1. Tiggy1955

    Shop Around for your insurance!

    I made the mistake of taking out a policy with Adrian Flux in the belief that I would get the very best deal from them because they “specialise” in camper van insurance. The policy was due to start effective from 1st Oct 2020 when the conversion will be complete. I foolishly didn’t even check...
  2. C

    Direct Line

    Mmmm! Policy due for renewal - between my wife and I we have 6 policies with DL , linked discounts, multi car, business, landlord, dog etc etc but they want to increase my van premium by £50 this year! Our other policies are all staying the same there or thereabouts. Phoned last night and the...
  3. JasonW

    Admiral insurance refunds

    For those with Admiral Van or Car insurance a refund is on the way... Stay at home refund for Car and Van Insurance customers - Admiral
  4. pematthe

    Insurance after conversion

    I bought my T6 Kombi in May 2019 with the intention getting it professionally converted. Originally insured with DirectLine on a commercial policy with myself (Full UK license, Uk since birth many years etc) and my partner (Full EU license, 3 year UK resident clean lic) for about £460 per year...
  5. A

    Buy Insurance Early?

    Hello, Got my van insurance renewal quote a few weeks ago and did the rounds on the comparison websites. Renewal £350 Admiral. Cheapest comparison £230 Hastings Direct! Winner! So checked earlier this week, Hastings want over £750. Had another go today and its over £1000! Didn't change...
  6. W

    A Right Royal Pain In The Arse.

    So at the age of 65, I bought a van. I then ask Direct line about insurance and they just transferred over from my car until 17th Feb. I phoned up again to renew and to cut a very long story short, they shouldn’t have. If I modify the van, they can’t insure. CVD quote £550 with mods, £410...
  7. MickW

    Insurance For A Camper Registered To A Limited Company

    Hi I have a 16 reg Converted T6 each year I struggle to get it insured other than Brentacre others are competitive until I state that the van is in our Ltd co name (just two director me and wifey) I’m retired and wifey heading that way but for vat reasons we ideally want to leave the van in the...
  8. J

    Fire Regulations

    Good Morning; Could someone please clarify a fire regulation for me. I would like to know what the distance should be between a gas hob and an overhanging storage unit. My understanding is that more and more insurance companies are asking for this information. Many thanks
  9. Farnorthsurfer

    Brentacre; Anyone Made A Claim?

    And if you did were you happy? Notwithstanding that making a claim is never a happy time. Doing my diligence before committing my money so am getting quotes for my conversion to camper. My standard van insurance won't touch it as soon as I start making changes:cautious: Brentacre looking the...
  10. N

    Insurance Paranoia

    I suspect driven by the fact I've never owned something almost 25% of the value of my house this is driving me nuts. So, I can't seem to get insurance down under £400 and I've tried a few. Ironically, the one with the most stuff (recovery, a year of new for old - which I'm querying as everyone...
  11. M

    Motor Trader Insurance

    Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a good (reasonable price, decent cover, decent reputation) Motor Trader Insurance policy please? Looking at part time business from home initially, so that requires road risk insurance, not full stock and premises insurance. Would go comprehensive to cover...
  12. D

    Insurance After A Ban

    I’ve just finished a six month ban under the totting up rules (minor speeding offences). My wife’s multi-vehicle policy now won’t touch me and nor will my camper insurers. I’ve had to pay over 2k on the car and I’m getting some proper ludicrous quotes on the van, despite me stating I’ll only...
  13. andthedogcomestoo

    Any Insurers Happy To Accept Ghost Immobiliser Instead Of A Tracker?

    Just upgrading my policy from panel van to camper following a Bilbos conversion and current insurers are insisting on the fitting of a tracker. Having looked at the various Security threads and posts on the site it seems that Ghost Immobilisers are preferred by several T6 owners and obviously...
  14. bullracing

    Shuttle Insurance

    I thought I would start a post after a shock today picking my new shuttle up. I thought I would change the insurance online once I knew the van was mine so left it till the last minute, completely my bad for not thinking but when I tried to do it online (Tesco's) it would not work and gave no...
  15. I


    Hi, do I have to inform my insurance company I have side and rear windows fitted to my T6, its insured as a panel van at the moment. Thanks.
  16. czmate1999

    Insurance Cost...

    Been quoted fully comp (private use only) for my wife and I, for a fully loaded Kombi, a monkey and three score. Any good or any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  17. MRFU510N

    T6 Camper Inurance?

    Hello more experienced T6 enthusiasts. I am in the initial stages of buying a 2017 T6 Highline, and converting myself. I thought I would try and save myself some time and ask you who the best insurers are for a fully converted T6 camper. The first quote I received was from a company called...
  18. Shaun Witts

    Remapping Insurance Costs

    I’m just renewing my insurance through Just Kampers, and I asked about the cost of including a potential remap within the quote. However, they are unable to give a price for that, until it has actually been done. So my question is: What is the usual insurance cost increase for a remap? To be...
  19. V

    Contents Insurance

    Hi All Looking for a bit of help So we've had our van for almost a year now and the insurance policy is coming up for renewal. We have a T6, 18 plate, Edition - just a day van, not a conversion We use the van mainly for day, weekend or longer trips camping (in a tent) and so use the van to...
  20. Yzfr1

    Driving Other Vehicles?

    Hi all, I'm about to be a van/T6 owner for the first time in Friday. (Wee bit excited) I've phoned a few insurance companies and getting what I deem to be very competitive prices. However, none of them will offer 3rd party driving of other vehicles. I have had this privilege all my driving life...