1. Stay Frosty

    Insurance repair... well nearly...

    Following an even older coffin dodger stuffing the nearside of my camper as he tried to squeeze through my van into my lane the van has been repaired apart from the two 18" Momo Revenge on that side. The repair body shop called to say initially that their diamond polishing wizard couldn't re cut...
  2. T

    Business use insurer

    Quick query, once I find a van I will be using it as my daily, I utilise my work car allowance and I believe need to have insurance to cover business use. This involves travelling to construction sites around the locality. Are any of you using vans daily and covered for business use? If so who...
  3. Charlie

    Nasty surprise. be aware.

    Long story short I have a VW transporter T6 67 plate 206 kombi van owner from new. not had an issue insuring and prices have always been ok. This is where it gets funky. Partly my doing but a lot on the insurance companies. I'm about to emigrate to Australia ( well return to my mother...
  4. Proberts


    Need a bit of advice please. I received my new T6.1 on Tuesday, Wednesday morning someone living in the street pronged the front bumper breaking the plastics behind the number plate. I suggested to him than rather go through insurance and as I was going to buy gloss black front plastics, that he...
  5. R

    10% saved thanks to this forum

    Hi, I have a brand new van arriving on Thursday. After shopping around for insurance, A-plan came up best for me - additional modifications at no cost was attractive as well. When I mentioned this forum, they told me they could apply a 10% discount, which saved me £35ish. Thank you to the...
  6. Oldrat

    Frightening but it happens..

    Have you sold a vehicle and let a policy lapse because there’s only a few days left? I thought I’d use the forum to educate some about a circumstance that might cost a policy holder dear. Here we go.. 1. You own and insure a vehicle 2. With a week (ish) left on the policy you sell the...
  7. Sackmycook

    Aviva Zero Insurance

    AVOID !! Touted as a no frills, carbon neutral, online policy only. The Chief Advisor paid for and accepted a quote which was around 10% less than other companies and told them via email that she would be putting her Cherished Transfer on it in a few days once the documentation had come back...
  8. Dmw916

    Poptop insurance doubling the cost

    Just added my poptop to my insurance details and it's gone up £400 seems alot does this seem the normal amount I'm 6 months into my policy now
  9. Bav

    Small Fleet Policy

    Doe anyone on the forum have their van/ camper insured under a Small Fleet Policy (SFP)? I'm still awaiting delivery of my factory-build van (which will then go straight for a full camper conversion), but when I finally get my hands on it, we'll have the camper, 2 cars and a motorbike - and...
  10. Thunderwulf

    Engineers Report for Valuation

    Hi Does anyone have any advice on a good/ reputable company for completing insurance valuations and engineers reports on converted campervans? I'm trying to insure with another provider, but finding options are limited until I get an independent valuation/report. Any views or experiences...
  11. S

    Insurance woes on partially-converted van

    Hi, New to the forum and just embarked on our T6 Transformation journey. My first of many questions...We need to get insurance before we start the modifications at the moment is its a standard T6 T32 Kombi. Is it worth staying clear of the "high street" insurers as we'll adding on...
  12. jaf89

    A few questions - Insurance and Ownership

    Hi all, I am currently considering purchasing a T5, I've been looking around and gone to view a few locally. One of which i like... a lot. I have provisionally arranged to visit it again on the weekend to take for a final test drive with the potential of then buying it. I has a very good...
  13. Farnorthsurfer

    Brentacre insurance

    Anyone Made A Claim? And if you did were you happy? Notwithstanding that making a claim is never a happy time. Doing my diligence before committing my money so am getting quotes for my conversion to camper. My standard van insurance won't touch it as soon as I start making changes:cautious...
  14. M

    Which companies will insure my campervan in London?

    My policy through A-Plan finishes in March at the same time as I move house from the South Coast to London. Surprisingly, A-Plan tell me none of their companies will provide campervan insurance in any London postcodes. Anyone know whether I should have more luck with Brentacre/Adrian Flux etc?
  15. andy greenwood

    A Plan

    Got my renewal from A Plan, £535 for me and the missus, fully comp. Rung brentacre and they said £510. Rung back A plan , they couldnt beat it but they matched it. We stuck with A Plan for another 12 months :thumbsup:
  16. MRFU510N

    Best Insurer for a Camper

    Hello more experienced T6 enthusiasts. I am in the initial stages of buying a 2017 T6 Highline, and converting myself. I thought I would try and save myself some time and ask you who the best insurers are for a fully converted T6 camper. The first quote I received was from a company called...
  17. B

    Insurance for modified van/ with 5 claims

    As per title, before I spend hours on the phone with many people can someone recommend anyone. *The van Is already insured with AXA but I want to add seats which they apparently do not allow. Perhaps some wheels and lowering of the van in the not too distant future so they don't like that and...
  18. nuggetwillow

    can anyone tell me if i convert my van to have a kitchen and crash tested bed will this affect my insurance cost

    can anyone tell me if i convert my van to have a kitchen and crash tested bed its a T6 will this affect my insurance cost
  19. Pink78

    van plus car insurance on one policy?

    does anyone know of a company that I can insure my campervan and car together? Adrian flux won't add my car on and like wise my car insurance won't add the camper
  20. Rapt0rUK

    Help with how to value WIP conversion?

    Folks, any pointers for valuing the van for insurance purposes? We're up for renewal and things have changed significantly since it was bought as a panel van last year. Our insurer (Brentacre) will insure to an agreed value but we need to provide the value estimate which they either agree to...