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  1. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to take off driver's door card

    Can't have too many "how to" threads with pics, so here goes... Quick steps to remove door card: 1. Prise off trim on handle on door card (little slot to below rear to put a screwdriver in) 2. Prise up and remove window switch panel (lever up from front edge and work backwards). Remove...
  2. mommabear

    New to 12V wiring/lights? Need a hand? Read This.!

    We recently helped our mate Andy on a basic 12v lighting circuit. Hes mega Dyslexic and wanted an easy to follow diagram because the Haynes style wiring diagrams were spinning him out. So we made one for him that he followed perfectly and it worked - it made a big difference to his confidence...
  3. H

    Fitted my H&R/Koni 50-80mm kit yesterday

    Took me a good few hours on my own in the garage, but not difficult. Things you will need over and above the standard tool kit you already have if you are tempting this yourself. 7 MM Allen key to remove standard suspension top caps. T40 Torx bit for the drop link arm. 3 arm puller as no way...
  4. Tolaris

    Installing a door lock/unlock switch near T6 sliding door

    With some help from Willoughby (Thanks, Kevin!), I've installed a door lock/unlock switch near my 2017 T6's sliding door. This lets me more easily lock the van when I'm sleeping in it, without arming the alarm system. It makes it much easier for my kids sleeping on the roof bunk to reach down...
  5. Loz

    T6 & T6.1 EGR Cooler removal 2020-07-30

    Workshop manual section with an overview of the EGR valve and cooler. This also includes the removal and fitting instructions.
  6. harriot

    DIY - Electrics any good how to guides?

    I've had a read through and a search for any similar topics, so I'm sorry if this really has been posted 100 times. This conversion will be for weekend use, the occasional week trip and maybe a festival or two. We need usb ports, lights - nothing too crazy like heating etc. So I'm thinking...
  7. A2dczealous

    Tailgate switch retrofit How To Video

    Hi all, I’ve made a video on my YouTube channel to show how to retrofit a tailgate switch to open it from the inside, take a look and subscribe if you like what you see Cheers, CDAT
  8. Lukavell

    KONI Sport Damping Adjustable Shock Fitment

    First a big shout out to Steve @CRS Performance for his advice in seeking the right set up for my needs. He's a nice guy and I suspect what he doesn't know about tuning suspension isn't worth knowing. I wanted a lift and more comfort so he provided me with a set of KONI Sport Damping...
  9. catfood12

    Fitting door mirror repair mounting

    Following on from this incident; Then this thread; I bought a couple of the brackets from the 'Bay... Fitting requires full mirror removal and dismantling. My temporary fix holding up well...
  10. Paynewright

    Re-attaching Badges

    We all like to modify and customise our vans and badge removal is one of the simplest (apart from the sticky goo left behind!). Anyway, come sale time we might want to revert some of the modifications so as not to put off potential buyers. I wrote this on another forum following an attempt to...
  11. Dellmassive

    T6.1 REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE -- How I Done It --

    T6.1 REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE -- How I Done It -- T6.1 REAR LIGHT UPGRADE GENUINE VW 03-19 (TWIN REAR DOOR) This popped up on the Travelin-lite FB feed, the price looked good as did the lights, so i though i would give it a go =] the FB link took me to the website above, this is what they...
  12. A2dczealous

    How to retrofit a reversing camper Video

    Hi all, I have started a YouTube channel of How To Tutorial. This is a reversing camera install on a VW T6 2016 Transporter with an aftermarket head unit. It’s the tailgate model however the wiring is the same in any vehicle. hope it’s of some use.
  13. Lowlec

    Dash confirmation / warning while on electric hook up

    My electric hook up point is located under the bonnet,so with the bonnet closed and ehu plugged in,battery charger located in a cupboard it’s very hard to see!,my worst nightmare would be to drive off while on hook up! Or parked on the drive plugged into the house, so I decided to use an ESP...
  14. gerry

    BCM ?

    HELLO I have a BCM PQ25 Max4 H81 0744 it is possible to change it by a bcm pq25 max4 h82 0752 and what would be the advantage? thank you gerry
  15. Dellmassive

    12v/240v Power Inverters -- How I Done It --

    12v/240v Power Inverters -- How I Done It -- Place Holder - current work in progress. -- coming soon
  16. .50

    Brake Caliper Refresh - a guide.

    I job I'd been wanting to do since I got the van a six months old. The brake calipers very quickly look tired on these Transporters, so I've started on the rear while the van is inside. I wanted to do a half decent job, so I removed the caliper, handbrake cable and actuater arm, but left the...
  17. SAF1981

    Scotchlok Or Posi Taps Supplier?....

    Hello, has anyone know a supplier or have a supply of either scotchlok or Posi taps that I can use to wire in some led bumper reflectors into the tail lamp looms? I can't seem to find a local electrician or supplier that has the scotchlok with the female seals.
  18. N

    How To Guides

    Hey, just wondering why we don’t have a “how to” section? There are specific forums for everything which is amazing for a noob like me but I stumble across guides which haven’t been pinned and they are so useful... just wondered why there isn’t a single place for all the guide that I and many...
  19. C

    How To Retrofit MFSW And Cruise Control To T6 Eu6 2019 Startline - Also Hacking DSG Paddles For CCS

    Disclaimer - use this information at your own peril - I may have got things wrong. I am hoping this "how to" will be a one stop place for all the information, owners of poverty spec, 2019, EU6, T6's need, to fit a multi function steering wheel (MFSW) and to enable the cruise control system...
  20. Robert

    Heating Seat Failure And Repair

    My drivers seat heating has stopped working. After quick check with resistance meter I have discovered very high resistance (few kΩ) in the drivers cushion element, backrest element was still okay (few Ω) Next thing was to carry out some research and establish faulty component part number. It...