Help with how to value WIP conversion?


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Folks, any pointers for valuing the van for insurance purposes?

We're up for renewal and things have changed significantly since it was bought as a panel van last year. Our insurer (Brentacre) will insure to an agreed value but we need to provide the value estimate which they either agree to or not...

Other than taking to a garage/independent to have valued which is tricky during lockdown, is there a rule of thumb approach?

We bought the van for £28,800k (inc VAT), 2018 DSG, T32, 204ps, LWB Highline, 6,000 on the clock, now done 9,400 a year later.

- Fully sound deadened and insulated with top quality products (dodo), carpet lined.
- Windows added all round
- Hilo Pop-top
- Single passenger seat with swivel base
- Van Furniture U-shaped seating and kitchen pod
- Smev sink/hob
- 100amh Lithium leisure battery / dc-dc charger, controller, USB/12v sockets etc.
- Planar diesel heater
- Stitches & Steel Rail
- Front splitter

Only things left to get is the fridge, cushion covers (being made now!) and blinds and we're done...

In total we've spent £13k, so total £41,800 including cost of the van.

Any thoughts on what it's worth/how to value, assuming it's not as simple as cost of van plus conversion spend??



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Hi @Rapt0rUK ,

I can't help with your question sadly, however, I do want to say that your van looks very good indeed. Love the wooden floor especially.

A nice job indeed. :thumbsup: ;)