VCDS Module Coding List/Guide 2016-11-26

Every Coding Option For All Installed Modules

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    VW T6 VCDS Coding Guide

    This document contains every coding entry currently available via VCDS
    This is intended as a handy reference guide for people wishing to perform changes using VCDS, removes the need to waste time searching through pages of modules/options trying to find the required data to change, with this list you can look through all available options and navigate directly to the point required.

    This document has been drawn up from a current copy of VCDS (at the time of publishing) plugged into a T6 and has been copied/translated directly including grammatical and spelling errors including a few non english phrases

    This document although complete is a working progress and will be amended and updated over time as VCDS capabilities are enhanced

    Some modules are listed as TBC - this is because we have not yet confirmed a vehicle with them fitted or had access to a vehicle that has them fitted

    Sample screen shots can be seen below

    Page 1 Snip.PNG

    Page 2 Snip.PNG
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Recent Reviews

  1. StudleyGlass
    Version: 2016-11-26
    Great work pauly
  2. DaveyB
    Version: 2016-11-26
    Great work Pauly, top job.
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