1. A

    T5.1 barn doors - locking issue

    Ok so I have a T5.1 with barn doors central locking via remote fob (or key) works fine including the barn doors I have fitted the switch to lock the doors in the drivers door but when I press it is locks the door and then just unlocks it again. same thing happens doors lock and unlock...
  2. A

    How can I sell VCDS?

    As I have now left the fold I did say I have a fair few T6 and associated bits for sale and I will get round to listing these when I get time to do it but how would I go about selling my VCDS? The dongle fine, but the software is linked to my email address. Can this be changed or would someone...
  3. Bryn23

    Recent iOS OBD11 reviews

    How many of you guys out there using the iOS version of OBD11? I’d prefer Vcds, but i Haven’t used a windows based PC in 14 years and don’t really Want to go and get a a cheap laptop/Tablet just to run VCDS. So that leaves me with OBD11 that I can run on my iPad Pro or my iPhon. anyone happy...
  4. shaiboyuk

    Recommended seller for VCDS?

    Hi, Looking to buy VCDS for my new Transporter T6, i know i need V2. Looked on rosstech and have 4 different resellers listed, anyone have any recommendations? Also any that give a wee discount ? ;) Thanks Paul aka Shaiboyuk
  5. Phil_j89

    PDC Retrofit coding

    Hello! Just fitted a front upgrade parking sensor kit, from car systems.. along with replacing the original radio unit with a discover media unit. Currently having trouble getting the parking sensor range display on the screen, with the vehicle in reverse. I’ve refitted the original unit and...
  6. Glenn Board

    Traffic sign recognition and Tyre pressure monitoring system turned on with VCDS T6.1

    Hi, do you know if on the T6.1 the two options of: Tyre pressure monitoring system. Visual display of each tyre pressure is shown in the Multi-function display. Traffic Sign Recognition Can be activated in VCDS please?
  7. huw169

    Not coded to RH drive

    For some reason my RH drive van is not coded for RH drive. I've not coded it yet, but will it make a difference, and why wouldn’t it be coded as RH drive? Thanks
  8. R

    Older vcds exe

    Has anyone got an older exe they can share. Anything 18. Or 19. Would do.
  9. JasonW

    Battery management with VCDS

    What's recommended to prevent battery drain when using VCDS.... I've been pointed in the direction of one of these.... RSCPR50 But not cheap and wondered what alternatives people have used or recommend.
  10. huw169

    Somethings changed with my VCDS 20.4.2

    So a couple of weeks ago I did a full auto scan and got:- Address 01: Engine (J623-CXEC) Labels:. 04L-907-309-V2.clb Part No SW: 04L 906 056 LR HW: 04L 907 445 A Component: R4 2.0l BTD H03 9776 Revision: 23101001 Coding: 0025401C430401080000 Shop #: WSC 00012 790...
  11. tommy_t6.1

    What VCDS cable?

    I've just spent 40 minutes sat in my van freezing my arse off waiting for vcds to update on my laptop, only to be told that my van isn't supported by my current cable! I've currently got an unlimited vin HEX+CAN cable, but what cable do I need to upgrade to that will work with my T6.1?
  12. huw169

    VCDS beginner guides

    Hi all I’m looking to do the MFSW mod soon, and need to do some coding. I’m looking to hire the group cable to do this. I know what to code, or have it written down. My issue is navigating the software and not arsing it up. Basics like taking a scan and storing it, then being able to revert it...
  13. ld14

    VCDS “ERROR: Services not supported in active session".

    Hey everyone, I've been on the Forum for a few weeks now whilst toying with the idea of buying a T6.... a few weeks later and I now own a T6. Woo! With all of my vehicles I like to have control over the diagnostics and decided to purchase a cable, I downloaded the latest version of VCDS...
  14. mmi

    [T6_measured] Fickle fuel consumption on MFD – encore

    In March 2020 finally got the long-awaited ECU (Engine Control Unit) software update. Unfortunately it took a while to get a good chance to do some measurements to try to figure out what has been changed. So finally a few weeks back dusted the VCDS and collected all kind of intriguing data. The...
  15. L

    Do Leisure Battery need to be coded into vcds ?

    Hi all, Im looking to change my leisure batteries on T6 calif 2016. (I have don't check what model are installed currently) Do I need to code them into vcds ? Can I upgrade to 100ah for exemple without risk for battery charger? Some advices ? I saw only one battery information into vcds so...
  16. Martin955

    VCDS in Cambridgeshire??

    Local dealer say they can't activate the fader on my radio, 2016 Trendline. Is there anyone in East Anglia who could do this for me?
  17. andy greenwood

    VCDS / Vagcom - Yorkshire

    Is there anyone near me with me VCDS please ? ( keighley, west yorkshire ). @Depron Donkey
  18. J

    Main Beam and Dipped on Together H7 - VCDS

    Hi, I've got my Ross tech cable ordered and would like to program my new THQ V2 lights so that the main and dipped bulbs will stay on together. Has anyone who has done this able to offer a how to?
  19. V

    VCDS IDE Codes

    Trying to understand these IDE Codes How do you read them in VDCS or am i missing the boat entirely I'd like to do these mods: Electric Tailgate close from keyfob: taken from this post Retrofitting powered Tailgate??? High Beam Assist active from 12MPH from default taken from this post High...
  20. DTT6

    VCDS User in Berkshire?

    Hi Folks, Any VCDS users in Reading/Bracknell area willing to help? (Noted VCDS members map no longer available to locate users) Looking for the DRL off with handbrake applied feature being enabled on my Caravelle Seems I can disable completely using Carista now but don't want to do that...