1. H

    Large MPH display via dealer

    I know there are numerous posts on this but just looking for a very simple unequivocal explanation of how it can be done at a main dealers if indeed one exists. I have read posts where it is stated they won’t entertain changing the settings which if that be the case the following is irrelevant...
  2. M

    16777022 fault - VCDS comms

    Morning. Another day another fault code lol. Think I have the Midas touch, except everytime I do something, something else breaks lol Anyway, as above, “function restricted due to interrupted communication” ROD error Please see screenshots below, Absolutely no idea what this is about...
  3. mmi

    [T6_measured] 01-Engine - Built-in tests for electrical coolant pumps

    Yet another set of engine's built-in tests to try. HOW-TO run engine's built-in test for EGR cooler pump IGNition ON (engine not running) VCDS > Select > Engine > Output test > IDE00879-EGR cooler pump Select "Measuring Values" Pick up e.g. the following data items for monitoring - the same...
  4. C

    T6.1 foglight coding in adaptations

    Hi all, I'm wiring foglights to a 2020 t6.1. I have fitted the lights and fitted the wires to pins, 3&40 on the bcm. I have gone into adaptations and I'm not sure what to do now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I fitted a new switch with a front foglight position.
  5. Wills

    VCDS HEX CAN vs V2

    Is the older version of VDCS totally compatible with our T6’s? Is it just that V2 is a lot quicker scanning?
  6. Super Dog

    Gearbox replacement 5 speed to 6 speed

    Has anyone swapped a five speed gearbox with a six speed?
  7. CJW

    Opinions invited on CCS Retrofit

    Hello lovely T6 Forum people Please would you throw your ten penneth in to this decision please? I have a EUR5 Startline T6 without cruise control or MFSW and the MFD has the trip feature. I’ve always planned on doing the retrofit. I’ve read the hundreds of pages on all threads and understand...
  8. C

    EGR Valve Self Test Procedure (IDE00242)- P046C?

    So, I've been getting the all too common P046C fault code along with P2457 (Insufficient EGR Cooling Performance). Neither alone will flag a check engine light but combined they sometimes seem to. To try to figure out what is going on, I ran an EGR Flow test on VCDS using instruction from @mmi...
  9. T

    For Sale VCDS HEX+CAN cable

    I've got a Genuine Ross-tech HEX+CAN cable unlimited vins etc that I purchased many years ago from Gendan.. Would sell for £250.
  10. Sprengarfjord

    VCDS or anything else?

    Hey! First of all, sorry for my bad grammar. I have T6.1 2020 automatic 4x4, led lights and everything on it except rear AC. However, what do I really need? I'm mostly interested in finding what's wrong with the car and probably see the codes and turn off the codes in the car. To me it looks...
  11. Macmain12

    Understanding VCDS faults

    Hello Can any one shed Light on my latest scan Please, Friday,23,June,2023,18:15:20:49226 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) HEX-V2 CB: 0.4631.4 Data version: 20230421 DS346.2 VIN...
  12. mmi

    [T6_measured] 01-Engine - Built-in test for Transfer fuel pump

    A quick DIY way to test fuel lift pump's basic functionality. The test takes advantage of engine's fuel high pressure sensor (in fuel rail). Running the lift pump continuosly makes the pressure eventually "leak" through high pressure pump and can be detected by fuel pressure sensor. As a side...
  13. Glenn Board

    Speedo Adjustment For Bigger Tyres

    Hi, I was going to have the Seikel raised suspension kit fitted to my van which includes 235/65R17 108H tyres being fitted to my standard wheels, they tell me that if they do s speedo adjustment to match these tyres that there is a possibility that the cruise control will stop functioning...
  14. tomcollins

    Modifying (coding) the OEM Discover Media sound profile to make the output flat

    I'm looking for some help in understanding if the following is possible. MIB2 Head Unit - Hidden Sound Settings The MIB2 (second-generation modular infotainment platform) head units (Discover Media) appear to have hidden, additional filters and EQ that we can not change without coding. This...
  15. CJW

    Cheap VCDS - what’s going on?

    Since I appear to live in the middle of a VCDS user desert, I looked into buying VCDS. Straight from Ross-Tech it’s straight forward. However, being a proper Yorkshireman, I also looked on FB marketplace and eBay. What’s the deal with the surplus of £40 Hex2 connector cables? Are they… of...
  16. S

    For Sale VCDS HEX-V2 cable (9 VINs remaining)

    Hi, decided to sell my Ross Tech VCDS HEX V2 10 VIN version. Bought new in 2021 from Gendan (original receipt included). Used a handful of times on my T6 back then and sat in a cupboard ever since so 9 VIN registrations remaining. Just plugged in to my laptop today and updated to latest...
  17. M

    OBDEleven vs VCDS

    Hi All, I am looking at buying OBDEleven or VCDS to do some coding on my T6.1 the key things I want to do are activate the tow bar module and add rear speakers. I would also like to be able to clear codes etc. Which system is best for this and is VCDS worth the extra money compared to...
  18. Cooper

    Basic VCDS “kit”

    As I like to spend my weekends making simple mods to my van, and in doing so, spawning fault codes like they are going out of fashion, I think I need to delve deeper into the brain of my van than my Carista can go….. is there such a thing as a “basic” VCDS kit? I’ve had a Google and there seems...
  19. Bluephantom


    So I'm looking at buying a VCDS. In your opinion, Is the HEX-NET totally worth getting? I've added the current price from my local online dealer in here in Australia as a reference. But anyone can Vote.
  20. JamesWebb

    VCDS cable vendors

    Hi there, Can you suggest where I might buy the correct VCDS interface cable for a 2021 T6.1? Many thanks, JW