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  1. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to fit Van-X curtains to a T6 (barn doors, VGC flush-sliding windows)

    Just starting to contemplate this job and can't see a good thread on here about it so will try and capture the steps. The caveat is that I have barn doors and VGC flush-sliding windows on each side, with a single sliding door, originally a SWB panel van. The kit I bought is the Van-X premium...
  2. Dellmassive

    Brake Pad & Disc change - How I Done It -

    Brake Pad & Disc change - How I Done It - After a recent trip to the Dealer for Service and Cambelt job, ( we had the dealers do it as we are in a 2yrs extended warranty ) : Cambelt + Water Pump Replacement - Official guidance At the time, they advised that the rear pads were 90% worn...
  3. Dellmassive

    200Ah, 2000W, LifePo4 Leisure Battery Box -- How I Done It --

    200Ah, 2000W, LifePo4 Leisure Battery Box -- How I Done It -- Its Spring 2022 and time to look ahead at the summer camping season. having a look over the new products that have come to market over the last 12mnths, especially the Lithium based battery boxes i was liking what i was seeing...
  4. Ricardo T

    Power Cut? Ricardo T's --'How I done It'

    First of all, apologies @Dellmassive for hopping on your 'How I done It' threads but guessing you haven't copywrited just yet. By no means as comprehensive or well written as the 'master' himself but just my experience over the last few days with the disruption caused by storm Eunice. So last...
  5. J

    Window comfort close not functioning - fixed thank to T6 forum

    Wanted to say thank to you guys on this forum. Went out last night (windows iced up) Tried to drop window but frozen shut. Left it until this morning then discovered one-touch open and closed had stopped working . The long key fob press comfort function also stopped working. Tried sorting via...
  6. Raul a/3

    Victron (#TeamBlue) Advanced Systems + VRM - How We Done It -

    Victron (#TeamBlue) Advanced Systems + VRM - How We Done It - new thread started from - Seat Base Electric + EHU + Solar Install + Charger + DC-DC -- How We Done it -- previous content - Dellmassive’s "How I Done It" blogs. additional content - Solar Sheds & Other Non-t6 Solar Projects -...
  7. Dellmassive

    Roamer LiFePO4 Gen2 230Ah Seatbase battery -- "How I Done It" --

    Roamer LiFePO4 Gen2 230Ah Seatbase battery -- "How I Done It" -- Its a Lithium LifePo4, its got massive capacity @ 230Ah, its got massive discharge performance 250A/500A, its Bluetooth, its a Roamer !!, its exciting . . . . . its coming soon - the full test . . . . ...
  8. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to fit a swivel base and handbrake lowering kit to a T6

    Quick guide to fitting a swivel to the driver's seat, in this case it's a RIB driver's swivel and I used the handbrake lowering kit instead of the raising shims. First remove the driver's seat off the base, and remove the handbrake as described here: Thread '[GUIDE] How to remove the driver's...
  9. T6Jay

    T6.1 Lock button for sleeping / leaving dogs inside / windows open How-To Guide

    I need a button in the rear of the van to lock the doors, without arming the alarm, as many seem to have fitted on the T6. Credit to @Willoughby for figuring this out on the T6 here;
  10. S

    Changing the steering wheel without airbag warning light [Guide]

    I've got a bit confused having read a few posts on this. How do I change the steering wheel without getting an airbag warning light? Disconnect battery before disconnecting the air bag? If so should that be done with the ignition on or off? Thanks
  11. R

    Installing a reverse camera in a T5 campervan - how-to guide.

    Hi, this is my first post when I have put a wireless reverse camera on a T5.1 campervan. I could have put it over the numberplate where the view point would be poor and the camera may pick up water/ dirt from the road OR at the top next to the brake light out of the way, but close to the bike...
  12. Ricardo T

    [GUIDE] Removing armrest covers for cleaning

    Afternoon lads and lasses...does anyone know if its possible to remove the armrest covers for washing/cleaning (or part thereof). One in particular is filthy from the previous owner and I think its time for a clean. Thankyou in advance.
  13. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] How to remove seat-skin cover from a T6 double passenger seat

    Quick guide to removing the seat cover on a double passenger seat. For the seat back: If you're lucky enough to have a folding bracket on the seat you can remove the cover in situ, otherwise you'll need to remove the seat back from the base unless you can open the bottom of the cover blind. See...
  14. J

    Westfalia detachable tow-bar self-fit [Guide]

    So I decided to purchase the Westfalia detachable tow bar this week and set about fitting it. I bought the towbar and dedicated electrics from PF Jones. I've fitted it to a 2017 T6 and taken a few photos which may help someone. Not a bad job, but I'm fortunate to have ramps at our garage. It's a...
  15. B

    Resetting an "Inspection now!" message - other than after a service?

    An "Inspection now!" message has appeared, at about 55500 miles. According to the service history, a Service 3 was carried out, by the main dealer, on 24 August 2020 at 53911 miles. Is it possible that the service warning was reset - but not the inspection warning? I can reset the inspection...
  16. Dellmassive

    Seat Base Electric + EHU + Solar Install + Charger + DC-DC -- How We Done it --

    Seat Base Electric + EHU + Solar Install + Charger + DC-DC -- How We Done it -- id like to build a thread showing what's possible as regards to seat base builds. lets post a collection of our electrical installs, be it in the seat base or rear conversion. just EHU or SCR/VSR, charger, DC-DC...
  17. Andysmee

    Ambient lighting - adding to door cards and lower dash

    Again, not a fully fledged [GUIDE] as there are lots of ways to personalise this, but here's the steps. In the doors you can tap off the window switch backlighting (above) and in the lower dash you can tap off the dashboard backlight dimming switch or the headlight switch (below) and any...
  18. Andysmee

    Utility puddle lighting guide - how to add to mirrors and doors

    This is less a guide and more a walk through of how you might do it. I've called it utility lighting as this is more about illuminating the area round the van than for looks. For projector puddle lights there's other threads and kits that use the door lock latch sensor wiring, and that doesn't...
  19. Petro

    [GUIDE] How to retrofit A-pillar grab handles on T6 and T6.1

    My T6.1 came without a-pillar grab handles. Having those in my old T6 I really wanted to retrofit them. Took some photos and decided to do a how to- guide for anyone thinking about doing this. Step 1, removing a pillar covers. Before I pulled out the a-pillar cover, I took the dashboard side...
  20. K

    Fitting a flat bottom steering wheel (How to)

    I’ve been thinking about the flat bottom mod for a while so thought I’d write a how to for anyone else that is interested. The reasons I like it are: Vanity (Flat bottom steering wheels are cool) DSG paddles Fuel Economy (we’ll get to that later) It’s easier to turn a flat bottom and it fits...