1. mmi

    [T6_measured] A Comparison of 4Motion traction modes

    4Motion Adaptation channel - MAS06098-Acoustic measure wiring logic STANDARD / INCREASED TRACTION / REDUCED NOISES T6/T6.1 Haldex clutch has an adaptation channel which presumably changes clutch clamping behaviour. The channel can be tweaked with various tools. Conditions for the measurements...
  2. BrianK

    Sold VCDS for sale

    Hi all Unfortunately my van had to go. I have for sale my VCDS with 2 unused VINS. Like brand new, only used about 10 times. VCDS®HEX-V2 USB (3 VIN) Ross-Tech VCDS® HEX-V2 USB - Marshalls Industrial Offers please. Payment by PayPal – Tracked delivery will be included (UK mainland)
  3. mmi

    T6 BCM Central Electrics Decoder - Codings, Adaptations, Measurement Blocks 2022-04-24

    VIP Membership is required to download this document Excel spreadsheet for decoding T6 BCM Codings, Adaptations and Measurement Blocks. The spreadsheet is wrapped into a .ZIP-file. Originally was located in The decoding...
  4. slocumjoseph

    Vag-Com OBD11 confusion

    I have a Volkswagen, Audi etc specific OBD2 scanner which at just under £100 is not of course up to Ross-Techs Vag-Com professional standards. However for a non Windows person it performs all the diagnostic functions I need. I understand VCDS is specific software for Volkswagen but have never...
  5. T

    VCDS Kent / SE for Instrument cluster upgrade

    Hi anyone in the south east able to do the coding for immobiliser etc Thanks in advance
  6. D

    VCDS Wales

    How can you find a vcds user in your area ?
  7. mrmortar

    T6.1 VCDS tweaks that work

    Hello All, I don't know how many people have dabbled with VCDS on the new newer vans but I've been able to get the following tweaks working on my van. Auto folder mirrors - when i press my key fob once the mirrors now automatically fold in. (There's a function that looks like it may support...
  8. T

    MFW fitting and coding Wessex area

    Greetings. Would anyone know of someone who can help us to swap steering whee over and add a wire to bcm / code for a basic MFW near any of the following areas please? Bristol Swindon Bath Reading Oxford Thank you :)
  9. mrmortar

    T6.1 VCDS to tweak stop/start behaviour

    I have VCDS that I use on another VAG vehicle and was able to make adjustments to some parameters that the stop/start function operates; essentially changing the temperature range so stop/start will only work when the ambient temperature is between 49-50 degrees. In my region it rarely gets that...
  10. M

    Reversing Camera VCDS coding prior to hardware install

    Looking to fit a reversing camera to my T6. If I get the VCDS coding done before actually fitting the camera will it cause any major issues? Assuming it'll throw up errors whilst it's not connected properly, but are there any other reasons for not doing the config before the actual install...
  11. A

    T5.1 barn doors - locking issue

    Ok so I have a T5.1 with barn doors central locking via remote fob (or key) works fine including the barn doors I have fitted the switch to lock the doors in the drivers door but when I press it is locks the door and then just unlocks it again. same thing happens doors lock and unlock...
  12. A

    How can I sell VCDS?

    As I have now left the fold I did say I have a fair few T6 and associated bits for sale and I will get round to listing these when I get time to do it but how would I go about selling my VCDS? The dongle fine, but the software is linked to my email address. Can this be changed or would someone...
  13. Bryn23

    Recent iOS OBD11 reviews

    How many of you guys out there using the iOS version of OBD11? I’d prefer Vcds, but i Haven’t used a windows based PC in 14 years and don’t really Want to go and get a a cheap laptop/Tablet just to run VCDS. So that leaves me with OBD11 that I can run on my iPad Pro or my iPhon. anyone happy...
  14. shaiboyuk

    Recommended seller for VCDS?

    Hi, Looking to buy VCDS for my new Transporter T6, i know i need V2. Looked on rosstech and have 4 different resellers listed, anyone have any recommendations? Also any that give a wee discount ? ;) Thanks Paul aka Shaiboyuk
  15. M

    Any VCDS users in the Norwich area?

    Hi guys I’ve just bought a T6 and would really like to get the large speedo mod done to my instrument cluster. Is there anyone with VCDS in the Norwich area able to help with this please? Cheers!
  16. A

    Anyone in Mid Cheshire area with VCDS

    I checked here But is there anyone in the mid-cheshire (Crewe/Northwich) area with VCDS as need a few changes making to my T5 (2013) - prepared to travel a little way. Thanks
  17. Phil_j89

    PDC Retrofit coding

    Hello! Just fitted a front upgrade parking sensor kit, from car systems.. along with replacing the original radio unit with a discover media unit. Currently having trouble getting the parking sensor range display on the screen, with the vehicle in reverse. I’ve refitted the original unit and...
  18. Glenn Board

    Can Traffic sign recognition and Tyre pressure monitoring system be turned on with VCDS T6.1

    Hi, do you know if on the T6.1 the two options of: Tyre pressure monitoring system. Visual display of each tyre pressure is shown in the Multi-function display. Traffic Sign Recognition Can be activated in VCDS please?
  19. huw169

    Not coded to RH drive

    For some reason my RH drive van is not coded for RH drive. I've not coded it yet, but will it make a difference, and why wouldn’t it be coded as RH drive? Thanks
  20. R

    Older vcds exe

    Has anyone got an older exe they can share. Anything 18. Or 19. Would do.