1. L

    VCDS “ERROR: Services not supported in active session".

    Hey everyone, I've been on the Forum for a few weeks now whilst toying with the idea of buying a T6.... a few weeks later and I now own a T6. Woo! With all of my vehicles I like to have control over the diagnostics and decided to purchase a cable, I downloaded the latest version of VCDS...
  2. Minimucks

    VCDS Vs OBD eleven

    Does anyone have knowledge of both vcds and obd eleven? I've slowly gathered a list of basic codings to be changed and am debating buying some software. I've always had vagcom so know the basic system and would like the newest version. However I probably won't use it again for a few years. Or...
  3. mmi

    [T6_measured] Fickle fuel consumption on MFD – encore

    In March 2020 finally got the long-awaited ECU (Engine Control Unit) software update. Unfortunately it took a while to get a good chance to do some measurements to try to figure out what has been changed. So finally a few weeks back dusted the VCDS and collected all kind of intriguing data. The...
  4. Martin955

    VCDS in Cambridgeshire??

    Local dealer say they can't activate the fader on my radio, 2016 Trendline. Is there anyone in East Anglia who could do this for me?
  5. D

    VCDS - South Yorkshire and surrounding

    hi, I've got a fault code on my 5.1, I've added t6 rear lights. From my research it needs to have the rear light bulb sensor turning off using vcds for the brake lights. Anyone able to help or point me in right direction? Thanks in advance Daz
  6. J

    Main Beam and Dipped on Together H7 - VCDS

    Hi, I've got my Ross tech cable ordered and would like to program my new THQ V2 lights so that the main and dipped bulbs will stay on together. Has anyone who has done this able to offer a how to?
  7. F

    problems for codage with t6 and vcds [copy cable?]

    Good morning all, I own a Multivan T6 from 2017 Here is my problem: Two or 3 years ago I bought a rosstech cable (18.1.0 to 20 pounds). In order to avoid going to touch 5 or 6 boxes the first time, I decided to try to activate the comfort box with the automatic closing and opening of the doors...
  8. V

    VCDS IDE Codes

    Trying to understand these IDE Codes How do you read them in VDCS or am i missing the boat entirely I'd like to do these mods: Electric Tailgate close from keyfob: taken from this post Retrofitting powered Tailgate??? High Beam Assist active from 12MPH from default taken from this post High...
  9. DTT6

    VCDS User in Berkshire?

    Hi Folks, Any VCDS users in Reading/Bracknell area willing to help? (Noted VCDS members map no longer available to locate users) Looking for the DRL off with handbrake applied feature being enabled on my Caravelle Seems I can disable completely using Carista now but don't want to do that...
  10. mrwrightstuff

    VCDS in Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire areas?

    Hi all... I’m in the process of installing some rear speakers in my T6. Does anyone know of anyone that around Banbury/Northampton area that is able to do the necessary coding to enable the rear fader? Photos attached of my head unit and speakers. Tia
  11. OllieGBR

    VCDS tow bar question

    I fitted my own tow bar and VW wanted too much money to program it. It's the Westfalia with OEM electrics from PF Jones. I'm just about to receive my VCDS unit and want to make sure that I don't need the tow bar prep to enable the features via the programming. I hate the reversing sensors...
  12. Adam_T6

    H4 to H7 conversion - DRL's not working

    Hello all, I've fitted H7 to my panel van that left the factory with H4's. Everything works as it should except the DRL's. Coded BYTE 22, BIT 2 = 0 (low beam forced off while high beam on). I've tested the bulb - it works. I've powered the bulb when in the headlight - it works. The only other...
  13. saxoboy

    H4 To H7 Thq V2 - Coding The Vcds

    Hi Guys, I have just fitted @ChrisR 's THQ v2 Headlights....all went well from a fitting point, which was nice...however, now I need to code the dipped to stay on with the main beam. I have got hold of VCDS from a friend and was now wondering if anyone has done a step by step instruction for...
  14. R

    Vcds Beginner Advice

    Evening guys, I work on vehicles but have never used VCDS and currently don't have it. Where is the best place to get it? Does it work on Windows 10 fine? Is it easy enough to use? I have always seen things about coding for retrofits which I would like to do but sounds complicated. Anywhere I...
  15. JasonW

    Park Assist - Vcds

    I'm based in the North West and am looking to see who may be available near me to make an adjustment to the Park Assist tone and volume. I believe this is adjustable with VCDS.... but I am not sure if this is easily adjusted..? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  16. OllieGBR

    Wanted Vcds Cable

    I’ve decided not to pay VW to code my new tow bar and invest in one of the cables and software. Anyone selling? thanks Ollie
  17. coding


  18. The Ham

    Which VCDS?

    which version vcds do think I should get? currently have a snide one but am worried I might bugger something up, I would like to get the proper rosstech lead. have looked on their site and they do a few different ones, along with the obvious fault finding I'd like to do adaptions as well...
  19. OllieGBR

    Towing Programming

    I’ve got a quote from VW @£102 for programming the ECU to inform it that it could be towing ‘something’. (I’ve fitted a Westfalia towbar). The light et al work, so what exactly changes within the ECU? Secondly is it worth investing on a programmer and doing this myself? Will I re-use it...
  20. Lukavell

    New Vcds User

    I just bought a VCDS kit from Rosstech. I'm very much looking forward to it arriving and getting to grips with it. I've done what I can with Carista but have a list of stuff I'd like to change with VCDS including but probably not limited to: Tailgate close with Key High Beam Assist Towbar...