size?

    Hi, I’ve just took delivery of a set of 20inch Velare VLR08’a from vanstyle i got the wheel and tyre package off the website and just assumed they would work (should have done more research really) they are staggered 10 and 8.5 and have come with 275/40zR20 106y tyres I was flicking through...
  3. R

    What offset/ET for 17” x10J on a 4Mo?

    Hello everybody I want to put 17”x 10” rims on my new transporter. What does the offset/ET have to be for them to fit?? It’s a T6.1 4Motion. And Can you recommend a place to by rims (steel/alloys) in the UK? can’t find anything in DK regards Rune
  4. OllieGBR

    Are these 10” x 20”?

    I ordered a new set of wheels and they arrived this morning :smile bounce: I unwrapped the first and was shocked at how bloody big they are! Put the first one on the rear and worried that these are too big. I measured my original Devonports And believe these to be 8” I then measured the new...

    10.5 Alloys

    Hi guys new to the site, was wondering if these alloys will fit my t6 t32 that's been lowered.
  6. Jack T

    Starlight LWB Camper Build

    Hi all, I thought it was about time I posted up some info on the build of my T6. Me and the better half have been researching/wanting a T5/6 for a number of years. So after much searching the spec I wanted came up at the right price in late 2017 and a deal was done...