10j rear

  1. J

    Front wheel 20x9J ET35 offset

    Hi All, first time post so apologies if this has been raised already. Purchasing my first T6 and looking to lower it by 70mm and fit 20” rims. Does anyone have experience or an opinion on fitting front 20x9, ET35 and rear 20x10 ET42. Is this config likely to cause any issues i.e rubbing? Thanks
  2. C

    Tyres for 18” 8.5J wheels

    Freshly delivered yesterday, 18" wolfrace x10x wheels. Would I be right in thinking tyres would be 255/45 R18 Y ?? Also can anyone recommend a brand and a supplier / fitter in Surrey, that won't damage them ?
  3. D

    Inovit 20" poke - ET35 & ET45

    Hi I am looking at purchasing some new wheel and they come with the secs below. My question is I don't want the wheels to poke out beyond the wheel arch's. Can anyone advise on the specs below. Cheers Size: 20 Inch Width: 8.5J & 10J Offset (ET): +35/+40 Respectively PCD: 5x120 Centre Bore...

    20” Tyre size for 8.5~10J staggered wheels

    Hi I’ve just got these new wheels Size: 20 Inch Width: 8.5J & 10J Offset (ET): +35/+40 Respectively PCD: 5x120 Centre Bore: 72.6mm (Spigots Included) Max Load (per wheel): 885kg/1950lbs And I really need to know what tyres to put on them it’s a t28 with standard suspension at the mo and help...
  5. Simon228

    Staggered 20’s..?

    Wheels are ordered trying to decide on tyre size ? What are you all running ? 20” 8.5 front 10 rear ? All sorted now sorry for the wasted post 255/35 front and 275/35 rear Cheers
  6. W

    Loc8 door table rubbing 10J rear wheel

    I just wanted to check if anyone else finds that they cannot fit a Loc8 door table alongside their Lv1 or Lv2 alloys (wider, 10J rear)? Mine rubs and I just want to be sure that's just a by-product of the wheel width and not me being some sort of muppet in how I've fitted it? I'm reliably...
  7. Keaney

    20" Tyre Advice - sizing / brand / pressure

    I've now picked the alloys and dimensions but what tyre brand are people using on 20’s Been quoted on accelera which was really cheap and may go down this route initially but normally stick to main brands, yoko, Pirelli and Michelin etc
  8. Andyham105

    10j et40 with 255/40/20 fitment?

    Looking to replace my current wheels that came on my t6 t28 (range rover alloys in 20" on 255/45/20) I have found a set of bmw wheels I like the look of however waiting to check load rating of them. They are 10j, et40 x 20" and I have x4 255/40/20 tyres already knocking about i would plan to...
  9. Jamie2.0

    Sold Inovit 20” staggered Vectors

    20” Inovit Vectors, staggarded 8.5” & 10” 5 x 120 ET37 (front) ET 38 (rear) they are stamped 880kg. All in 275/35/ ZR20 102 Y XL Acelera Phi 2 Note the wheels are related for a T32 but tyres only up to a T30. Bought late 2018 but not fitted until March 2019. I took them off back in August...
  10. The Van Cave

    Sold Special Offer: Rotiform DTM in Silver - £1125

    Hi All, To celebrate the fact that we have very recently become a Rotiform Wheels dealer, we are offering 1 set of Rotiform DTM wheels in Silver for the much reduced price of £1135. Normal Pricing is £1285. Specs as follows: Front Wheels: 8.5 x 20" ET35 Rear Wheel: 10 x 20" ET40 These are...
  11. F

    Et38 alloys

    Are et 38 any good for a t32?? 10 inch wide Cheers firthy
  12. Tourershine

    Sold Navis Steels

    As most will of already predicted, a set of my steels is up for sale. Simple reason being, I don't need both sets, but also don't mind which sells because I like them both equally. First we have the Navis Holey. These are in 20" staggered form, 8.5" and 10" They are the Chrome Dome capped...
  13. The Van Cave

    Sold Satin Black Inovit Speed Staggered 20" alloy Wheels

    These are a professionally refurbished set of staggered Inovit Speed wheels using satin black powder coat in the following specification: 2 x 8.5J x 20" ET32 2 x 10J x 20" ET38 Load rated to 875KG so good for all transporters from T5 onwards. The wider rears have a beautiful concave...
  14. BeePee

    20” Tyre sizes.... 245/45/20 or 265/40/20

    My Kombi came with 20s, 8.5j front 10j rear, both front and rear came with 275x40x20 and the front tyres always looked under inflated. Handling was a bit vague at times and steering, well, heavy and tyres rubbing the inner wheel arches at full lock. T6 T32 4Motion Now running 245x45x20 on the...
  15. T6180

    Sold BRAND NEW - NAVIS Schmoov 20" Staggered Steel Wheels

    For Sale as surplus to requirements A brand new unopened set of 20" Navis Schmoov steel wheels in the following fitment Front 8.5 et35 | Rear 10 et40 Diameter: 20 Inch Bolt Pattern: 5×120 Fitment Only Centre Bore: 65.1 Colour: ANTHRACITE Style: Smooth Steel Wheel Load Rating 1100kg (per wheel)...
  16. ashburner

    20” Navis Domes on SoLow coilovers

    Morning Guys! After a year of scouting through the forum for information and tips i thought it was about time i introduced myself and said hello! I bought my T6 in March this year as a basic panel van and have been slowly converting into our ideal day van / camper, for taking our 2 dogs and...
  17. K

    Any one run Axe EX30 in silver

    Hi Looking at buying some of these in silver 19inch just wondering if any one else had them on there van thanks
  18. C

    Wheels/Tyres, last time ... that's a promise!

    Morning all, sorry to go over old ground (again) but time has marched on since my first post and thankfully after a few disappointments my converter has finally secured me an Indium Grey T28 T6.1 DSG 20 plate (the one with the sport box - ), which is being picked up in the next couple of days...
  19. D

    Shuttle door-cards and 10” rear wheels

    Hi, I'm after some staggered 20 inch wheels for my shuttle if possible. Issue is the door cards on the sliding doors are thicker... Anyone running staggered on a shuttle? If so what spec wheels? Thanks in advance.
  20. D

    Caravelle door cards catching 10j rears

    Just a warning , I was told in good faith that my 3SDM. 0.04 10J wheels would fit my 17 Caravelle . I had them powder coated starlight dark copper , Fitted them , looked the n.ts , then tried the sliding door - Damn! I then proceeded to pack out the doors to miss the tyres, extensions DONT...