1. D

    Looking for someone to code a towbar and H4 headlights for LED bulbs - Cheshire /Manchester

    As title, 2018 Highline Kombi Fitted towbar (factory preparation /PF Jones short loom) Also I’ve fitted my Philips LED H4 bulbs from my T5 which trigger an error. I have Carista, and have enrolled on the Beta scheme but have no experience with its capabilities. I suspect that I’ll need...
  2. Robs1000rr

    BCM “Terminal 30 open”

    Hi I have 2 faults coming up as per picture . Van will not lock ,interior lights don’t work, right headlight does not work , Says in coms from gateway and terminal 30 is open. Any ideas to point what this could be please.
  3. S

    VW T6.1 5F address VCDS addmap for Heated Front Windscreen

    Hi lads Can anyone who has T6.1 and heated front windscreen button on screen display share addmap for address 5F please :) Trying to enable it in mine but having no luck finding it in adaptations, so hoping to find by comparing someone elses. Thank you in adavance Stan
  4. M

    VCDS on a mac

    Hi all, anyone managed to get VCDS (original or some other loader) successfully working on macOS? If yes, how? Edit: I modified my search keywords and got few hints on this forum. My issue is I got M2 chip...
  5. D

    VCDS - East Midlands - rear speakers.

    Hi All, I've tried to get my rear speakers coded in a few times to no avail. I'm travelling from East Midlands Airport on Saturday morning to Newcastle to Newcastle. Is there anyone in close proximity to the route (M1/A1/A19) that can code the rear speakers in? Thanks...
  6. J

    T6 Speed Limiter removal [Resolved]

    Is there anyone local to Southampton who has the ability to remove the speed limiter on my 2018my t6 before i either die in a slow motion crash or I get fed up and set light to it , how this 72 mph limiter is deemed safe is beyond me.
  7. Shaun Witts

    Anyone With VCDS In Lancashire?

    Anyone in Lancashire with VCDS who can scan my 204 TSi panel van? (And maybe enable TPMS & reduce the main beam assist threshold speed at the same time?)
  8. mmi

    T6 BCM Central Electrics Decoder - Codings, Adaptations, Measurement Blocks 2024-01-01

    VIP Membership is required to download this document Excel 2016 spreadsheet for decoding T6 BCM Codings, Adaptations and Measurement Blocks. The decoding procedure is straightforward: just copy coding string from VCDS, OBDeleven, Carista etc. to the cell. An Excel function spreads out the...
  9. Voodoo Developments

    ‘R’ logo on headunit

    Had a fiddle and applied the R logo by going into byte 18 and applied bit 07
  10. H

    Large MPH display via dealer

    I know there are numerous posts on this but just looking for a very simple unequivocal explanation of how it can be done at a main dealers if indeed one exists. I have read posts where it is stated they won’t entertain changing the settings which if that be the case the following is irrelevant...
  11. K

    VCDS Tow Bar

    Hi all, I've searched the forum but cang find a definitive answer. Does anyone know the coding required after installing a tow bar and loom kit. I'll be using VCDS. Thank you!!!!
  12. Voodoo Developments

    16777022 fault - VCDS comms

    Morning. Another day another fault code lol. Think I have the Midas touch, except everytime I do something, something else breaks lol Anyway, as above, “function restricted due to interrupted communication” ROD error Please see screenshots below, Absolutely no idea what this is about...
  13. mmi

    [T6_measured] 01-Engine - Built-in tests for electrical coolant pumps

    Yet another set of engine's built-in tests to try. HOW-TO run engine's built-in test for EGR cooler pump IGNition ON (engine not running) VCDS > Select > Engine > Output test > IDE00879-EGR cooler pump Select "Measuring Values" Pick up e.g. the following data items for monitoring - the same...
  14. C

    T6.1 foglight coding in adaptations

    Hi all, I'm wiring foglights to a 2020 t6.1. I have fitted the lights and fitted the wires to pins, 3&40 on the bcm. I have gone into adaptations and I'm not sure what to do now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I fitted a new switch with a front foglight position.
  15. Wills

    VCDS HEX CAN vs V2

    Is the older version of VDCS totally compatible with our T6’s? Is it just that V2 is a lot quicker scanning?
  16. Super Dog

    Gearbox replacement 5 speed to 6 speed

    Has anyone swapped a five speed gearbox with a six speed?
  17. CJW

    Opinions invited on CCS Retrofit

    Hello lovely T6 Forum people Please would you throw your ten penneth in to this decision please? I have a EUR5 Startline T6 without cruise control or MFSW and the MFD has the trip feature. I’ve always planned on doing the retrofit. I’ve read the hundreds of pages on all threads and understand...
  18. C

    EGR Valve Self Test Procedure (IDE00242)- P046C?

    So, I've been getting the all too common P046C fault code along with P2457 (Insufficient EGR Cooling Performance). Neither alone will flag a check engine light but combined they sometimes seem to. To try to figure out what is going on, I ran an EGR Flow test on VCDS using instruction from @mmi...
  19. T

    For Sale VCDS HEX+CAN cable

    I've got a Genuine Ross-tech HEX+CAN cable unlimited vins etc that I purchased many years ago from Gendan.. Would sell for £250.
  20. Sprengarfjord

    VCDS or anything else?

    Hey! First of all, sorry for my bad grammar. I have T6.1 2020 automatic 4x4, led lights and everything on it except rear AC. However, what do I really need? I'm mostly interested in finding what's wrong with the car and probably see the codes and turn off the codes in the car. To me it looks...